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Map "Count of Wallachia"

Count of Wallachia
Single Player
Finally another release for the Blood community. This is planned to be in an addon of mine called "A Bloody Mess". But.. I have to accept the facts.. If I'm gonna make an addon and release it, it would take years and years to get it done. I don't have much spare time for mapping these days. I'm still planning on making the addon though but I'm also releasing this map as is.. It was a miracle I could get this map done in the relatively short time I did. Let's look at this as a teaser/demo at the moment. I hope you enjoy.

Story? Well.. You're at Draculas castle, find him... eliminate him.

*Big special thanks to BME/ILMHB for betatesting this baby for me. And also for his feedback and suggestions*


- Place all files in Blood folder and backup if you have it. (it will be replaced)

- Run drac.bat


My brother betatesting an early version of the map with funny commentary track:
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machine x on 2015-07-25 comment
thanx for the information Takedon ,,i am still trying to rearrange the map by adjusting the number of sectors ,,i hope i make it well,,,

machine x on 2015-07-25 comment
i think i have reached limit of sectors but can you plz help me that how i increase sectors?
Tekedon on 2015-07-25
No way to do this sadly, unless we get the sourcecode. The limits are hardcoded into the engine. Maybe split up the map into two maps if possible?
BME on 2016-05-23
You probably ran out of X-sectors. Most likely a lot of them are tagged 'normal' which is not needed at all, remove them by copying a non-x-sector in 3D mode and pasting with [right-ALT]+[ENTER].
BME on 2016-12-26
Before you can use [right-ALT]+[ENTER] you need to change DOSBox's key layout where you change the FULLSCREEN key combo to something else.

machine x on 2015-07-25 comment
hello...i am making a map..i have reached a point where i cant make those red sectors which we make by alt + s..the map file is 228 kb..when i make any red sector now the map editor shuts off,,i again go to map editor and make red sector but again it shuts off..could u plz help me plz?
on 2015-09-21
Dude, stop asking questions that have nothing to do with this map.

on 2015-07-25 comment

nemo on 2015-07-24 comment

Just wanted to put in my own two cents here. This is absolutely a masterpiece! Great atmosphere, stunning visuals, superb playability, and a FANTASTIC ending. In a word, "Wow!"

You've really outdone yourself, and that's quite a feat. Kudos!

Hope you continue with the episode idea. I'd love to see it.

Tekedon on 2015-07-25
Appreciate it man, glad that you enjoyed it :D

BME on 2015-07-04 comment
Hey Tek, nice final result you've made there!
The new entrance to the tower is nicely made and the wine room is also something new. Not sure if I missed some other things that didn't exist in the beta maps though.

Funny how you were working on The Slums 2 and suddenly this map came about and you finished it first
Let's all hope there will be some more free time in the future for you to finish some more of your on-the-shelves maps!

Great stuff as always,
Tekedon on 2015-07-14
Thanks man! I don't think too much is different from the latest beta you've played, just small things really, and added difficulty levels and small adjustments with ammo and health placement.
Hehe, yeah guess I just got tired of working on slums2 and when making this map the ideas came to me easier somehow. Glad you liked it!

Nice map on 2015-07-03 comment
Yes it was very enjoyable single player map. Well thought out, seems to be a keeper for any type of filler in for a great compile in an episode that needs a map to fill in to make it complete (Maybe a scary movie theme episode). I enjoyed the cut scenes and the creepy outside parts. Nice job tek
Tekedon on 2015-07-14
Thanks :D Glad you liked the map! :D

Nice map on 2015-07-03 comment
Yes it was very enjoyable single player map. Well thought out, seems to be a keeper for any type of filler in for a great compile in an episode that needs a map to fill in to make it complete (Maybe a scary movie theme episode). I enjoyed the cut scenes and the creepy outside parts. Nice job tek

SpillSomeBlood on 2015-07-02 comment
Excellent creation Tekedon! I love your style of map-making. The ending was super creative and I loved the trap effects! All of your maps have jaw-dropping visuals. I also like the survival horror feel in your maps. Cool use of the alpha soundtrack too. Hopefully we will see an episode from you in the future! My rating? Of course 5 out of 5 stars my friend!

P.S. from one map maker to another - if you ever need anyone to test your maps I would gladly provide my feedback!
KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2015-07-03
Ehy Spill. -You still, gave none feedback to my 5ele map! You said, but you didn't. Maybe you had forget. It was some years ago, i had send you the map by Email to you. Whatever.
Tekedon on 2015-07-17
Great to hear you liked it! :) I absolutely need as many testers as possible. Send me a mail to so I get your contact info and I'll give you a copy when the next map has reached testing stages!

KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2015-07-01 comment
You go to Jail, Nyyss0nen.
L3GEND on 2015-07-02
What is wrong with you ? GTFO....

Nyyss0nen on 2015-07-01 comment
Hey Tekedon! I loved to play this map every moment. Jail part was good thing. XD I like much of this kind of puzzles.. Texturing and layout was good! In final boss i had to kill second grey gargoyle with pitchfork, but was fun. I hope we can see more maps! Like Sir Seizhak said, 5/5!
Tekedon on 2015-07-01
Hey man, glad you enjoyed it! What difficulty level did you play on? It might not be balanced extremly well for the hardest modes, you really need to conserve ammo when playing those.
Nyyss0nen on 2015-07-01
I used normal "lightly broiled". I tried save most of my ammo. Butt i don't know then did i do something wrong. I found 4 or 5 secrets too.
Tekedon on 2015-07-01
Should be ok ammowise on that skill. Not sure, you might have missed some ammo in some places, some ammo is kind of half hidden away.
Nyyss0nen on 2015-07-01
Yes i think too. =)

KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2015-06-30 comment
I did abort, the map, because, i can't find the keys. Shit.
kn0wn on 2015-07-01
valuable info..... rly

KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2015-06-30 comment
Man, keep your mouth closed. I still have same shit error! Like i already said, here have many errors in zip files, also on my Win 98 SE Pc i had a bug, it does no more react "crashed" . That's problem. Well, now i have blocked the extract program by firewall! The problem is the extract program does open a website for ads to buy the program, then it does crash. It wasn't, before! So now is the program blocked to open the website in background, by my firewall. And i don't wanna see again stupid bugs files, or i'll get angry as fuck!
Tekedon on 2015-06-30
No one is making you download my maps or any other maps :) There is no bug in the zip-file, if the zip file itself was bugged everyone would be having problems with it.

KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2015-06-29 comment
Hey. This stupid shit man, i got now an error in my extracting program only because that file here i had downloaded, wtf?!! But it is not the first time i got problems with these zip files here i download. User which upload files with errors puted in the zips, should be banned! Since when, we going, to put maps with arts files in this here? Only maps i think...
Tekedon on 2015-06-29
Dude, get your pc checked. Nothing bad or wrong in this zip file, there are no errors "put" in the zip-file, how would you even "put an error" into something. And no, there is no rule against including art files with the maps you upload.
L3GEND on 2015-06-30
Seems, that your Internet connection lags .
on 2015-06-30
and youre very rude....
kn0wn on 2015-07-01
Nothing wrong with the ZIP.
There is however a bug in someone's 'system'.

Krypto on 2015-06-29 comment
Solid map with excellent architecture and aesthetics, the theme seems based around Cryptic Passage and Even Death May Die. It's challenging without being overly punishing and has a good variety of different combat scenarios.

I liked the backtracking but wished it was more non-linear but then the map would have to be larger to account for that.

Tekedon on 2015-06-29
Thanks for the feedback :) Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah I also felt it got a bit too linear in some ways. I'm gonna try and do some more "non-linear" maps in the future.

thenight on 2015-06-28 comment
That cellar prison scared the $#it out of me. Great work Tekedon!
Tekedon on 2015-06-28
Good ;) haha, thanks man!

Tekedon on 2015-06-28 comment
Check out my brothers beta testing session of the map, funny commentary:

Tekedon on 2015-06-27 comment
Looks like the Blood interest is on a low at the moment, I'm hoping people aren't finally losing interest in this game. :/ Not too many downloads yet.
Sir Seizhak on 2015-06-28
Don't worry and be patient :D. Sure next days downloads will increase.
bme on 2015-06-28
I'm gonna check it out as soon as I'm back from my vacation but I'm sure it's gonna be an excellent map already

Sir Seizhak on 2015-06-27 comment
Oh, ok. Thanks :D
Sir Seizhak on 2015-06-27
Thanks to Tekedon.

BTW, Krypto... wrong topic I guess :D.

Krypto on 2015-06-27 comment
To play the map with BMOUSE open the BAT file with notepad and change:

BLOOD -ini drac.INI


bmouse launch blood.exe -ini drac.ini

Save for future reference with other BAT files.

Sir Seizhak on 2015-06-27 comment
I've just played your map... and it's awesome. I really enjoyed boss battles, very well balanced. Map theme reminds me episode 4.

The final battle is my favorite part of the level. I didn't find all secrets, so I'm going to plait again.

I've found a glitch near the table with a switch. Is impossible to reach it because the chair blocks the way.

Tekedon on 2015-06-27
Push the chair and it should slide away :D

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