Episode "EVICTION: The Hive"

At last! The journey continues with the third level to Eviction - my add-on for Blood. In The Hive you will explore the city's underground water treatment facility with a secret passage to an archaeological site. Exploring this insect infested facility is crucial to finding key items that will help you progress. Stuck at a gas leak? Look for the gas mask! Deep within the aquifer lies an Ancient Evil ally to the Cabal. Collect all the Relics to learn its weakness. Destroy it to enter one of the last remaining Cabal Fortresses!

This is an add-on I have been working on for Blood. As of now it contains 3 extremely detailed single player levels and 1 multiplayer level that is a recreation of Facing Worlds from Unreal Tournament. I would eventually like to complete an entire episode.

This download includes:
LEVEL 1 = Eviction (updated)
LEVEL 2 = Retail Therapy (updated)
LEVEL 3 = The Hive (brand new level!)
And one BB/Team level = Facing Worlds

Everything is 100% vanilla so it should work in DOS, NBlood, and BloodGDX. Fresh Supply did not code the entire game so some features might be broken but still playable. To run the addon just extract the contents directly into the Blood folder and use EVICT.INI to launch. NBlood is preferable.

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The author has locked the upload of screenshots.

eftl on 2021-07-25 comment
I am stuck at the part in this screenshot, I'm playing Blood: Fresh Supply on Steam. I can't get all the buttons to trigger. I am sometimes able to get one to trigger but I think I am soft locked in this room.
eftl on 2021-07-25
I was able to get the buttons to trigger. I had to stand slightly left of each button and "use" near the edge of the button.

HKS on 2020-09-05 comment
Is this a bit bugged in Nblood? Because hanging guard never drops the key no matter what, on Well Done difficulty. SSMALL map.
Spill on 2020-09-08
You have to press the action key. It doesn't "drop a key" in the normal sense. Basically it triggers a key sound with a message, "You have the security key" and sends an unlock trigger to the switch opening the medkit. Therefore when you return after performing this action you can activate the switch.

Anya Dax on 2020-08-02 comment
Well done!!

Maiconn Koczenski on 2020-05-18 comment
the author abused the difficulty a lot, it is almost impossible to complete due to the difficulty in finding the exits

KNUKE-DMNUKEM on 2020-03-26 comment
But the map creation is amazing, i must say! Continue your maps, must be a lot of work with these very high detail work.

KNUKE-DMNUKEM on 2020-03-26 comment
Hi Spill. All maps good so far, groovy! Why not release the whole episode? Instead the maps are one by one released is not so great. Is more Interesting, to play the whole episode in one run, you don't think so? Kind Regards.

Tom on 2020-03-20 comment
Such detail! I'm very impressed. Build engine at it's finest!

BME on 2020-03-13 comment

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