Map "BB_Egypt"

(map requires Plasma Pack)
Lazer(Gunz) |
This is a small little blood bath map. Has 2 pyramids, and some stone structures. 2 Files one has Flags for CTF play(EgyptBB) and the other map is for bloodbath (BB_Egypt)

Thanks for downloading.....
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Laser on 2012-08-28 comment
Hehe thanks BME, i ran into problems in mapeditor on other sides of the pyramids,so i had to make it look like it was from the main side a full pyramid. It has been played 3 player multiplayer already, and is quite fun actually. There is not much interaction at all but it is really fast and looks ok, I mainly make quick fast BB maps, and I know alot of the maps here are detailed singleplayer maps, for show, but i try to look at maps from a multiplayer fun factor so. I rarely put much time into BB Maps, as i just started playing blood for year now and just barely remember the mapeditor as i use to make maps 14 years ago for this game like alot of old players did. If i did put a little time into it, im sure i could make a really good map but usually those maps are too laggy multiplayer.
BME on 2012-08-28
Has the problem with finishing the pyramids something to do with different ceiling heights perhaps?
The frame rate seems to be well in order; I still get over 40 FPS when overlooking most structures of the map from the high tower.
BME on 2012-08-28
I also saw some other glitches at the walls of the 'other structures'; 2 red lines were overlapping.

BME on 2012-08-28 comment
It's a very small and quite empty map but probably suitable for 2-4 players.
The pyramids are only half, why aren't the sides at the back raised?
Apart from the 2 teleporters there's not much sector interaction to be found, am I correct?


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