Map "Tomb Of Blood"

Tomb Of Blood
Love you dead, Craddle from the grave , back to the tomb man...

Love anyone who plays blood, this is Beta release. More changes soon.... Gunz.

Love you guys.. more updates to come...
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gunz on 2017-01-17 comment
Sorry you feel that way nuke, i just dont have time you know how it is, you work alot as well. Jr has fixed the pool, and help me some on some blocked walls. I heard nyss has some big maps coming out soon. Hopefully.
KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2017-01-18
Yeah, Nyyss0nen create a full episode. Comes out soon, he told me. Regards KNUKE.

KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2017-01-14 comment
Hello duh. Yeah, no worries. Sorry about not uploaded my maps here yet. Cause i don't know when i should upload them. Much busy etc.
Fine here is a preview of one of my sp maps.

KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2017-01-13 comment
Ah, fuck bloodbath maps hey. Sucks :( I got tired of BB maps man.
duh on 2017-01-13
I got tired of never seeing a SP map from you

DeVille on 2017-01-12 comment
It's indeed beta and has some flaws like the pool tomb with diving suit inside; it's impossible to escape for some reason. And there's some kind of elevator grave that puts the player into the sky for a second.

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