Map "Torture"

Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
This is a little different. A small map inspired by the style of the levels in the alpha. So this is not my usual style. It's a small and simple map, but quite tough. Might be some bugs because I haven't had time to polish it. For instance, no skill levels are implemented. Not my greatest achievement but I think it flows pretty well. Thought I might aswell release it.
5.0 (2 ratings)
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Sir Seizhak on 2017-07-23 comment
A small map, but well designed and neat.

I saw some interesting effects with sprites which were great and original. Difficulty was perfect even in WD or EC. Although the lightning, shading and decoration were great, I don't think the concept is very original. Anyway, this is a very good map and I enjoyed it. I'll write down a review for my website.

I hope to see more maps from you

on 2017-07-17 comment
There's two maps, both are the same
Tekedon on 2017-07-18
Sorry, noticed that now.
on 2017-07-19
Also, the BLOOD11 Song doesn't play when i open the BAT File
Tekedon on 2017-07-19
That's strange. Worked for me. Try to play it in BloodGDX, just choose user episode and torture.ini and it will play.
on 2017-07-19
I don't have BloodGDX, I use DOSBox
Tekedon on 2017-07-20
Ok, that's fine. Still should work in dosbox aswell, tried it again yesterday and it worked. Don't know what could be wrong, do you have barf.exe in your blood directory?
Tekedon on 2017-07-20
It's using the ini/bat generator with mid install by Bloodmapedit.
merry axe-mass on 2017-07-20
works here
on 2017-07-21
Yeah, i have barf.exe, It still doesn't work
on 2017-07-21
Anyways, It doesn't really affect gameplay. It's a really good map. 5/5

BME on 2017-07-16 comment
Good map once again but compared to other Tek maps it's above average but it can not always be top notch of course


I'm also interested in having a look at spills' unfinished maps.
Tekedon on 2017-07-18
Thanks man! Sometimes it is nice keeping it simple and fun :)

Tekedon on 2017-07-16 comment
Thanks man! Yeah we are a dying breed (us mapmakers I mean). I have the inspiration, sometimes at least. Time is what is failing me. But I would love to take a look at your concept maps, please send them over to I also have many concepts that were never finished, but most of them are quite crap or did not turn out how I wanted them to. Glad you liked the map! :)

SpillSomeBlood on 2017-07-13 comment
5/5 Fun map! It's simple but has everything you need. Good gameplay, secrets, scripted effects, and good architecture. Reminded me a bit of Heretic! I love your creative work with sprites. I'm trying to utilize that skill in my maps now. I'm always thinking, 'How can I combine or use sprites in unique ways to create something never seen before.' It's great to see a quality map maker still around. Wish there was more of us. I really hope you feel inspiration to create something again soon. Or if you ever wanted to collaborate. I do have some small "concept maps" that look great but need someone to finish them. If you're are interested in seeing them let me know. I might make a video of them and let people pick who wants to work on what.

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