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(BME on 2019-02-03)
wangho (wangho on 2019-02-03)
Im in business! I had an outdated version of Mapedit. Downloaded the 1.21 version instead of the 1.11. Now everything loads properly.
wangho (wangho on 2019-02-03)
Tried the Kwikedit too and the error message I got from loading my maps is "Nothing happened yet, must run Blood first"
wagho (wangho on 2019-02-03)
Tried the Kwikedit too and the error message I got from loading my maps is "Nothing happened yet, must run Blood first"
wagho (wangho on 2019-02-03)
Tried the Kwikedit too and the error message I got from loading my maps is "Nothing happened yet, must run Blood first"
wangho (wangho on 2019-02-02)
I don't know. I was using commands for barf for extraction
(BME on 2019-02-01)
Why is Barf needed for just using Mapedit?
wangho (wangho on 2019-02-01)
Yep, after trying to load m maps, I just keep getting a C: Prompt
wangho (wangho on 2019-02-01)
the error text I found was about not finding Barf. Maybe the MemSize setting in DOSBox config? cycles? Ive been out of the loop on this stuff for years. Is there a standard setting you guys have been using these past few years for Mapedit and DoxBox?
Answer3b2 (BME on 2019-01-31)
(made a typo in previous message), it should be:

Answer3b (BME on 2019-01-31)

and read ERROR.TXT to find out what's wrong.
wangho (wangho on 2019-01-30)
Not a black screen, just crashes DOSBox to a prompt. All other original Blood and Cryptic maps seem to work correctly and all of Banzai addon maps. No BPF maps (my maps and RedFanatic) except for just one lone map which is A lot of other user made maps wont open either (Eviction, Snowday, etc)
Answer3 (BME on 2019-01-29)
Other maps are also invisible in Mapedit?
Is the entire screen black?
wangho (wangho on 2019-01-28)
found my old files on the old deathmask website with surface.dat and art files, but the art isn't showing up in mapedit and I believe that may be the reason why I cant open any of my maps except for the train station map ( since it did not use any new art. Im already working on that one map, just got to get these others to open
Answer 2b (BME on 2019-01-27)
WINBARF is by far the best choice to dig into the RFF files as it is also able to extract the 'hidden' stuff (or at least files that BARF didn't allow you to get).
Answer 2 (BME on 2019-01-27)
In MAPPACK 2018, under the [various] folder, there is a version of BPF with all files already extracted.
answer (Wangho on 2019-01-27)
Both. I used kbarf and ran the command line, but didn't extract anything. Have the map files in place, but need sounds, etc and I have CPART7 and 15 art files from Cryptic, but the sky texture is still missing for some reason. Ill see if I can download the old zip BPF package. I think all I need is in there. Ill let you know.
Wangho question (BME on 2019-01-26)
DO you need to extract files from one of Blood RFF files or from your own BPF one?
Blood (wangho on 2019-01-26)
Im Wangho and looking to remaster/update Bloody Pulp Fiction and the maps I made for it. Ive been out of the loop for awhile however, and need some help with BARF and extracting files on my new comp. Email me:
(posted on 2018-12-08)
Axe mass approaching, let it snow maps!
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The Cultist Enrichmentor (Tchernobog Vult! on 2018-08-02)
Tchernogbog Vult! (The Cultist Enrichmentor on 2018-05-28)
(TheNight on 2018-05-02)
Hi! Long time no see. I have finally finished my texture pack for Blood. And I wonder what is maximum file upload size?
SW is broken. (BME on 2018-02-24)
Yup, everything databased doesn't seem to generate any text, pinboard, guestbook etc.
SW is broken. (Robman on 2018-02-23)
Yep, added to my previous comments.. the SW side is very broken, no maps to browse.
Does the... (Robman on 2018-02-23)
Does the owner check this site anymore? SO much spam..
SW (Robman on 2018-02-23)
The SW homepage appears to have broken elements... and likely a good amount of spam in the map comments.
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1 week left to throw in some new map,

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Site error (TheCultist on 2017-08-29)
Anfrage: INSERT INTO ratings_bl (file_id, user_id, rating) VALUES (426, 1, 4.5); Antwort: Duplicate entry '426-1' for key 'PRIMARY' Fehlercode: 1062
(posted on 2017-08-17)
Same, I can't register ;c
(posted on 2017-08-16)
I can't register.

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(64 on 2017-08-07)
i figured it out. Btw awesome site!
Question (64 on 2017-08-07)
Hi could somebody tell me if it is possible to copy paste a sector into another sector. For example I made a pillar in my map. Is it possible to copy paste the pillar? I can copy it but I don't know how to paste it inside another sector.
(posted on 2017-07-22)
I have no idea, please tell us.

serious; download Winzip.
(posted on 2017-07-21)
How do I make ZIP Files?
(posted on 2017-07-07)
see Example Maps
Hey Guys! (posted on 2017-07-06)
I'm new doing maps with MAPEDIT, I'm looking for examples so i can do doors and lifts. Does anyone has an Example for me? Thanks!
(posted on 2017-07-02)
They're probably Fleshbots
Spam (Sir Seizhak on 2017-06-18)
Yeah, too much spam ultimately. How can bots avoid captcha system?
again (spam radar on 2017-06-05)
Spamming slime has been seen once more @:

The Slums, Greynook and Cult 4: Manor
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