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Map "Haunted Hill"

Haunted Hill
Single Player, BloodBath

Caleb has bought an old mansion where he plans to settle down. The previous owners died under strange circumstances, and the mansion has been empty for years. But arriving Caleb finds out that his dreamhouse might not be what he expected. He finds it "infested" by the Cabal. And it seems the previous owners were up to no good either. Caleb must rid the house of the "pest" in order to finally get peace.


This map should work in single player, co-operative and bloodbath. But i was only able to test single player, so please report if you find any errors. The map was made with co-op in mind.

Unimportant info:

- The mansion is loosely based on the mansion from the movie "The Haunting".

- The map was supposed to be longer, but I ran out of ideas.

- My back is hurting after hours in front of the computer. :(
4.6 (5 ratings)
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Tekedon on 2016-02-13 comment
Looking at this map many years later.. It's sooo overscaled xD
BME on 2016-05-27
The hallways seem indeed a bit LARGE :)
I once made a map that was too crampy, that's probably even worse ;)

shaung on 2012-01-15 comment
Wow, ill say 4.6/5

SpillSomeBlood on 2011-08-12 comment
I love this map. It's sense of doom is overwhelming. The lighting is good but not great. Overstretched textures look goofy but it makes the area seem larger. Very creative and spooky! It's very easy to play. I love the greenhouse area. 5/5
BME on 2011-09-22
I'm looking forward to your 'return to haunted hill' map as well!

VGAce on 2011-07-06 comment
Overall a nice map wish lets you wish it was longer

BME on 2011-06-04 comment
Great map! I just wonder though how to get large wooden door open at the end of the map where you have to fight the big bad bog, it says it requires a key but where is it?
Tekedon on 2011-06-05
It's a secret.. the key is hidden inside the mansion.. you have to do something special at the room that changes to get it
BME on 2013-06-23
I know where it is and it can be seen before entering the room. I managed to do something that made it possible to pick it up but I guess that's not how it was supposed to be done (I'm not talking about cheats of course).

TOT COMICS on 2011-04-25 comment
This map is as creative as it is beautiful. 5/5

wangho on 2010-04-30 comment
cool stuff Tekedon, I like your style! The outside appearance of the house is nice design!

ItBurn on 2010-04-27 comment
The map won't start for me...

Tekedon on 2010-04-19 comment
Important notice!!!!

Sadly there is an error in this map (noticed too late). In co-op mode the switch in the freezer room works only ONCE. It opens the gate up the stairs where you enter the house. So the other player should stand at the gate ready and waiting. If he fails to do this the map will have to be restarted. Sorry about the inconvinience.

ILMHB on 2010-03-16 comment
This one is even better than the previous map!
Great architecture and convincing textures, and nice effects.

I can't wait to see the next map made by Tekky!

Jerry on 2010-03-13 comment
Thank you for this map. You really can handle a mapedit.

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