Map "Soul Harvest"

Soul Harvest
Single Player, BloodBath
Duke64Nukem |
Soul Harvest is my first Blood map. Its the first part of my episode Blood64. There will be more maps over time. Harvest the souls of the evil, Caleb is ready to spill some Blood. Is there more darkness? We’re used to that. We live in it. He has something for you and he’s going to teach ya.
4.0 (2 ratings)
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Sir Seizhak on 2017-08-28 comment
I think other players had said all the things I'm going to write down just here, but anyway...
This is good map, with a strong potential. Architecture, landscapes and caves are very nice (other first maps are worst than yours, so you're in the right direction I think). Action is fair and enjoyable, even in Extra Crispy (and this is hard to get right in my opinion).
Scripting was nice (ROR effect is perfect. I didn't see any flickering or HOM), except for the fireplace but this is a thing you can fix fast.
Just keep working and adding details to your next maps. And also have reality as a reference. Don't you know how to shade a room? Look at your own room and see how the Sun cast shadows. Problems with sizes? Take photos from nature for reference, even take your size as a reference, compare with Caleb's size and build well-sized rooms.
I hope you release more maps
BME on 2017-08-29
Something to add about lighting;

Before starting to create a room, first determine where the light source will be and start building from there, make it easy on yourself by placing tables, pilars etc in such a way that that you do not have to use too many sectors.

For example; it is much easier to put an object in the shadow casted by a pilar instead of in the light because it needs more sectors for its own shadow.

Now, if you do the opposite, creating everything first and then create the shadows, you'll find it much more difficult, even to the point of frustrating, to get it right.
Sixty Four on 2017-09-02
I appreciate your feedback. Yes I know how to better shade a room I also could do more details true. But also admit I could still get better too. I just didn't have it in me to do it on this map. It was a stepping stool to understanding Blood didn't want to go all out. But I take the tips in high consideration.

I've also came to love more vanilla style maps not so much of the very best architecture but just enough that makes you believe. I don't think the feedback is rough I appreciate it. I like to get better so thanks!

Do you make maps also? I like to look at and play all the maps that look like people put a lot of work into. Suggest one of yours? I haven't got to play so many. But I want to play more Blood maps also before continue. Thanks for good words.
BME on 2017-09-03
Great map to take a look at are those made by Bloatoid, SpillSomeBlood, Tekedon, Martin Brentnall to name but a few.
I've release one map so far; MM4Blood

BME on 2017-08-25 comment
A great beginners map! Architecture is done well with good texture combinations, slopes and sprite work.
There's enough interactivity with effects; stacks, water and cracked walls creating a couple of shortcuts to previous visited locations.

The overall lighting is ok but could have had a bit more contrast and some candles produce a small spot that flickers while the rest of the room has a steady luminance which is a bit unrealistic.
And indeed the fire which is besides un-blocking sprite also not lethal as the flames won't kill the player.

Sixty Four on 2017-08-26
Darnit how could I miss the fireplace lol. Thanks you're right about that candle area too, I wanted to make the room darker but I didn't want to go to dark.

There was a lot to learn here like all around scale size and a few inner details like that. The map started as my first square sector in Blood there was no previous mess up maps etc.

I feel like my second map will be better but I'm glad you enjoyed. It was really fun making it I can see myself doing more!
on 2017-08-26
Just set the fireplace sector to DAMAGE=5 in the 'FX...' dialog page.
I also found an invisible tree at location: 36784, 46591

Looking forward to your next map!

SpillSomeBlood on 2017-08-23 comment
This is way above average for new mappers! I would strongly recommended you stick with this craft. You have amazing potential and I foresee you being one of the few elite editors for this game. It such a treat to have new mappers for this game because there is so little of us left. But that aside, let's get down to business. Knowing this is your first map, I easily rate it 4.5. However, rating the map without prejudice I would put it more around a 3-3.5. The creativity is there. I really appreciate your attention to lighting. Many new mappers do not utilize lighting but it is crucial for immersion. You also seem to be very fluent with triggers, doors, stacks, and other sector effects! Bravo! Gameplay is solid as well. You even added secrets which is essential for making the player feel rewarded. Some areas of opportunity include:

The totem at the beginning isn't hit-scan sensitive. You can do this by pointing and pressing [H]. Or you could change its sprite type to "Gib Object" and make it break into wood chunks.
I had to re-start the level because I walked into the fireplace but couldn't exit. Make sure you set the sector wall to block players coming from a certain direction.
Upper and lower water/stacks are do not match up making the 3D environment feel disproportionate.
Also the secret counter and identifier is not set up. There is an example map on BME/ILMHB's website.

So I challenge you, whenever making a map always push yourself to be as polished as possible. Try to imagine a purpose for each room and why it exist in your world. Try to make a visually simulating focal point for each room. Try to come up with intelligent a creative gameplay. Think "risk and reward." I try not to hand the player anything for free. Challenge them that way they feel satisfied whenever they earn a weapon or item. Try to place items in way that makes sense to the environment. Add exploration and try to be non-linear. Think of maps like a loop. Take Doom's E1M1. You can see the end of the map through the window but you still have to play through to get to it. It makes the world feel wholesome. If an decorative item should break then make it breakable! It's a small thing but adds a level of realism and subliminal entertainment. Last but not least, think of every level you release as an official Monolith release. Make sure the levels are compatible for coop, teams, bloodbath. For example, if you are playing coop and a tunnel collapses after you pass through it how will your teammate catch up to you reach the tunnel is still collapsed? How will you reach the end level if you both die and start from the beginning? You would have to set a teleport that only opens in coop mode so you guys wont get stuck and have to relaunch the map.

I hope you find these tips insightful and inspiring. Don't take this as criticism, but more like embracing you in the club of fellow mappers! A passing of the torch somewhat. Feel free to download some of my maps to reference. I'm currently working on the sequel to my map, "Eviction." It takes me months to finish a map because of my attention to detail. But it's mind stimulating and I love it. Can't wait to play more from you
Sixty Four on 2017-08-24
Hey thanks a lot great feedback too. I agree with everything you said about mapping especially focal points no one has said that to me even know I've always thought it! And that's special you know. And its nice to see someone else with some kind of same thought. There may not be many mappers in Blood but we know what makes a good level. People today are so invested in modern stuff and I just don't have the same interest for modern stuff as classics. I looked at a few others maps too they are killer.

I've made some maps on other games I mostly been involved with Turok and Doom mapping lately. I'll be sure to invest a bit more time/thought in the next map. At first this map was supposed to be a square with a bunch of effects but it started extending until I was like "this could end up passing as a first map". That's funny I looked at Eviction. That map has amazing top notch details. 10/5. I looked at somethings in that map and actually thought "now how the heck did he do that" :o Really liked the double sloping pillars and architecture. I will be sure to put a little more effort and time into the next. Thanks for real feedback and inspiration. Look forward to Eviction 2.
BME on 2017-08-25
The secrets setup map can be found here:

on 2017-08-22 comment
That's a pretty awesome map especially for a first. Gameplay is well organized and there is shading, architecture, and effects. Not your usual first map. Outdoor areas look extra good. Can't wait to see the next. I would rate it about 3.8 But I can't register on the site to do ratings. Good job.
on 2017-08-22
I change my frst rating to 4 actually gameplay is really well thought out and it reminds me of classic levels that are well connected. Its a good vanilla style map. 4/5 I found the super secret too ;)
on 2017-08-22
I change my frst rating to 4 actually gameplay is really well thought out and it reminds me of classic levels that are well connected. Its a good vanilla style map. 4/5 I found the super secret too ;)
Sixty Four on 2017-08-23
Hey thanks a lot It took two weeks because I am so busy at work. If I had time to sit down with it more it would go faster. But the 2nd map will be worked on and I'll post it up here when I'm done. I also can't register, I hope someone could help. Anyways, that was the goal make a more simple map not to much going on good connectivity and learn some effects and ways while doing it. Thanks again.

on 2017-08-21 comment
Reasonably interesting first map, a pretty good start!
Sixty Four on 2017-08-23
Thanks though
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