Map "The Abandoned Factory"

The Abandoned Factory
Single Player, BloodBath
See TXT.
4.0 (5 ratings)
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BME on 2012-04-04 comment
It seems the zip is now corrupted?!

VGAce on 2011-07-07 comment
more a multiplayer map than singleplayer but collecting the keys in singleplayer is still fun only letdown was the little plaform to get out of the water which was annoying to jump on

Jerry on 2011-03-20 comment
Very good map. Your work with sprites is impressive, although other aspects like shading or level variability are below-average. The idea about an abandoned factory is nice. Next time try to make your map more interactive (breakable windows, working switches etc.), it's a small thing but makes a lot of difference. Good work! 4/5

T.M.M on 2011-03-16 comment
Sir Seizhak, I really appreciate your comments. Indeed, the jumping boots are the 'key' (no pun intended) for finding many items, including keys. Like I said in the TXT file, this map was made with Bloodbath in mind, I just felt 'let's do some quick alterations to enable single play'. I know the six doors are perhaps a little cheesy (and definitely not how I'd lay out a single player map from scratch) but I thought it gave the map a nice 'search for keys' kind of quest, instead of the regular 'invade an area, pick up the key and open up the next locked area'. If it's appreciated I might do a 1.1 update with some fixes. Just ask. Hell, I might even finish my single player Blood map thats been in 30% complete state on my HD for over six years..

BME on 2011-03-16 comment
Aaaagh, the shoes indeed! for both of them
I know where you used the boots to get the spider key ;)

Sir Seizhak on 2011-03-16 comment
BME, you can get the Life Leech using the jump boots.

Look closely in order to find all keys. It's possible to finish the map .

Sir Seizhak on 2011-03-16 comment
Wow, excellent map. I like the industrial design, is one of my favorite styles.

I'm quite impressed because you doesn't use the 'room over room' effect. I like the sprite work (the crane, some brake floors, the windows and their ledges... sweet) and the atmosphere. Maybe you'll pay attention with the sprite illumination, some enemies has an unreal bright.

The gameplay is great. I like a lot to find the six keys in order to complete the level. The spider key was occult in a secret place. I could found it because I was using the jump boots .

I doesn't often see separate BloodBath or Cooperative maps. It's a nice gesture.

4'5/5. Great work man!

BME on 2011-03-15 comment
I wonder how to get the eye key and the life leech, it seems almost impossible.

BME on 2011-03-10 comment
I haven't any problems with those broken switches now that I know that all 6 keys are needed for 1 single pack of 6 doors ;) But I have more problems with those blocking grass and underwater plant sprites though, I found at least 6 of them.

T.M.M on 2011-03-09 comment
Thanks for your comments!

I have to defend the 'useless' switches. They are meant to be 'broken' like parts of the scenery, it's an abandoned factory after all!

BME on 2011-03-09 comment
Good architecture, lot of sprite work which is cool but makes things a bit slower in some places. Textures are fitting but in some places are a bit too repetitive and the shading could've been a bit better. The useless switches will confuse the player. There are some minor flaws like a grass sprite blocking and bullets holes showing in mid air after firing at the harbor.

4 outta 5!

Tekedon on 2011-03-09 comment
Some interesting architecture on this map, that's good. Couldn't find the skull key, had to cheat. :( found some switches that weren't usable.. never add switches if they can't be used.. hard to see in VGA mode.. but that's because of the texures.. not much wrong with the shading.. pretty hard map, but got easier when you found weapons.. good map overall. I give this map a 4 out of 5.

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