Map "LOI Remake: Scourge of Human"

LOI Remake: Scourge of Human
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
Dwayne Anderson |
Ten years after being originally released, Dwayne Anderson, the creator of the largest mod ever created for Blood has announced remake of his epic trilogy as he once more takes you to the realm of Iconoclast.

Part 1 is entitled "Scourge of Humanity" and introduces Bloodlites to an improved storyline together with a brand new protagonist and antagonist.

Take on the role of Logan, a Romanian gunsmith as he embarks on an epic quest of revenge and redemption as he journeys into an unknown dimension and wages war on the most powerful army to have ever existed: the Scourge, founded by the evil Garibaldi, a power-mad misanthropist hell-bent on the extermination of mankind. Logan must prevent the Scourge from resuming its war on Earth to save humanity and to avenge the deaths of everyone involved, including his own true love. During his quest, he'll uncover the shocking truth about Garibaldi and the plight of this unknown dimension. He must fight his way through Garibaldi's castle and ultimately confront Garibaldi in a battle to determine the fate of both humanity and the realm of Iconoclast.

Features of the mod include:

-Twenty eight incredible levels, fourteen of which are brand new and never before seen! Explore new locations such as the Sewage System, Iconoclast Forest, Halls of Lazarus, Ramparts of Fortitude, and the spinechilling Phantom Wood!
-Level design quality is improved, with depth cueing and better lighting!
-Twenty nine new music tracks!
-Dozens of new sounds!
-Due to complaints of long text cutscene times in the original, readable text files are included to chronicle the story and plot. Finishing certain levels displays a message telling you which file to read.
-Extended replayability! Difficulty settings determine number of enemies, locations of keys, special effects, and number of items.
-Features of the Plasma Pak enabled: New enemies, new weapon modes, and new art!
-An estimated five hours of gameplay from start to finish! (for each difficulty)
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Dwayne Anderson on 2012-05-19 comment
did you hear a sound and then Logan say "This should do the trick!" I playtested the map just now and it worked for me.

Navigate the maze completely to find all five switches. Try using your automap to make things easier.
Bojer on 2012-05-19
I never heard "This should do the trick!", but I can guarantee you beyond any shadow of a doubt that all five switches were flipped. On "Well Done" difficulty. Each one in the four corners and the one in the middle. Maybe it was a bug when copying the files over with my .BAT file, I'm not sure, but I just cheated to get past the door. If you can't recreate the issue I wouldn't worry about it. Just focus on part 2

Dwayne Anderson on 2012-05-17 comment
are you sure you flipped all five switches? I don't seem to have that problem. I made sure that it worked before I released the game.
Bojer on 2012-05-18
Yes, I checked them all like four or five times to make sure.
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Bojer on 2012-05-16 comment
I encountered some bugs on the level Shrine of Elemental Destiny. I am playing on Well Done. First, the game kept crashing on the fire trial whenever certain fire plants would shoot at me. Luckily, I managed to take them out without them being in full view, as that seemed to have an effect on whether or not the game would crash.

Secondly, I am in the part of the earth trial right before the hedge maze and I've flipped all five switches, but the door won't open I don't want to cheat but it doesn't look like I have any other option. I didn't flip them in the "correct" order if that makes a difference, I flipped a couple of the corner ones, then the middle one, before realizing there were other switches... but it still won't open.
Bojer on 2012-05-17
Just found another bug on the same level... when I complete the level it takes me to "Voyage of the Scourge" (e1m4) instead of Garibaldi's Tower

BME on 2012-04-17 comment
So to tidy up things; make a folder called LOI1, then put the MAP, INI and all MID, RAW, TXT and RTF files inside the folder and put the following BAT in the Blood folder:


COPY LOI1\*.map ..
COPY LOI1\SOH.ini ..
COPY LOI1\*.raw ..
COPY LOI1\*.mid ..

BARF SOUNDS.rff -A *.mid
BARF SOUNDS.rff -A *.raw



DEL *.ini
DEL *.map
DEL *.mid
DEL *.raw

Dwayne Anderson on 2012-04-17
thanks, I'll keep that in mind for when I do parts 2 and 3
BME on 2012-04-18
Let me know if you need some help with install scripts.
Bojer on 2012-05-07
This is a very nice and easy installation and is a great solution for a project with so many files. I had some trouble with the uninstall part, however. I'm running Blood with DOSBox and everything works fine using this batch script until I exit the game. When I exit, none of the commands below "BLOOD -NOCD -INI SOH.ini" are run.

I remedied the problem by creating a new batch file (named soh_u) which I manually call after exiting the game. Also, I changed the line:
"DEL *.ini"
"DEL SOH.ini"
because it was deleting my blood.ini file and preventing the game from running. Everything seems to be working properly now
Bojer on 2012-05-08
I just noticed something else. This also breaks the Cryptic Passage expansion because it deletes all the map files. Luckily, I backed up the entire folder before I started messing with this. I think the easiest solution is just to add a COPY command after the uninstall to copy the maps back into the directory. Of course, this only works if they're already in a backup folder. You could easily add a COPY command before copying the SoH maps to the directory so that you copy the maps in the blood directory to another directory named, say, backup. Just my two cents.

But seriously, thanks for the batch file instructions, they're really making life a lot easier for me
Bojer on 2012-05-08
One last comment... out of curiosity I added the uninstall part back into the batch file and now it works. I have no idea why it didn't work earlier, it's the same now as it was before!
BME on 2012-05-11
@Bojer; you are absolutely right about the latter part of the script, thanks for pointing it out.

But you really don't need a separate script to uninstall though, the only thing that has to be done is to change:

DEL *.ini ---into--> DEL SOH.ini
DEL *.map ---into--> DEL SOH*.map

Now the BLOOD.ini is still there and possible other maps.
BME on 2012-05-11
And yes, folders ARE very handy when having a project with dozens of files so the Blood folder stays tidy. But also in case of restoring a previous made backup; you can copy all files at once instead of having to keep track of each and every file you want to move when you had renamed them in the Blood folder.
BME on 2012-05-20
I found this script much more pleasant though:

COPY LOI1\*.map ..
COPY LOI1\SOH.ini ..
DEL *.ini
DEL *.map

It will make the complete package 6MB smaller but most of all; it will start the game much faster and you not really missing a lot really
BME on 2012-05-20
And yet again I made the same mistake and typed:

DEL *.ini
DEL *.map

which of course should be:

DEL SOH*.ini
DEL SOH*.map

BME on 2012-04-15 comment
The installation worked but wasn't that tidy, 1 project folder and 1 BAT file in the Blood folder would have been perfect.

You sure seem to have a building talent for castles, those look great. Some maps came straight out of other build games though. The first episode wasn't that great but the other ones a bit better.

The sound replacements are nice but in most cases not really adding that much to the game and some sounds are really unfitting like the "damn it" ones, the water splash didn't even sounded like one. I didn't care that much for the MIDI songs, there are even a few occasions when a sampled piece of music was playing right through it.

The overal gameplay could have been better. I rather would have seen one (or perhaps two) killer episodes instead of so many maps. Some maps in different episodes have the same feeling.

4/4 (7/10)
BME on 2012-04-15
Some MIDI songs also didn't have a proper 8.3 filename.

Caleb88 on 2012-04-15 comment friend who uploaded this....have just turned into my personal hero^^

From tomorrow on I will spend a lot of time in the train again, driving to university and back(3 hours/day)...and now I have something to do that will keep my eyes open.
I just wanted to go to bed but I think I might spend some minutes(about 1000 or more) on this now.

May the massacre begiiiiiiiin!!!!

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