Map "Legends of Iconoclast Part 1"

Legends of Iconoclast Part 1
Single Player
Dwayne Anderson |
Part 1 of the epic mod combining Blood and medieval fantasy. Caleb finds himself trapped in a mysterious dimension where he must fight his way through a gothic castle and fulfill an ancient legend to undo the curse cast over the land and escape.
4.0 (1 ratings)
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Bojer on 2012-05-07 comment
Are these files corrupt or something? When I copy them over to my blood directory and run loi, the game loads up fine and the episode names are changed, but when I select an episode it just exits out of the game. I tried running 'blood -map' and other maps, but it always says "error opening map file". It's a shame because I remember playing through this back in the day and I'd really like to experience it again! Please help!
Bojer on 2012-05-08
Nevermind... I made a batch file based on BME's advice (see the comments attached to the LoI remake - SoH) and now it seems to work!

Sir Seizhak on 2011-05-12 comment
Wow, LOI! It was very strange that nobody upload the entry trilogy. Masterpiece!

TOT COMICS on 2011-05-04 comment
It's pretty K, but better lighting is greatly needed. 4/5

Looking forward to the re-release

Dwayne Anderson on 2011-04-29 comment
alright, I'll do it

BME on 2011-04-29 comment
Sure, that would be great.

Dwayne Anderson on 2011-04-29 comment
What do you think? Should I re-release the trilogy for Plasma Pak, with improvements?

BME on 2011-04-29 comment
The maps have great potential but really need some lighting or at least some depth cueing. It would make a real difference

Dwayne Anderson on 2011-04-29 comment
I have been thinking of re-releasing the entire trilogy, but with improvements, including the new features from the Plasma Pak. But I would like to hear what the fans have to say about this idea first.

BME on 2011-04-28 comment
Architecture is decent but some maps strongly look like SW map conversions.
Lighting is very poor even though there are lightsources to be found and there's no depth cueing whatsoever.
Furthermore I didn't enjoy the SMK movies since they can't be skipped (this is extremely annoying when one has to restart), so I just had to delete them, it's just text and could've been provided as a TXT file IMHO.

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