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Map "The Slums"

The Slums
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
This is a standalone map, no complicated story. But who needs one anyway? ;) Caleb wakes up in the streetcorner by a raindrop hitting the bring of his hat. Caleb mumbles.. "I need to find some real shelter, I hate being wet in the morning".. After only taking a few steps he notices that something is not right, "where are all the people?" caleb thinks to himself. Not long before he meets face to face with a zombie. In Caleb's own words, here we go again. Time to re-decorate the slums.. I hear red is a good color..

Other info: This map was started about a year ago, ran into some big problems that nearly killed the whole map.
Luckily with the help of Bloodmapedit I was able to fix it up, lot's of things had to be re-done. But finally the map is here to play.
Playtime should be about 10 - 14 minutes. Play on extra crispy if you are an experienced blood-player and want a real challenge.

4.4 (7 ratings)
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ShadowWolf on 2014-05-01 comment
I got a chance to take a look at this, it makes me want to work better if i ever tryed to do a detail blood map. Seems like alot of work, and you did a good job with the lighting and shading.

Great job of course. In the movie theatre is there a projection room like the duke map Hollywood???

Sir Seizhak on 2014-01-17 comment
I have finally played the level. And I must say it's the best urban level for Blood.

I absolutely love the way you decorated the level with sprites. The paper flying was a cool feature and the washing machine too. The monkey wrestling is a funny point as the popcorn machine is.

The atmosphere was cool and it really catches the Blood dark feeling. I saw some original sprite uses like the street at the end of the level or the WC.

That final surprised me a lot. It wasn't a hard fight but I had to run and avoid the attacks.

Excellent job, man. 5/5.

KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2014-01-14 comment
Well, a very pretty map. But it's really dark in this map! I think it is just a bit to dark, well almost every way is dark! Although the (Dark) is anyway pleasant well. A lot detail i can see on this map: -Very nice. "(Detail)" Yeah everyone got his one style to create maps ;) Me self, watch not really so much on details i just make more some action maps! -With lot of special effects! A great job! Regards.

PS: I asked you in those days in the video on your channel. How you can make flying new papers.
*news paper* sry
Did you remember? You didn't answer to my question. Whatever now i know it, you did make. Continuous motion:
Z range:
X bob ceiling
Croucher on 2014-01-16
It's dark but not to the point where you can't see anything. There was however a video on YouTube that was barely visible but in Blood this map looks great.

thenight on 2013-12-30 comment
Very nice atmosphere! I like the way you work with sprites. Great job Tekedon!

BME on 2013-12-29 comment
Hopefully we will see more unfinished maps by Tek in 2014
Happy NY already everybody!
BME on 2013-12-29
I mean "finished maps previously unfinished" that is

wangho on 2013-12-29 comment
..and thank christ pesky mapedit didn't destroy the map and you were able to complete the thing!
known on 2013-12-30
Mapedit is not really to blame, it's the person (mis)using it that is responsible for potential messy work. When abiding all of Mapedit's rules it's very unlikely to F### up. If you really know exactly what you're doing you can take 'risks'.
wangho on 2013-12-31
Dont leave us hanging... give us some pointers on how to avoid what is termed as a "misuse".
known on 2013-12-31
Alright, a misuse is anything that results in a F-up.
By the time the same thing happens again you should know not to do it again.
It's an individual learning process since each mapper is using different ways.
Tekedon on 2013-12-31
The thing I did wrong which I thought was ok according to mapedits rules was to copy/paste a few windows. I made the points where the window will connect when dragging it over, worked for the first windows. Suddenly I noticed that the other few windows had double lines allover, this was the FIRST problem. Was able to fix it though after deleting a portion of the map.
Second big problem I have no explanation for, problem was that suddenly the framerate was starting to go down when playing the map. It would decrease about 1 - 2 frames every minute even when standing still, until it was unplayable. The thing that fixed this in the end was to copy the whole map to a new map, which meant all my x-sectors/sprites were reset. I had to redo every effect, this made me lose interest for the map for many months. Until I finally decided to get it finished not long ago.

wangho on 2013-12-29 comment
Fantastic damn map, dude! Already my favorite map made by anyone. Get this map everybody!

BME on 2013-12-29 comment
Great atmosphere (once again) with the lighting, fog, and rainy streets, I like the enemy build-up and scripted surprises and other little details like the train. The map was much bigger than I had anticipated and you've managed to give it a vast city feeling with much diversity and the end had a big climax

Very enjoyable map, excellent!

SpillSomeBlood on 2013-12-28 comment
I think your the environments in your maps are beautiful. Bravo! Another well done map!

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