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Tricks 1
NoOne |
This map contains some tricks that can be done in MAPEDIT and rarely used. See TRICKS1.TXT for info when playing this map. I tried to explain stuff there.

Im expect if some of these tricks motivated you to create new and cool maps ;)
NoOne, may 2018

1. Missile Detector
2. Things Detector
3. Jump Of Faith (Proximity teleporter)
4. Hazard Sprite
5. Heavy Door
6. Breakable Boxes
7. Mighty Tchernobog
8. Proximity Door
9. Player # Detector
10. Dynamic Slope + Z-motion + Continuous Motion
11.1. Deadly Traps: Dark Hole
11.2. Deadly Traps: Fan
11.3. Deadly Traps: Spikes
12. Multi-Stage elevator
13. Dynamic Slope + ROR
14. ROR Elevator
15. Vertical fireballs
16. Active 1-dead head cerberus
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NoOne on 2018-05-20 comment
Yeah, i did not care about that door much: i leaved it for others to improve :P

BME on 2018-05-20 comment
Some fine additions in the hidden functions department!
BME on 2018-05-20
In the INI file there is [TEST] defined, it should be [TRICKS1] instead.

Although I get the idea of using a Hidden Exploder to trigger something other than an explosion, the proximity door seems to be a bit 'nervous', there's a better way to do this, see map "The Doors".

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