Episode "Somewhere Under the Sea"

Somewhere Under the Sea
Single Player, BloodBath
(map requires Plasma Pack)
This is a 3 level episode created around my Rapture map. All maps are coop, bbath, and teams compatible. The episode is fairly difficult. DON'T FORGET TO RATE AND COMMENT! FEEL FREE TO UPLOAD YOUR PLAYTHROUGHS!

Level 1 = Hijack (Previously unreleased)
Level 2 = Welcome to Rapture
Level 3 = Arcadia (Previously unreleased)
4.6 (9 ratings)
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The author has locked the upload of screenshots.

Sylaro on 2019-10-18 comment
Short, but a very polished experience that emulates to near perfection the wet, depressing ambience of Rapture. Every map is amazingly designed, with care put into every little detail. This combination of factors make Somewhere Under The Sea one of the best graphical showcases when it comes to Blood campaings.
Now gameplay wise, I wasnt very impressed. For clarification, I played this campaing on Ultra Crispy, as I do with nearly every campaing I play so I was expecting a challenge. However, some of the decisions that the author took are baffling. There's a Beast at the end of MAP01, where you have nearly no ammo, barely any space (MAP01 is inside of an airplane after all) and almost no cover. I only managed to beat this level because the Cultist glitched and once dead he didint turn into The Beast which, while lucky for me, remains extremely bizarre that I was only able to beat the level because of a glitch. There are similar examples throughout the following levels, so its not something isolated. Now I know im playing on UC so its expected to be hard, but when I have to glitch myself out of these situations the experience is just not fun.
Regardless, Somewhere Under The Sea is still one of the best campaings that one can find for Blood. But I cant help thinking that the experience could've been better.


Mere_Duke on 2018-01-26 comment
This is still awesome to play. I played through it with BloodGDX.

AfBu on 2017-05-10 comment
Great episode, thank you! Didn't expect this complexity is possible in Build engine
It's hard as hell (at least for me), finished with 10 health on easiest, but I had so much fun!

thenight on 2015-04-28 comment
This ... this .... this is AWESOME!
Please teach me master ,)
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Bob on 2015-04-23 comment
You should try Bobsp4 for Duke3D. It's a map with a large, fully explorable lagoon containing 4 undersea bases you can explore inside of. Employs some design ideas you might like to use if you continue this episode.

Robman on 2015-04-15 comment
So I assume this was inspired by Bioshock. Looks like some great stuff here and interesting ideas. Good job man, keep it up :)

SpillSomeBlood on 2015-04-13 comment
Everyone who submits a playthrough of this on YouTube will get my next release early
SpillSomeBlood on 2015-04-13

BERNASIE_KING on 2015-04-12 comment
Hey spill awesome to see you're making maps agian about time we got new maps on freeminded!!! :D :)
known on 2015-04-17
You could also try to make some yourself of course.

BME on 2015-04-12 comment
A very nice surprise to see you suddenly pop up with this well polished episode.
Both newly added maps fit the theme perfectly, just as clean and atmospheric.
This sure makes for a great addition to the upcoming mappack


KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2015-04-12 comment
HeY SpilL. You're back! Finally a new map, cool 3 maps also nice! I'll try the maps See you. Regards KNUKE.

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