Map "Return To Haunted Hill"

Return To Haunted Hill
Single Player, BloodBath
(map requires Plasma Pack)
SpillSomeBlood |
Caleb has finally found a quiet place to settle down. Except Haunted Hill is far from quiet. Deep within the grounds lie a secret Indian tomb full of evil spirits. Take a look at Haunted Hill's history and discover what really happened. The mystery behind this story revolves around you.

This map is based off of Tekedon's original map "Haunted Hill".

Video Walk through:

This new edition includes:
- New areas
- New special effects
- More level decor
- Increased difficulty
- Extreme coop
- More enemies
- A new boss with their own arena!


5.0 (6 ratings)
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donwest420 on 2012-02-09 comment
God damn good map.
SpillSomeBlood on 2012-02-09
Thank you very much. I worked really hard on it so I'm glad you liked it.

BME on 2012-02-06 comment
I was wondering; near the end, just before you enter the door to the room where big bad bog is there's a barred stairway going up, did you previously had plans for it? because when using the clip cheat I could see some details (cracks in the floor) that aren't normally visible.
SpillSomeBlood on 2012-02-09
That spot was completely different. Originally the player was able to access that area but I removed most of it because I was running out of sectors. I also didn't want the player to hide from Tchernabog so I blocked it off. I left some of it so the player would understand where the tommy cultist (in the "window") came from.

BME on 2012-01-28 comment
Well done once again, it was worth the wait!


Gargoyle on 2012-01-28 comment
good map.

SpillSomeBlood on 2012-01-20 comment
Just slap a cap on it and release it!

Tekedon on 2012-01-20 comment
No problem, It's great anyway! Yeah, the sector limit.. I hate it.. I have a "finished" map sitting on my harddrive.. "swamp castle".. but I'm not satisfied with it.. I want it to be longer and more interesting... But I'm almost out of sectors.. :( Thinking of releasing it as a failed project... but I'll have to see.. It's been done for quite a while now.. But I just haven't had the urge to upload it in it's current state.

SpillSomeBlood on 2012-01-20 comment
I forgot to add your name in the extra text file but thank you very much. I'm not sure whether this map is a remake or a sequel. I guess it could be both. The only thing I'm disappointed in is the end. I wanted to make areas for each boss but I ran out of sectors
BME on 2012-02-01
I would say it's a remake but on a parallel timeline. Would be a great idea though to make a map with a present, past and future part but I'm afraid one will run out of sectors. Well, perhaps one can make a small episode out of it.

Tekedon on 2012-01-20 comment
Not bad! The shading was great! And I liked the special effects, and the gameplay wasn't bad either 5/5. Makes me wanna do a third one ;)

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