Map "La Ciudad Fantasma"

La Ciudad Fantasma
Single Player
Eye del Cul
My first Blood map! I built a small city, impro-vising and testing some game effects. I was some-what uninspired but worked hard in it.
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The author has locked the upload of screenshots.

BME on 2015-05-02 comment
@Eye del Cul: How about the update of this map?

KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2014-07-31 comment
@L3GEND. Wo habe ich ein kommentar? Bei welchem video im YouTube?? Gruss KNUKE. ?
L3GEND on 2014-09-10
Auf deinem Kanal...
Wollte eigentlich nur mal sagen, dass ich ein deutsches BLOOD Forum aufgezogen habe :)
Und würde mich mal freuen auf Deutsch über blood zu reden.

KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2014-07-15 comment
@Sir Seizhak. Ha ha Spanish... Charta est praeclara ipsum! Etiam possunt et addere ad map novum lorem mutationes! Bonum opus desiderat il map. :-) It was Latin language. :-P
L3GEND on 2014-07-17
Hast bei Youtube nen Kommentar :-D
thenight on 2014-07-17
Vubec nechapu o cem tady mluvite ...
BME on 2014-07-20
Wat 'n baie verskillende tale hier.

Eye del Cul on 2014-07-13 comment
I was going to publish the map here, but I see that somebody has been faster...

Well, I finally corrected some bugs --one of them: you could jump on top of a zombie and then to the exit, without keys, and finish the map in 30 seconds--, and added a hard play mode. Can I submit the new file to replace this old version?

PD: And no, I'm not Sir Seizhak.
KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2014-07-14
Do you mean replacing your bug fixed version, with this?
Sir Seizhak on 2014-07-15
Puedes subir la nueva versión. El problema es que uno no puede editar su propio 'post' del mapa para quitar el archivo y sustituirlo por el nuevo.

De todas formas, pide a Cortex (el administrador de la web) que borre este mapa y sube por tu cuenta la nueva versión
BME on 2014-07-20
You can do 2 things, upload the map again or ask Cortex to replace the new map with this one here.
I personally would go for the first option because now all the comments refer to the old version.

KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2014-07-13 comment
@Known. Hello Known. What you say is absolutely correct! But i just play Blood on Dosbox for Multiplayer at Meltdown duke3donline a application to play Build engine games online. Cause meltdown uses only dosbox to launch blood. Damn fuck :( .
Known on 2014-07-20
Ok, I see.

KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2014-07-02 comment
Small map, big size! Over 200 KB. A lot of detail i can see! Created by lots of sprites. So that makes on slower computers unplayable! If i run this map on: (Windows 98). It does run well. But when i tried to play it on Dosbox it wasn't playable!
Known on 2014-07-04
It's nonsensical to run dosbox on win98 since it is perfectly capable of running real DOS anyway.

ShadowWolf on 2014-07-01 comment
This is just as good as the single player maps or better great job...
KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2014-07-02
It's just a default style of a map! None new style i can see in this map... But yeh the map is Ok.
Known on 2014-07-04
Everything looks default in Blood especially with the same standard textures. There is not much more originality left; a train station, museum, city, graveyard, church, castle, lake, forest, cinema, hotel etc have all been done.

thenight on 2014-06-28 comment
It looks very promising... Please keep doing the good things that you are doing now!
thenight on 2014-06-28

BME on 2014-06-16 comment
Looking forward to the finished version!

Known on 2014-06-16 comment
You are also Eye Del Cul?
Sir Seizhak on 2014-06-17
No. I'm Sir Seizhak.
Known on 2014-06-30
Then why do you react to this map saying that you are not really finished with it?
Sir Seizhak on 2014-07-02
You didn't understand. I quoted original text. He asked not to upload his map yet.

If a mapper ask not to upload the map just respect his decision. But I guess the guy who uploaded the map didn't read the full text or something.

Now I suppose there's no problem since author hasn't said nothing here.
Known on 2014-07-20
I see.

Sir Seizhak on 2014-06-16 comment
Don't distribute (still) the map, I'm not really finished with it.
Soon I'll release the final version.
Sir Seizhak on 2014-06-16
Read the txt before upload/play the map
BME on 2014-06-16
If it wasn't finished then why was it already released on Blood Hispano?
The voting date already expired as well.
Now that it is on freeminded a lot more people can enjoy your map(s).
Sir Seizhak on 2014-06-17
BME: Just ask the author. I suposse he considered his map done for this contest.

I thought to upload the maps when the map contest is finished. BTW, everyone can vote until 14 June. I haven't recieved enough votes (sorry for not to update info, I was very busy).

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