Error with extractig files? (DMNUKEM-KNUKE on 2023-05-25)
Hello. If you got an error to extract a file: Try it with 7Zip program to extract. I noticed that some uploads here have errors with extracting files with WinRAR. So, simply try it with 7zip.
Hope this helps.
Kind regards KNUKE-DMNUKEM.
other (Paul Carner on 2023-03-15)
RE: Website Error


I found few errors which correspond with a drop of website traffic over the last 1-2 months Due to (Google Algorithm Updates) which I thought I would bring to your attention.

I would be happy to send you errors and the solutions that would help to improve your website performance and traffic.

Kindly let me know if you would be interested so we can email you more details or schedule a call.

Paul Carner
The Editor (the lurking fear on 2022-09-30)
(ХУЙ on 2022-09-05)
Nice Post ( on 2022-07-27)
Really enjoyed this post.Really thank you! Keep writing. makaberzux
map to obj extractor (quod on 2022-07-25)
Hello. Can anyone still remember the name of a program which extracts 3d geometry with materials and textures from *.map file?
Book Title (H.P. Lovecraft on 2022-04-16)
the lurking fear
Play Fleshed Out (Fleshed Out shill on 2022-03-18)
Why isn't Fleshed Out properly appreciated? It's almost Death Wish quality, makes my fucking dick hard.
You should... (Kick Buttowsky on 2021-11-27)
Despite the fact that you should dislike sadism & violence & prefer empathy & altruism...Blood is 1 of the best first person shooters of the '90 & 1 of the best FPS of the 20th century altogether!
(nobody on 2021-11-05)
I just discovered blood and I'm the process of experiencing all the fun you all had in the past 20+ years in just a few weeks.
(posted on 2021-10-29)
Mfer do you think making mods is easy?
Nice! (HellRaise2328 on 2021-10-28)
Nice community! We need more mods dudes.
Please update the mods dudes!
We can do it! (KhodeSuSpEcT on 2021-10-28)
Dudes,i am glad because our community is still alive!
We need more mods guys! :)
Flesh (Flesh on 2021-10-15)
Keep on killin' (Hakenkreuz on 2021-09-29)
I absolutely love the fact that this community is still kicking! Keep on continuing this game's amazing legacy!
floating (? on 2021-09-05)
Floating like an atol in the movie Water World...The only thing that comes to mind is one legendary Resident Evil 4 level when you play mercenary mode.
Goodguy (pseudozardozz on 2021-09-05)
Hey! Bood user map fans, what's the name of the blood map with a huge floating city?
Register? (off on 2021-09-04)
You do not have to register, just some typing skills.
(TOFM on 2021-07-08)
why cannot register?
(yo on 2021-06-18)
off (Echo on 2021-05-07)
Hello, anyone here?
112233 (mpkfa11 on 2021-05-06)
Hello, anyone here?
Voxels? (Al on 2021-02-24)
Last version of voxels for Blood, as of 2021. Anyone?
4K CALEB (yes on 2020-04-16)
Do the source ports also have that limitation?
Blood would eventually crash as there is a limit for the amount of sprites.

Why is R Doe Khan affraid of X-mas?
Because we like to roast Turkey.
Sir (The undead Rockefeller on 2020-04-12)
Is there a mod or tweak that prevents gore and such from disappearing?
Seems like it should exist for Blood but I can't find it.

Stay safe.
Mapedit black Screen (Caleb006 on 2020-02-24)
@Caleb's Rotted Hamburger Shack

Try Delete the
If there is a map file with that name? Or maybe the are missing?
Otherwise try to launch mapedit with a map name, the same as you do when you launch blood with a user-map just instead type mapedit.
Or reinstall mapedit.

(Tom on 2020-02-20)
@Caleb's Rotted Hamburger Shack

It sounds like your starting position in 3D-mode is out of bounds. Try starting mapedit in dosbox with a map command, for example: "mapedit -new" (be sure that there is no map "" in your folder)

It should automatically load in 2D-mode due to the missing map specified in your loading parameter.
POSSIBLE ANSWER (Caleb's Rotted Hamburger Shack on 2020-02-19)
to @BME-BBMP19. I'm not sure if it would work but you could always compress the heck out of it, and then split it with winrar or 7zip... not sure... I'm not sure if it's "barf" or what but one of the "tools" for blood compress' by at least 1 each time you resave the may take some time but another option...
Can Anyone Help? (Caleb's Rotted Hamburger Shack on 2020-02-19)
if someone could please help... I recently bought one unit whole blood and IT works fine but the mapedit loads to a black screen and leaves "mouse trails"... any idea where I should look for a fix... under windows 7 it used to work....thank you whomever can help...
@BME-BBMP19 (Caleb006 on 2020-02-18)
Hi BME. How do you can upload mappacks with that big size like 377 MB, if it says MAX 20 MB ???? Still can't make an account, is there no Admin to fix this issues. Best Regards.
(posted on 2020-01-01)
who's fff? show yourself, shoooow yooourseeeelf!!!!!!
(posted on 2020-01-01)

have to wait for admin
(fff on 2020-01-01)
GO !!!!!!!!
BBMP19 (BME on 2020-01-01)
The mappack is ready for the launch but right now it isn't possible to be uploaded.

It has now over 2050 maps by 300+ authors, its size is 377 MB that's a 33.1% increase compared to previous year.
mappack (posted on 2020-01-01)
was thinking the same ..
(fff on 2020-01-01)
when it will be?
BME*s mappack 2019?
(posted on 2019-12-27)
Forthcoming mappack (BME on 2019-12-09)
2019 was a creative year in map and episode making.
MP2019 will have at least 19 new items (unless some surprise release will appear in the next 2 weeks)
Blood player (Daniel S on 2019-11-09)
This site is awesome. Blood is still a fun game.
Cryptic Passage Levels (KNUKE-DMNUKEM on 2019-08-31)
Hi there. The CRYPTIC PASSAGE levels were never in the Rff file. You can download or buy the crypric passge. The levels are already extracted and in the folder after install. That's how it is for me i have orginal cryptic and blood on CD Rom.
Can Anyone Help? (Blood Soaked Grill Cheese on 2019-08-30)
I was able to pull the actual game levels out of the RFF file but am unable to find out where the CRYPTIC PASSAGE levels are stored...if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated...thanking you in advance, BSGC
(BME on 2019-02-03)
wangho (wangho on 2019-02-03)
Im in business! I had an outdated version of Mapedit. Downloaded the 1.21 version instead of the 1.11. Now everything loads properly.
wangho (wangho on 2019-02-03)
Tried the Kwikedit too and the error message I got from loading my maps is "Nothing happened yet, must run Blood first"
wangho (wangho on 2019-02-02)
I don't know. I was using commands for barf for extraction
(BME on 2019-02-01)
Why is Barf needed for just using Mapedit?
wangho (wangho on 2019-02-01)
Yep, after trying to load m maps, I just keep getting a C: Prompt
wangho (wangho on 2019-02-01)
the error text I found was about not finding Barf. Maybe the MemSize setting in DOSBox config? cycles? Ive been out of the loop on this stuff for years. Is there a standard setting you guys have been using these past few years for Mapedit and DoxBox?
Answer3b2 (BME on 2019-01-31)
(made a typo in previous message), it should be:

Answer3b (BME on 2019-01-31)

and read ERROR.TXT to find out what's wrong.
wangho (wangho on 2019-01-30)
Not a black screen, just crashes DOSBox to a prompt. All other original Blood and Cryptic maps seem to work correctly and all of Banzai addon maps. No BPF maps (my maps and RedFanatic) except for just one lone map which is A lot of other user made maps wont open either (Eviction, Snowday, etc)
Answer3 (BME on 2019-01-29)
Other maps are also invisible in Mapedit?
Is the entire screen black?
wangho (wangho on 2019-01-28)
found my old files on the old deathmask website with surface.dat and art files, but the art isn't showing up in mapedit and I believe that may be the reason why I cant open any of my maps except for the train station map ( since it did not use any new art. Im already working on that one map, just got to get these others to open
Answer 2b (BME on 2019-01-27)
WINBARF is by far the best choice to dig into the RFF files as it is also able to extract the 'hidden' stuff (or at least files that BARF didn't allow you to get).
Answer 2 (BME on 2019-01-27)
In MAPPACK 2018, under the [various] folder, there is a version of BPF with all files already extracted.
answer (Wangho on 2019-01-27)
Both. I used kbarf and ran the command line, but didn't extract anything. Have the map files in place, but need sounds, etc and I have CPART7 and 15 art files from Cryptic, but the sky texture is still missing for some reason. Ill see if I can download the old zip BPF package. I think all I need is in there. Ill let you know.
Wangho question (BME on 2019-01-26)
DO you need to extract files from one of Blood RFF files or from your own BPF one?
Blood (wangho on 2019-01-26)
Im Wangho and looking to remaster/update Bloody Pulp Fiction and the maps I made for it. Ive been out of the loop for awhile however, and need some help with BARF and extracting files on my new comp. Email me:
(posted on 2018-12-08)
Axe mass approaching, let it snow maps!
The Cultist Enrichmentor (Tchernobog Vult! on 2018-08-02)
Tchernogbog Vult! (The Cultist Enrichmentor on 2018-05-28)
(TheNight on 2018-05-02)
Hi! Long time no see. I have finally finished my texture pack for Blood. And I wonder what is maximum file upload size?
SW is broken. (BME on 2018-02-24)
Yup, everything databased doesn't seem to generate any text, pinboard, guestbook etc.
SW is broken. (Robman on 2018-02-23)
Yep, added to my previous comments.. the SW side is very broken, no maps to browse.
Does the... (Robman on 2018-02-23)
Does the owner check this site anymore? SO much spam..
SW (Robman on 2018-02-23)
The SW homepage appears to have broken elements... and likely a good amount of spam in the map comments.
Merry Axe-Mess!!!!! (Merry Axe-Mess!!!!! on 2017-12-24)
1 week left to throw in some new map,

"who's got some huh, who's next!?"
(64 on 2017-08-07)
i figured it out. Btw awesome site!
Question (64 on 2017-08-07)
Hi could somebody tell me if it is possible to copy paste a sector into another sector. For example I made a pillar in my map. Is it possible to copy paste the pillar? I can copy it but I don't know how to paste it inside another sector.
(posted on 2017-07-22)
I have no idea, please tell us.

serious; download Winzip.
(posted on 2017-07-21)
How do I make ZIP Files?
(posted on 2017-07-07)
see Example Maps
Hey Guys! (posted on 2017-07-06)
I'm new doing maps with MAPEDIT, I'm looking for examples so i can do doors and lifts. Does anyone has an Example for me? Thanks!
(posted on 2017-07-02)
They're probably Fleshbots
Spam (Sir Seizhak on 2017-06-18)
Yeah, too much spam ultimately. How can bots avoid captcha system?
again (spam radar on 2017-06-05)
Spamming slime has been seen once more @:

The Slums, Greynook and Cult 4: Manor
Yandex (Andrewtrag on 2017-05-22)
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(BME on 2017-05-06)
*gazing into crystal ball*

I see........ ah yes, a new episode pack being released very soon.
(BME on 2017-05-04)

Use DOSBox to play Blood on a modern PC; see

There are 2 official add-ons but there are many others made by users,
like Deathwish, French Meat, Bloody Pulp Fiction or Caleb Will Have His Revenge On Toronto to name but a few.
Blood (Denis on 2017-04-24)
Ich habe alte PC mit Win98 gekauft wegen BLOOD spielen. Ich frage Dir,
Kann man auch heutige neues Rechner bLOOD spielen? Ich habe neue Rechner und klappt nicht mit installieren! Fehler und benötigt Win95. Darum habe ich alte pc gekauft. Problemlose! Aber Cryptic Passage Problem wegen Runtime Error! Aber hab sehr alte Laptop 400 mhz mit Win95 klappt gut mit Cryptic Passage und alte pc mit won98 klappt nicht ! Runtime error! Ich verstehe es alles nicht. 1 CD komplett mit BLoOD, Plasma Pak und Cryptic Pasage. Fast 90€ gekauft . Nun habe ich neue bestellt cd nur cryptic Passage aus USA für 70€ bestellt. Hoffentlich klappt es. Ich melde mich
Blood (Denis on 2017-04-24)
Ich liebe BLOOD sehr. Das ist Weltbeste 3D-Shooter!!!! Ich habe Plasma Pak und Cryptic Passage gespielt. Ich möchte weiter spielen. Gibt es noch mehrer viele level CD zu kaufen? Auf dem Markt???? Das wäre eine Traum für mich.
Vielleicht du hast viele Erfahrung. Also gibt es noch mehrer extra Levels für BLOOD?
Ich finde BLOOD2 schlecht und keine Spaß! BLOOD viel besser!
Freu mich, wenn du mich hilfst wegen Level. Danke.
Meine Mail ist
(Caleb Tramp on 2017-02-08)
"We're going to bring maps back to our community folks, and I mean bigly"
bug, error? (Sir Seizhak on 2017-01-23)
I got this when I rated one map: Anfrage: INSERT INTO ratings_bl (file_id, user_id, rating) VALUES (572, 1, 5.0); Antwort: Duplicate entry '572-1' for key 'PRIMARY' Fehlercode: 1062 Fortunately, the rate was sent successfully, but I think you should know this thing, admin.
BLOOD MAPPACK 2016 (BME on 2017-01-03)
Waiting for admin to temporarily increase the upload size that is :)

BLOOD MAPPACK 2016 (BME on 2017-01-03)
Ready to be uploaded soon.....
XRumer16.0 is coming soon! (Melindatrutt on 2016-12-19)
XRumer16.0 is coming soon
Good luck!
(Caleb Tramp on 2016-11-25)
"Grab'em by the zombie!"
(Caleb Tramp on 2016-11-11)
"We're going to build a map, and we're going to make the Blood scene great again!
Maps! (Sir Seizhak on 2016-10-31)
I've uploaded a new map plus improvements from my previous ones. Enjoy!
ratm (posted on 2016-10-28)
do you have rage against the machine? (Badb0y on 2016-10-28)
the moddb installer of this episode doesnt work for me.
(cortex on 2016-10-03)

Bitteschön! Und viele Grüße aus Deutschland :D
(Nemo on 2016-09-28)

Danke schoen.

Und gruess aus Vereinigten Staaten. :-)
(posted on 2016-09-01)
See TOOLS section of this site for the INI tools.
(posted on 2016-09-01)
Most user maps can be run by dragging the BATch file onto the DOSBox icon.
If a map does not come with such a file you can use INIMINI or INIMINI SOLO to create it.
Hey! (Jean150 on 2016-08-31)
How i install or run maps for this game
(posted on 2016-07-22)
(posted on 2016-07-21)
Stop hack the program!!!
French Meat 2 (L3GEND on 2016-06-30)
French Meat 2 :
I WONDER..... (count blood on 2016-06-29)
.....what happened with;

French Meat 2
Dark Times

and a couple of other projects.
(posted on 2016-05-18)

Ratings of maps seem to be based on the amount of people rating instead of the actual rating itself. For example the map with the most rating people will be at the top of the list eventhough it may have jusr 3,5 as a rating.

So it's better if the RATING is first checked and the the AMOUNT of people who rated,
so a map with a rating of 5 by 3 people who rated will be lower in the list than a map with a rating of 5 by 10 people.

But perhaps the whole rating system has lost its purpose lately as some maps get a very unrealistic amount in just a couple of days.
(posted on 2016-05-18)
Stop hack the program!!!
(posted on 2016-05-18)
(posted on 2016-05-16)
Stop hack the program!!!
(BME on 2016-05-14)
Yup, in higher res a sprite can only be placed high at the wall but you can easily move up close and then insert a sprite. It's not all that ideal but you can get used to it.
(Tekedon on 2016-05-13)
It will use the resolution you set in setup.exe, but spriteplacement is bugged in the higher res modes and a few other things too.
mapedit resolution (Ste41k on 2016-05-13)
Is there any way to get mapedit to use a better resolution?
(posted on 2016-05-07)
Stop hack the program!!!
(posted on 2016-04-20)
@Antonio: good to hear, keep going :)
Give a Kill (Antonio Schaefer on 2016-04-11)
Hello Gents,
I know I have been gone for a while but work has slowed down a bit and I finally have blood working on windows 10 and mapedit as well, I just have to relearn a lot of the things I used to with map edit.
E1m6 (TheNight on 2016-02-25)
Dark Times E1M6 map is made by me - Nightsmoke.
(spam radar on 2016-02-10)
some more:

Swamp Castle Revisited
The Fallen Priest
missing author names (spam radar on 2016-02-07)
2 maps in do not have the author name set;

- Dark Times E1M6 [alpha]
- The Hall of Epiphany
Interesting fact (BME on 2016-01-30)
Well actually I didn't but now that you mention it; it makes sense since enemies are triggered by the player seeing them and of course being within a certain range. Enemies do not really see as they can stand with their backs towards the player and suddenly turn around to start attacking/walking.
Interesting fact (Tekedon on 2016-01-29)
I don't know if this was known. But a ONE-sided masked wall will block an enemy from seeing you until you can see him, while a regular masked wall the enemy will see you right through it. I'm sure BME already knew about this, but I just figured it out :P
(spam radar on 2016-01-27)
spam @
BMEs Blood Map Pack 2015,
Riptide Stronghold,
Swamp Castle Revisited,
Riptide Stronghold,
Count of Wallachia
Re: Depth Cueing (Nemo on 2016-01-27)
My preceding should have just specified "TAB" for viewing sector attributes. (Sorry.)

And *individual* sector visibilities can be reset in 3D mode using CTRL_ALT_+/- (NOT keypad). As stated, 240 is the true zero-point at which depth cueing is completely disabled for a sector.
Depth Cueing on Blood (Nemo on 2016-01-26)
SardinianGuy (and Fernando):

Mapedit actually handles this feature rather strangely. I once participated in a lengthy discussion about it here, but I can't relocate the original thread now.

But here's what I remember: On any new Blood map, depth cueing defaults to NONE and Mapedit shows all sector Visibilities (under Alt-Tab) as "zero". But once global depth cueing *has* been applied, a "zero" value for visibility no longer indicates "NO depth cueing", but rather *Build's* DEFAULT value for depth cueing.

To subsequently reset a sector (or global value?) to NO depth cueing, the value needed is actually 240 / 241. (Apparently, the field wraps at 256.) So "zero" visibility then indicates ~16 (true) depth cueing, set by default in Duke Nukem maps.

Go figure,eh? %^)
Nevermind (SardinianGuy on 2016-01-22)
Nevermind... i found the problem myself... i just removed the "-map xxxx" before the "-ini xxx" on the blood command line :)
Thanks (SardinianGuy on 2016-01-22)
Thank you Marquez. That thing was bothering me from a long time :D. I think i have another bug to resolve and maybe you can help me again: i generated a proper ini file for my map and set song "cblood7" but when i start the map the midi song isnt playing (by the way the episode and map title is working fine). Im using DOSBox.
Reply to SardinianGuy (Fernando Márquez on 2016-01-21)
D-[ or ]: depth cueing. That's what are you looking for. It is not documented in the official readme files, so it is pretty much elusive.

I found by approximation, 1024 is the median value equivalent of other BUILD games visibility, since 0 is the lowest, but due to a bug in mapedit, you can only cycle between 128 and 4096.
Shading (SardinianGuy on 2016-01-19)
Ok im trying to start an old project of a map i had in the mind for a long time... i have just 1 question: how the hell i can make the map with implicit shading? i mean that shading effect i see on all official blood maps around the player (things become darker as they are more far away from the player)
Meltdown (Robman on 2016-01-19)
People play Blood online over a program called "Meltdown"
Blood Online (SardinianGuy on 2016-01-17)
I really need to have some bloodbath... this site should really provide some help to get some way to meet and have a fight
Im still here true Blood fan (SardinianGuy on 2016-01-17)
Still alive are we?
It's sure is Quiet here (HyperHero6889 on 2016-01-17)
Is it just me? Or did this website became Quiet......
(map pac-man on 2015-12-26)
Get ready for mappack 2015..... soon.
(posted on 2015-11-22)
Thank you guys for the 23 maps.
That's all from me as well (Noldor Ranzou on 2015-11-21)
Those would be all the maps I have so far. Thank you very much to all!
That's all folks... (Fernando Márquez on 2015-11-21)
Well Bloodlites. That's every map from me.
Ranzou will upload his last maps as well today and that would be all our contribution to this site.

Hopefully we wil provide new maps in the future.
(posted on 2015-11-18)
"F########ck, F########ck, F########ck, F########ck" etc,
Das Glass Haus! The glas house! (KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2015-11-18)
Hey. Komm doch wieder mal in's Meltdown, "hatey" da können wir ja wieder mal ein Bloodbath zocken! Schöner abend noch. Grüße.
(posted on 2015-11-18)
***glass house shattering***
(posted on 2015-11-18)
Alter! Was geht denn hier ab? :-D
(KNUKE sucks a lot on 2015-11-17)
Du bist ein ekelhaftes Nilpferd, KNUKE. Du bist ein schrecklicher Spieler xD.
RE->L3Gend (KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2015-11-17)
Ja ja, Glas Haus. -Ein guter Witz! Hah ha, lol.
RE, Bloodbath Maps (L3GEND on 2015-11-17)
I agree with the honorable judge . Who sits in glass house should not throw with stones .You should be thankful for any contribution .
Bloodbath Maps? (Judge on 2015-11-17)
And what are YOU doing about the 'problem' you address?
We've never seen any release from you.
Complaining about Bloodbath Maps. (KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2015-11-17)
Hey! ,,,
Make Coop and SP Maps, you fools! Wtf, there already much/enough, fucking BB maps! Who makes only bloodbath maps, isn't a true mapper! Man, hey. Shity news only New maps are Bloodbath maps. The truth: A true mapper, has talked! Regards KNUKE. Ah ha, huh? Whatever, you guys, making maps.
(Nemo on 2015-11-08)
Bravo, Cortex! :)

There's one more HTML currently on Noldor's "Lights Out" map page -- looks like they may have slipped it in *while* you were making those changes.

Otherwise, it's "clean as a whistle" today. Good show!
spam (cortex on 2015-11-07)
cleaned out the spam and updated the spam filter.
(Nemo on 2015-11-05)
A second round of spam crap added to Death Wish today.

Cortex: If you're having problems keeping up with this, I'll gladly take on a "moderator" role (temporarily or otherwise) to delete this garbage. Just let me know.
(Nemo on 2015-11-05)
Add "The Fallen Priest" to the list of spam victims. So far, that's all for today.
(Nemo on 2015-11-05)
Note: That "Full Tally 5?" message was actually posted yesterday: 2015-11-03 here, though the time zone difference probably caused the "2015-11-04" stamp.
(Full Tally 5?) (Nemo on 2015-11-04)
Right now (18:07, UTC-5), that looks like the full list, at least for Downloads: 3 in maps, 2 in episodes. The other categories don't show any new spam yet. (I checked them all.)

But you know what they say: "Don't blink!"
(Likewise) (Nemo on 2015-11-03)
In the Episodes, "Death Wish" and "Blood Chronicles Volume 2" have also been hit. So far, it looks like the spam additions are restricted to just the past 2 days, searching the lists sorted by most recent comment.
(Nemo on 2015-11-03)
Oh, brother! Add "Count of Wallachia" and the "Graynook" pages to the recently spam-infested list.
More Spam!! (Nemo on 2015-11-03)
This just in!: The "Downloads: Maps: Swamp Castle Revisited" page, and perhaps others as well, now includes a HUGE text- and html-encoded spam post, dated today.

There's no User ID or name shown on it. Seems somebody has discovered a way to circumvent the Logon requirement recently added.

(Strangely enough, I couldn't post the page URL here myself, even though I AM logged in, and did provide the Captcha data.
(Nemo on 2015-10-30)
Cortex: Thanks for that update.

I tested the URL comment change successfully just now; it works like a charm! :)

I'm still getting a "File Not Found" error when attempting to access through "My Uploads". But if you're now getting good results there, it's possible that the problem stems my older Opera (v 10.63) web browser or its conceivably older version of Javascript.

Much obliged! It's good to "see" your smiling face here again. :)
bugs solved (cortex on 2015-10-30)
I fixed the problem with the postings. You can now post links to other sites when you are logged into your account. Else the links are recognized as spam and the post won't get through. This mechanism is to protect the site. So: logged in users can now post links!
The problem with the files not found: please try again, I uploaded a newer version of the script.
Thanks for the feedback! Greetings...
"My Uploads": All files "not found" (Nemo on 2015-10-27)
Cortex: Another bug here. When in "MY AREA / MY UPLOADS", all attempts to link to those pages fail with "File Not Found".

They're all out there, and quite accessible from the database menus, but NOT from "My Uploads".
Can't add comment to own post? (Nemo on 2015-10-27)
Cortex: I don't know if this is a new problem or the result of a very recent change to the software.

I just attempted to add a footnote comment to my "Example Maps: The Key to Complex Mechanisms - LINK" post, and could not do so with or without the Captcha data typed in. The software simply wouldn't take it (no error message), and I finally had to add the info to the main post as an "Addendum".

I WAS signed in at the time. And I just added a comment in exactly the same manner a day or two ago, with no problems.

Any clues? (This one DID contain a URL - would that block it?)
(denny on 2015-10-22)
adding this to the "lifeleech" problem:

if I alt-fire and the LL doesn't appear, I reload the game at that exact point, alt-fire LL once again,.. and will work. crazy huh?
(denny on 2015-10-22)
I have a problem with the life leech. sometimes when I use it's alternate fire, my life drops as usual, but the weapon doesn't appear. if I alt fire the weapon again it works. using one whole unit, with dos box. anyone else have this problem?
(David on 2015-10-21)
Thanks ill look into that. The last time I check that didn't work, but that was a while ago.
(posted on 2015-10-21)
Most play in dosbox I think.
(David on 2015-10-21)
Are you guys playing blood on some port I don't know about or does every one still play on old systems?
(BME on 2015-10-17)
I think the rating is the way it is because it first counts the amount of votes.
Rating Sort (Nemo on 2015-10-17)
Looks like the sort by rating function is having problems. (it's a bit scrambled.)

Great new site, by the way!
(BME on 2015-10-04)
Fernando and Noldor; nice stuff your uploading both here and the SW side of the site.
Spam robot (TheNight on 2015-10-03)
I guess it is automated spambot.
(knOwn on 2015-10-02)
Those spam stories popping up at the comments do not make sense whatsoever, what a pile of shite, there's absolutely no purpose so I wonder who's wasting his/her/its time.
spam (spam radar on 2015-09-21)
Seems the CAPCHA doesn't work perfectly, there's spam once again;
Stuck, Fallen Priest.
.. (Rob on 2015-09-14)
Seems the only drawback I'm having is being able to convert the map from Duke format to Blood. Mapster has a map resizing function that works quite well but I was mainly going to just convert some of my sw maps to Blood as I think they are similar in size anyway. The had the tiles for blood loaded into their proper tile #s in m32 and figured I could just convert it and do the effects in mapedit. Sounds the same as when people want to make an sw map that are normally duke3d players and they want to use m32 instead of SWPbuild, to which I say just use SWPbuild, lol. And thankyou for the kind words, I'll get a Blood map out one of these days :D
(BME on 2015-09-13)
[would want to see a blood map........]
M32/Mapedit (BME on 2015-09-13)
First of all; mapster, or Duke3D rather, has a scaling that differes from Blood.
Even if you would create a map in mapster you still have to convert it to the Blood map format and thus loosing all textures once again.
And even if you would apply all the textures again you still have to set the sector/sprite/wall dialogs.

So there's nothing better than to use DOSBox right away, you are a talented mapper, I for one surely would see a Blood map from you! 8)
(BME on 2015-09-12)
Just try Mapedit, in DOSBox, we all use it :)
Ok (Rob on 2015-09-11)
Ok, I suppose I'll give up on it then :(
M32 (TheNight on 2015-09-10)
Messing around with Mapster and Blood is huge waste of time. Believe me. I have tried several times. It is no use.
hmm (Rob on 2015-09-07)
Well I guess the tiles don't look tonnes different between the two upon another look but the small resolution and flickering is still there.
Converters. (Rob on 2015-09-07)
I have the original format converter programs from Ken and I've opened the .c file but I don't really have a clue as to what I'm doing with it, lol
I don't see a line where you just input the map name to convert and then the new map name it will be.
Well.. (Rob on 2015-09-07)
I just figured since m32 is much more windows 7 friendly and the blood textures when viewed with it are much more vibrant that I can actually tell them apart that I could take my from Sw and size/texture it with m32 and then use a converter that actually kept the tiles and sprites in place that it would be a win. With mapedit, I find the resolution small, the tiles all look bland and the same and when I lookup the tiles/textures they flicker, it's annoying to me. Nobody else has these problems I guess. Have you loaded the blood art into m32? It seriously is a world of difference. I'm not ready to drop this idea just yet :D
M32 (BME on 2015-09-06)
A map made with M32 that is converted would be really a waste of all the time invested in creating the map.
It's really best to start right away with mapedit. There are a few tools I made to make mapping and testing a bit easier, for example BMB10 (blood map browser 1.0).
Answer (BME on 2015-09-06)
Yes, Blood maps are version 7.
On my site there's a link under OTHER STUFF called "POWERSLAVE 2 BLOOD", this package has got a CONVMAP7.C file which can be edited in notepad.
Question. (Rob on 2015-09-06)
So, this b2blud.exe modifying doesn't seem to be taking off even though it should be an easy task to someone in "the know." What version of buildmap are bloodmaps? Build map 7? I'm assuming Duke3d and Sw use buildmap 6? Or is it the other way around? Would building/texturing the maps in m32 be possible and then just convert the map using the buildmap version converter and finishing the effects using mapedit work? I've been spoiled with openGL editors and the oldschool ones just seem clunky, the blood textures when loaded with Mapster32 look much better and the tiles selection screen doesn't flicker.
(BME on 2015-09-04)
@admin: after posting the message in the post box is not empty which can result in an accidental double post when the page is refreshed.
(posted on 2015-09-02)
And yes, people still use mapedit in DOSBox when it comes to Blood mapping.
(BME on 2015-09-02)
I believe there's a source code of B2Blud maybe someone can take a look at it finding the part where it actually strips the tilenums setting them to 0
Alternatives (Rob on 2015-09-02)
I got the blood textures working in mapster32.
I have a problem though, the b2blud.exe converter changes all of the textures to one generic texture and deletes sprites. Anyway for some1 to mod that program so that it keeps the tiles and sprites in place?
mapedit (Rob on 2015-09-02)
What do people use to make maps, still just mapedit through dosbox? Can people load blood maps into mapster32 or something else? I know only basic sector stuff and texturing would be the same if it loads but that's pretty much all I'm after. mapedit though dosbox on win764 seems kinda glitchy.
(BME on 2015-08-27)
Perfectl, thanks! 8)
(admin on 2015-08-27)

I made a button :D
(BME on 2015-08-21)

How does one download one's own maps while logged in?
There's no download button available.
Excellent (Robman on 2015-08-17)
Thank Heavens, I was getting tired and sad seeing all the Russian spam, what's up with that anyways? Anyway, nice work Sir.
(cortex on 2015-08-15)
I added some blacklist mechanisms to the captcha. Since yesterday this solution works fine. Hope this kills those entries from the spam hell :D
(BME on 2015-08-14)
@TheNight: seems it doesn't really work :(
What the.....
Captcha (TheNight on 2015-08-13)
It works ,)
(BME on 2015-08-12)
Excellent, finally :)
Spam Block! (cortex on 2015-08-12)
After getting tired of cleaning the database day after day from spam and trying different other methods to make the user input as comfortable as possible I decided to implement a captcha to keep the spam off.
SPAM! (spam radar on 2015-08-07)
Swamp Castle Revisited
BMEs Blood Map Pack 2014
(posted on 2015-07-23)
Please post in the forum so that we keep the overview :)
Now we're three,we need more ^^
(TheNight on 2015-07-20)
Btw: I'm famous :D At last. I am not afraid to walk this world alone.
Whoa! (TheNight on 2015-07-20)
@L3GEND: I'm in.
Blood Community Episode (L3GEND on 2015-07-18)
We wanted to organize a community Episode , The principle is simple. Every participating mapper creates a single map .

More information in Bloodline Forum :
Textures (TheNight on 2015-07-05)
@Tekedon @BME: thanks guys! Will do my best ,)
new textures (BME on 2015-07-04)
@Tek; yup they are very inspiring, here's a little test video:
new textures (BME on 2015-07-04)
@Tek; yup they are very inspiring, here's a little test video:
new textures (BME on 2015-07-04)
@Tek; yup they are very inspiring, here's a little test video:
new textures (BME on 2015-07-04)
@Tek; yup they are very inspiring, here's a little test video:
(Tekedon on 2015-07-04)
@TheNight, would love to make a map with these new beautiful textures :D
380 and counting (BME on 2015-07-04)
Excellent conversions, the textures have that same smoothness and coloration as Blood's standard tiles. Very nice job, keep it up!
(Tekedon on 2015-07-03)
@TheNight. Looking great so far! :)
380 and counting (TheNight on 2015-07-03)
380 sprites/textures (work in progress). Is it enough? ;)
(Tekedon on 2015-07-03)
@TheNight, more random stuff like household items, paintings, random junk that can be placed for detail, maybe some creepy dolls :P
Antonio (BME on 2015-07-03)
@Sir Seizhak are you speaking for all of us or are you a bit scizo? ;)
New sprites/textures (BME on 2015-07-03)
Well, all sprites that look flat but are supposed to be looking 3D could be made voxelized, like you already did with the wooden railing tile for example :)
New sprites/textures (TheNight on 2015-07-02)
Hey guys. Are there any new sprites/textures you would like to see in Blood? Maybe I´m working on something like this ;) Let me know. Reasonable (Blood related) requests are welcomed.
Blacklist (cortex on 2015-06-27)
@L3GEND - Thanks for the hint and your offer. I added a htaccess with a blacklist. Let's see if that works. If not I will come back to your offer and would try yours. I always wanted to avoid captchas to give the most possible comfort to the site users.
Attention (Tekedon on 2015-06-26)
New map "Count of Wallachia" in the map section for Blood. :) Play and enjoy!
Thanks, TheNight! (Sir Seizhak on 2015-06-26)
Done! I've checked E2M5 on 3DSMax to see scale. Blood world is smaller :D
Spam (L3GEND on 2015-06-26)
You should use ReCaptcha in the shoutbox, to stop the spam.
Or you should add a blacklist to your htaccess file. I have a very good list, blockig the most spam networks like semalt...If you want it message me ;)
Weapons (thenight on 2015-06-25)
Sir Seizhak: about weapons .... it is not going very well. See this video:

Exported parts are dislocated - however they can be moved by hand in 3dsMax. More bad news is that the weapons parts doesnt have any UV coordinates (x,y,z = 0).
(thenight on 2015-06-25)
Sir Seizhak: It´s simple process. BLUD2B -> MAP2STL -> import to 3ds max via import dialogue -> flip whole geometry in Y and Z axis - and you are done! See my previous Transfusion post about UNITY. It´s all there ;)
(Sir Seizhak on 2015-06-25)
No problem, Antonio. We can wait XD.

The Night, could you make a tutorial about how to convert Blood 1 maps to 3DSMax? Also I'm very interested in Blood 2 weapon models. Keep up the good work ;).
ABC23ds.exe (thenight on 2015-06-24)
And one more thing - I have figured out how to convert Blood2 abc models to 3ds/max with animations. It is not perfect, because models are messed up a litlle bit, but it works somehow.

Screamshots and video
Unity (thenight on 2015-06-24)
I have made a little tutorial about converting Blood 1 maps to Unity engine.
Now with BB3/Bodies map and source files.
Getting back into map edit (Antonio Schaefer on 2015-06-18)
I'v been really busy with work, I'm trying to find the time so I can really get going on some maps, (Patrick was a nick name, I was born the early morning after st. Patrick's day) long story. lol
Buildsharp update! (thenight on 2015-06-13)
more spam. (Robman on 2015-06-11)
Huge amount of spam on the "Death Wish" map/episode page.
Getting back into map edit (BME on 2015-06-08)
@Antonio Schaefer: how is mapping going so far?
(posted on 2015-05-27)
Bloody Androids (thenight on 2015-05-13)
Cortex: now it all looks and works just fine.
Keep up the good work!
(posted on 2015-05-13)
No, that's not the reason. The screenshot shown simply isn't the map that can be downloaded, Graynook doesn't even have enemies.
(jimbo on 2015-05-12)
Perhaps the reason could be that this map is from the alpha version of Blood. (!)
(posted on 2015-05-12)
The screenshot of Graynook looks more like one from E4M1 (?)
bot? (BME on 2015-05-12)
@Cortex: Johne106 seems to be a bot, the message is too general and says nothing specific about
Besides, why would someone come here only to complain about spelling issues? highly unlikely.
(cortex on 2015-05-12)
@Johne106 - Thanks for the feedback. Which posts do you mean? I will not correct the spelling of comments from other users. If you want to help improving this site, you could send an email with the mistakes to and I will correct them. And please don't take this too seriously or personal: I had my problems reading your post, too.
(Johne106 on 2015-05-12)
obviously like your website however you need to check the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very bothersome to tell the truth on the other hand I will definitely come again again. eegfkkbffdec
(cortex on 2015-05-12)
On my android smartphone everything works perfect. What resolution does your tablet offer? Can the browser cache be a problem?
Bloody androids (thenight on 2015-05-11)
Web seems broken on my android tablet. Header and shout box is all I can see.
Infinite scrolling.

And we need comments detaching.
Nevermind... (Rob on 2015-05-11)
I just opened it with IE and it looks better, nevermind about what I said then :D
Link to picture of site. (Rob on 2015-05-11)
Here is a screenshot of the site for me:
layout (Rob on 2015-05-11)
Hmm, I have cleared my cache. I'm using Firefox. Beside the News/Updates window, there is a large square void space. The shoutbox and input window also span across the whole browser window which I don't think is necessary, could be half the width and more game content beside it. Also, the shoutbox could use bold or different colour/size titles to help differentiate the posts from one-another as they kind of all run together in 1 big block of text. Maybe it's just me with these gripes?
theme (thenight on 2015-05-11)
Lens flares everywhere! :D

I like the redesign. But how about darker theme? Grey/Black/Bloody red?
Site is now too bright imho.

Something like this (shopped)
(cortex on 2015-05-11)
Hi Rob! I don't know what you mean with the big blank box to the bottom. I don't see anything like that.
Have you cleared your browser cache like I mentioned unter news/updates?
? (Rob on 2015-05-10)
What's with the big blank box to the bottom right of this window?
Can't say I'm a huge fan of this layout. Shoutbox is harder to read also.
(posted on 2015-05-08)
Sure, the selected maps are a nice touch, a little randomness for maps with a rating 3 and up would indeed be great.
But on the other hand, perhaps potential new voters would probably vote for those already high scoring maps?
(cortex on 2015-05-07)
At the moment this is done manually. I wanted to tease some maps to show the visitors that there is much more than just the recent uploads ;)
I'm thinking of an extension that those maps are picked randomly from all maps in the database above a certain rating...
selected maps (posted on 2015-05-07)
How are the selected maps determined?, is it automatic or done manually?
(cortex on 2015-05-06)
Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it ;)

@BME: And thanks for the advice, download counter has been added.
(BME on 2015-05-06)
The banner with the changing screenshots is a nice touch with those glossy flare effects.

But there's not yet a download counter in the details section of each map, only the total list will display this.
Good job! (Sir Seizhak on 2015-05-06)
I really like the new look, and the new changes too :D.
(BME on 2015-05-04)
indeed, indeed ;)
(cortex on 2015-05-04)
I think this is what you meant with - a few things are still in progress - so then - Done! :-D
(BME on 2015-05-04)
Yup, that helped a lot indeed. Looks even more excellent now! :)
(cortex on 2015-05-04)
Thanks for the nice feedback!
In case the page is not displayed correctly, you have to clear your browser cache or press ctrl+F5 to entirely load the new design.
(BME on 2015-05-04)
That's one refreshing update, the site that is :)
Oi! (Rob on 2015-05-02)
Somebody make an Sw map, look how lonely it is over there.
(BME on 2015-04-26)
Hey there Antonio (a.k.a. Patrick?), it's always great to expect some new maps.
If you have questions about mapedit then let it be known.
Getting back into map edit (Antonio Schaefer on 2015-04-24)
Hello Gents,

I'm the author of cyberwar, give a kill etc.... I'm getting back into map edit but, I have lost some knowledge.
I will be uploading some nice quality maps in the near future once I relearn the advance editing.
(BME on 2015-04-09)
Sure, just lemme know.
(thenight on 2015-04-05)
Yes. It was one of the maps that I didnt submitted/backed up.

I will contact you soon BME. I need some help and your mapedit knowledge. But there is still time until EP1 is done and released.
DT EP1 update (BME on 2015-04-03)
Great to hear you're back in bizz, sad to hear of the losses.
Which map was lost forever, it must be one you have never beta released before I assume?

Better make some backups from now on. Maybe a dedicated USB stick for your Blood projects would not be a bad idea :)

Succes with EP1, looking forward to it as always.
Another Dark Times EP1 update (thenight on 2015-03-31)

Bad news - one map is lost forever. Didn't survive hdd crash.

More bad news - one bb map is also lost.

Good news - after looong time I'm back on track. I've updated three maps of DT EP1 so far. Two more to go.

I'm also working on something new.
3dr to create new build game? (Robman on 2015-03-28)
Fred.S of Interceptor has put out job ads for the creation of a new build game!
@GREGGRE5YUYU (BME on 2015-02-19)
You can also copy all properties of a sprite by pointing at the sprite in 3D-mode and hitting TAB then pointing at another sprite and using [ALT] [ENTER] to copy all values.
In case the sprite image that doesn\'t look right; this will be automatically corrected after an autosave.

In order to make [ALT] [ENTER] work in DOSBox you need to change the FULLSCREEN key combo to something else, for example [CTRL] [ALT] [F12], just press [CTRL] [F1] when in the DOS-prompt, click on the FULLSCREEN box. then ADD and press [F12] and also tick the [mod1] and [mod2] boxes. then save and exit, done!
@GREGGRE5YUYU (BME on 2015-02-17)
You can simply copy sprites (with all their properties) in 2D mode simply by selecting (drawing box around it when holding RIGHT-SHIFT), then grabbing the sprite and hitting INSERT to stamp.

About the ambient sprite; it seems you forgot to set the volume which is the DATA4 value.
yjytjytj (ryjytjtjtyj on 2015-02-14)
GREGGRE5YUYU (NAME666 on 2015-02-14)
i'm trying to learn mapedit again and i was wondering is there a way to copy and paste all the info included within an AMBIENT FX or RESPAWN sprite?for example ,i copy and paste a RESPAWN sprite i make but then it resets the TX-ID and DATA1 of the COPIED sprite to 0 again so do i have to retype the TX-ID and DATA1 infos for EVERY copy ?
I'm also having problems getting ambient sounds to play.i create sprite type 245 AMBIENT SFX,turn state ON,and data 1 and data 2 is range then data3 is sound number to be played,right??? but then when i run the map i don\'t hear anything. how can i get any sound loop to go through ALL of a sector ?
BME (posted on 2015-01-27)
@thenight; ok take it easy :)

Let's see which add-on release is next up:
- French Meat 2
- Cabal's Return
Dark Times (thenight on 2015-01-26)
Well ... I have still got a lot of work to do.
I will let you know when it's done ;)
Dark Times (BME on 2015-01-16)
@TheNight: how's dark times going?
BLOOD MAPPACK 2014 (BME on 2014-12-31)

Soon to be released,


map contest (BME on 2014-12-23)
see comments section at blood repo
2nd Blood map contest (Sir Seizhak on 2014-12-23)

What do you think?
Buildsharp development stream 10-12-14 (thenight on 2014-12-11)
Skip to 1:15:00 ;D
Buildsharp development stream 10-12-14 (thenight on 2014-12-11)
Check it out!
spam bam thank you mam (BME on 2014-12-04)
@admin, there's a lot of spam at the mappack 2013 upload, all messages from 05-05-2014 and up.
Dark Times episode (BME on 2014-12-01)
Good to hear, hopefully it will be just before the release of mappack 2014.
Dark Times episode (thenight on 2014-11-26)
I will be back for Christmas if everything goes well....
Too much work right now.
it works (BME on 2014-11-23)
@Martin Brentnall: It seems to work fine now :)
test (test on 2014-11-22)
No warning, error message or recovery? (MartinBrentnall on 2014-11-07)
I spent time writing out a message and the system here just discards it without any warning or any means of recovering the message? Not even an indication as to what went wrong?

Maybe it is just me, but this seems like really bad web design.
no links? (posted on 2014-10-25)
Then how come there is a link that does work a couple of messages earlier??
Broken (MartinBrentnall on 2014-10-17)
Any post more than a few words is silently discarded.
Broken (MartinBrentnall on 2014-10-17)
Posting seems broken. Posts keep getting lost.
Test (MartinBrentnall on 2014-10-17)
Is this working? My last post got lost.
Blood, Cryptic Textures problems? (KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2014-10-07)
Hey all. See how to fix it. Here the video you can see how to fix.
(kritter on 2014-09-28)
that a pathetic price hehe
sale (thenight on 2014-09-09)
BLOOD: OUWB for €1.59
BME (dark times on 2014-08-21)
Great, looking forward playing the complete episode in one go with all maps polished and optimized :)
This is the last time ... (thenight on 2014-08-20)
One more map and Dark Times ep1 is finished...
excellent (BME on 2014-08-18)
@thenight; great stuff indeed ;)
stuff (thenight on 2014-08-17)
BME: a lot of new stuff is coming your way right now ,)
voxels (BME on 2014-08-02)
@the night: How are the voxels going?
something big (known on 2014-07-27)
there are just 6 significant maps made so far this year, feels like something big is going to be released soon!
nest (theday on 2014-07-23)
*tweedle tweed*

hehe ;)
test (thenight on 2014-07-12)
test ... test ... testicles
this and that? (BME on 2014-07-04)
Sounds very cool, surprise us!
Is it for your maps or a voxel pack release? :)
this and that (thenight on 2014-06-28)
Lots of new voxel stuff coming up next week.
Blood Map Contest Results (Sir Seizhak on 2014-06-27)

EyeDeCul: 7,88
SirSeizhak: 7,57

Congratulations Eye!
Blood Festival (Blood Map contest) (Sir Seizhak on 2014-06-01)
Ok, problem solved. You should be able to download.
map contest (Known on 2014-06-01)
How to vote let alone how to download?
Blood Festival (Blood map contest) (Sir Seizhak on 2014-06-01)
Time to vote!
ad Respawn (thenight on 2014-05-23)
Oh. This is interesting idea... I will let you know when I finish the basic e1m7 layout. Thank you BME.
RESPAWN (BME on 2014-05-23)
Probably not with the regular respawn option.
You need to make your own system to do that using a gib object that drops the item after a given amount of time. If you need help let me know.
Respawn (thenight on 2014-05-23)
Is there any way to set item respawn time in singleplayer?
SW (BME on 2014-05-22)
Ok, lemme fire up SW once again and check out those maps.
another new sw map.. (Robman on 2014-04-22), a leaked sw beta v.90 map that was never finished or used in the final game....I finished it.
Also up for download on the sw side.
Both are singleplayer and wb.
Dark Times (Sir Seizhak on 2014-04-15)
I hope you finish DK. We need more projects like this :P
(BME on 2014-04-15)
Good to hear you are "not dead... yet" ;)
Dark Times (thenight on 2014-04-07)
Hi guys, i'm still alive. But I got a lot of work to do, so Dark Times EP1 (and EP2) is now on hiatus.
New (Robman on 2014-04-02)
Heretic E1M1 fully re-done for Shadow Warrior.
CAPTCHA request (BME on 2014-03-11)
The is a humongous amount of spam at some uploads, some have more than the genuine comments. Isn't it about time to implement CAPTCHA? it saves a lot of headaches for both the admin and the serious viewer as well.
Thanks a billion! (dosgamer000 from the transfusi on 2014-02-10)
I just wanna say thanks to all the wonderful people who run and maintain this site along with all the wonderful map makers who both help keep the Blood fanbase alive! Keep on spilling blood, folks! ;)
Spam (Known on 2014-02-06)
There's a S-load of spammers once again, 9 uploads are poluted.
downloading maps (BME on 2014-02-01)
@mike: I'm using Opera
problems with some downloads (2) (BME on 2014-01-22)
It would probably be a very good idea for this site to only accept ZIP and RAR files.
problems with some downloads (BME on 2014-01-22)
Uploaded items are always downloaded as ZIPs but some are just in plain MAP format or in RAR. For example the map 11AAA by Petr Matuska or The Cathedral by Robert Bauer are both packed in RAR format. So if possible can this be fixed so that the correct download extension is selected before download? (Robman on 2014-01-22)
have a peak... @ sw side.
(thenight on 2014-01-18)
Did you decrypt the map with BLUD2B? This will take an encrypted Blood map, and convert it to a plain BUILD map.
E.g. blud2b
Sir Seizhak (TheNigth3dsm conversion on 2014-01-17)
TheNigth,I tried to convert E2M5 with map2stl. The program gives me an error: "error loading map". I wrote "map2stl d.stl". Do you have any idea? Thanks in advice.
new sorting method (BME on 2014-01-12)
Nice option, now recent comments made on older uploads can be viewed.
oi (Rob on 2014-01-12)
maps d-base on sw side is broke.
Thankyou. (Robman on 2014-01-11)
Thankyou for the attention BME, you're a good man :)
SW map (BME on 2014-01-08)
Yo Robman, sure I will give it a try! ;)
New SW map! (Robman on 2014-01-08)
Brand spankin' new Sw singleplayer map up for download on the quiet sw side of things, if any of you bloody players care. :O
max voxel size (BME on 2014-01-07)
Not completely sure but I think the maximum is 256x256x256.
Voxels (BME on 2014-01-07)
Well, the size does matter for Blood though but not for Slab6, and in Slab6 it can easily be scaled down (half dimensions option)
It would also preferable if the 3D models already have textures that match the Blood palette and more important; have the same brightness (Blood tends to be at least 50% darker than you would expect).
(thenight on 2014-01-07)
Ad ural01: ural has texture. But it's 1024x1024px (black and white jpeg). This might be the problem. Is there some sort of maximum size of the texture? Or it doesn't matter at the convert process?
ad piano01: this model doesn't have texture. so it's all black.
All other models have texture.
I just sent you an email.
voxels (BME on 2014-01-07)
Some testing:

Could you mail me thenight?
palette (BME on 2014-01-07)
Well, for example the truck (ural01) looks all white, the wolf02 model has colors and its colors can be easily converted in slab6 to that Blood's palette.
Did you add colored textures to the truck model in the 3d program?
palette (thenight on 2014-01-07)
How do I set proper palette?
voxels (BME on 2014-01-06)
Some models look excellent but unfortunately they do not have the proper palette.
Could you fix this and upload the KVX files again? :)
voxels (BME on 2014-01-06)
You can upload them in this category:
voxels (BME on 2014-01-06)
@thenight: very cool!
please upload them to the blood repo site :)
kvx (thenight on 2014-01-06)
BME: Yes I can ;) Take a look in this archive.
I have converted some of my own models. (obj->kvx thru poly2vox)
If anyone else is interested in viewing this models, use SLAB6 viewer.
voxels (BME on 2014-01-04)
thenight, since you are familiar with 3D tools and Ken's converters, could you look into converting stuff to voxels (KVX) for Blood?
TheNigth3dsm conversion (Sir Seizhak on 2013-12-27)
I didn't know that. I'll try again after new year. I'm going to make a trip to celebrate new year - and other things-.

Thanks for your help, thenigth :).
(thenight on 2013-12-26)
Sir Seizhak: I have win 7 (64) too. You can do conversion in command prompt (cmd)
conversion (BME on 2013-12-26)
Ah yes, now it's clearly visible that it's E1M1 :)
Great stuff you're doing, hope to see a lot more in the future!
Sir Seizhak (TheNigth3dsm conversion on 2013-12-26)
MAP2STL it's only for win32, not for win64 (I have win 7 64 bits). What a pity.

Thanks for your help anyway :)
(thenight on 2013-12-25)
Sir Seizhak: I have found converter at Ken Silvemans home page - MAP2STL.ZIP (A utility for converting Build .MAP files to .STL format (simple triangle soup) 3ds max can open *.stl natively. It's similar to obj format.
But it didn't worked .) Map must be first "decrypted" before conversion (Don't really know why). BLUD2B can do that - this will take an encrypted Blood map, and convert it to a plain BUILD map. Then the conversion works. (map2stl)* (blud2b)

* - my antivirus gives me alert on this file, but i think it's false alarm.
TheNigth3dsm conversion (Sir Seizhak on 2013-12-25)
How did you manage to convert map format to 3dmax format? I really want to know.

By the way, I'm not upset for not finishing Dark Times at time. Is better you release your episode when you are sure that it's perfect. Keep up the good work man.
(thenight on 2013-12-25)
After import from STL file in to 3ds max, the whole map geometry is flipped in Y and Z axis. It's not a big deal. Solution is two clicks away.

And it's not that difficult with overlapping areas in this map. They has exactly same size, so they can be "attached" together. But it can be a problem in more complex maps. I will give it more research in the near future ,)

And I think I'm able to get in this Unity scene all textures and sprites.
conversion (BME on 2013-12-25)
On the picture I can't really see something that resembles E1M1 except that curved area at the top-left perhaps where you go down to the gate.
It's probably very difficult to properly convert maps that have overlapping/stacked area's like the garden in front of the Morningside building.
(thenight on 2013-12-24)
build 2 unity (thenight on 2013-12-24)
Hey guys.
I have finally managed to convert build maps to format that can be imported to 3D modeling sotware like 3ds max, Maya etc.
The conversion itself creates a lot of mess like flipped polygon normals, overlapped faces a other wierd artefacts.

It looks like this

E1M1 map have about ~ 5400 poly. After cleanup ~ 2000 poly (but it still can be much lower number)
If you want to know how it's look like - download this rar file (12MB). I have imported the first map to Unity engine (geometry only, no sprites, no textures...) Run the exe file and set your screen resolution and quality. Default input is set to WSAD - move / Space - jump.
Hope you like it.
Dark Times (BME on 2013-12-22)
Then we'll wait for it to be released in the next year when it is perfect :)
The rating of maps is indeed a bit meager nowadays.
There not much wrong with understanding your enghrish btw.
(thenight on 2013-12-21)
I think I'm not able to finish Dark Times ep 1 in this year. I'm still not satisfied with two last maps. There's still too many gameplay bugs and shit.
It will take some more time to complete this work.
And come on people, we need some more feedback about maps. Rate and comment that damn things. We are doing it to keep the blood running.
Let the bloodbath begin!
And yeah I know. My enghrish iz from tha hell )

PS: BME keep up the good work! I love this site and your tuts.
mappack (BME on 2013-12-19)
@seizhak: there's not that much new stuff, but there are some significant changes and fixes though.
mappak (Sir Seizhak on 2013-12-19)
Looking forward to the new mappack!
(thenight on 2013-12-11)
mappack (BME on 2013-12-06)
Mappack 2014 has 1423 maps of over 265 different authors so far,
keep them commin' folks!
never mind (BME on 2013-11-18)
Never mind, I will wait for its final release instead.
There's a Multiple Path Sector demonstration in the maps section.
e-mail (BME on 2013-11-17)
Could you type your e-mail address again, the previous one isn't really clear.
PATH sectors (BME on 2013-11-17)
Yes, it is possible to create more than 1 path.

You need to set the DATA1 value to a number that is higher than the last (and thus highest) number of the first path sector.

For example; path sector 1 uses the numbers 1-12, then path sector 2 should at least start with 13 but perhaps it's better to start a bit higher so that there is always a possibility to extend the first path if needed ;)
DarkTimes (Caleb88 on 2013-11-15)
Hope DarkTimes is released soon. Hasn't been some good stuff here for a while. And I would also like to play it on my next LAN-party.
dark times (thenight on 2013-11-15)
btw: Dark Times episode is almost done. Stay tuned. And if anyone want to make betatest, there's contact below this post. Somewhere....
path sectors (thenight on 2013-11-14)
Is there any chance to create more than one path sector per map? Is it possible or I'm doing something wrong?
maps (BME on 2013-11-01)
Sure, I would like to :)
enghlisch (thenight on 2013-11-01)
and sorry about my bad engrish ,)
Sir S and BME (thenight on 2013-11-01)
/spoilers/ Thanks guys! If you wanna help me with testing these maps contact me @

great (BME on 2013-10-16)
@smoke: Great to hear you're really busy again, looking forward to the maps!
Dark Times (Sir Seizhak on 2013-10-08)
@Nightsmoke,good to read this. I'm looking forward to play your episode!
Dark Times (thenight on 2013-10-04)
BME: I'm working on four maps right now. They are about 80% complete. I will release it next month if everything goes well.
known (BME on 2013-09-18)
@Nightsmoke, when will you continue/finish your Dark Times episode?
PITCHFORK QAV (BME on 2013-09-18)
I'm not actually sure if the fork can be made stronger but you have to try that yourself.

Advice: make a copy (of a freshly installed) Blood folder to do your experiments in. Also check if BARF.EXE is present.

1. You need WINBARF, with it you open the BLOOD.RFF and select and save all QAV files, move the QAV files to the main Blood folder.

2: Download "QAV Browser 1.0 (no Alpha)";
extract all contents to Blood folder and then drag QAV.BAT onto the DOSBox icon to start.

3: Inside the QAV browser; select PFORK.QAV and press [E] to edit. Press [2] to go to 3rd frame, you will notice TRIGGER=1 appear on the top left (2nd line), now press [F] and type 5 for example. Press [F2] to save the file.

4. Create 2 files; INSTALL BAT and RFS script.
Open notepad and type:

BARF BLOOD.rff -a @PFORK.rfs

Save it as: NEWFORK.BAT
Now create the script file:

resource "PFORK.qav" as 2;

The 2 is the ID of the animation, you can find all ID's at my site:

Now simply drag the file NEWFORK.BAT onto the DOSBox icon to run.

pitchfork strength (denny on 2013-09-18)
I tried what you suggested. No luck. Is the pfork.qav in blood.rff? does it need to be taken out of that file to edit, with say barf.exe?? mapedit on blood.rff gives a header error. the 1.0 browser won't open blood.rff. sorry, newbie here. thanks for your suggestions. using winxp to run above programs.
IDENTIFYING MAPS (2) (BME on 2013-09-17)
Here's a list of the unknown maps:

IDENTIFYING MAPS (BME on 2013-09-17)
I need some help identifying a couple (68) maps.
They do not have a readme file so I don't know who made them or what the full title of the map is.
Please go to RTCM ( and download the unknown maps ZIP (2,1 MB), the download link is in the news item of 9-17-2013.
pitchfork strengt (BME on 2013-09-17)
You need to open the QAV file, I believe it is called PFORK.QAV
You need to increase the TRIGGER value for the frame where the fork is stabbing. You need QAVEDIT, see more on it at the BLOOD REPO site:
denny (denny on 2013-09-11)
Is it possible to increase the damage on a specific weapon? eg. the pitchfork? which file would affect this?
CAPCHA (known on 2013-09-09)
freeminded REALLY needs CAPCHA for posting,
the amount of spam is getting ridiculous now!
spam spam spam (known on 2013-09-07)
(posted on 2013-08-21)
TheNight; how good are you at 3ds max, could you perhaps also do some 3d models of transparent sprites in Blood, like the wooden railing for example (picnum 333), that one really begs to be voxelized :)
build map to obj / 3ds / etc (thenight on 2013-08-19)
Is there any chance (or utility) for converting Build .MAP files to someting like obj, 3ds or any similar format that can be opened in 3D modeling program?

I found MAP2STL.ZIP (simple triangles) at Ken Silverman's source code Page. But Avast gives me a virus alert.
My 3ds max can open STL. But is it safe to convert?
The Outpost Mortem add-on (BME on 2013-08-15)
The 3rd map is missing in the first episode.
Can Final22 check this and fix it?
Map contest (Sir Seizhak on 2013-08-14)
Hy guys. I started a map contest. If someone is interested please check this link:
quoting posts (2) (BME on 2013-08-09)
And sometimes it will mess up the order in which quotes are posted as well.
quoting posts (BME on 2013-08-09)
There's something wrong with quoting posts;
it inherits the date of the first post.
Maligned. (Robman on 2013-08-01)
Maligned( Smartwater ) .. are you out there bud ? .. let us know you're still alive, your buildgame friends are kind of concerned. Seems odd of you to disappear without a trace :(
Congrats (I hate mimes on 2013-07-15)
Congrats, you've won the gay calling contest!
Now you can spend your precious time again on more original things like cultist sprite mods, out of focus pocket PC demonstrations or 16 min long springboard what ever movies.
GayHolly (KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2013-07-15)
@RayHolly: Lol you so Gay ;) Ha ha (GayHolly) XD
Howdy (RayHolly on 2013-07-09)
Good to see the Blood community still thriving. And..

KNUKE likes penis.

See you at meltdown.

Errors (Known on 2013-07-08)
@King_Corduroy: What message does appear in DOSBox?
@KNUKE: The faulty Zip/Rar files have something to do with downloading from this site the content itself is 100% OK.
Can't Open the file no maps! (KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2013-07-07)
Hey, i can't open this folder and file: Why always this bug here ok not always but many times! It's not working. I use WinRar All files i downloaded until now i can open with Winrar but many times here not try to fix that!!! Bad job Bloodmapedit/BME!!!!! KNUKE!
Hey can you guys help me out? (King_Corduroy on 2013-07-05)
I'm having a bit of difficulty with mapedit for some reason.
Whenever I make a co-op map or bloodbath map and attempt to load it multiplayer over LAN or Meltdown online the game crashes like it is a single player map. However I have checked a few tutorials and I am sure I am placing the sprites correctly, have any of you had this issue? Email me:
CWHHROT (BME on 2013-06-26)
It will be uploaded as soon as one thing has been updated, hang on people.
CWHHROT - Scum of Dallas 1.2 (BME on 2013-06-25)
Cortex, if you increase the upload max with 10 MB (even if it's just temporary) then we can yet again enjoy a new add-on ;)
Re: Yup (Nemo on 2013-06-25)
Well, I took Known's comment of the "13 downloads" as sort of an off-hand "plug" myself. Perhaps others did too.

I already have it. Besides, "13" is my lucky number! ;^)
Yup (BME on 2013-06-24)
In the comments of that particular map somebody mentioned Swamp Castle Revisited having just 13 downloads instead of the then 38 for Mary Cool, then suddenly also Swamp Castle Revisited had tripled in downloads, very strange.
action. (Robman on 2013-06-24)
Cortex... no more vacation.. your site needs your attention and care :)
Garbage post: Mary Cool (Nemo on 2013-06-24)
Cortex: We seem to have received some "junk mail" in the Maps Database under the title "mary cool". Just wondering if this is something you'd want to delete -- the post itself is apparently just garbage (see comments there).
Cool (BME on 2013-06-22)
Gonna check it right now.
sw map. (Robman on 2013-06-22)
another new sw map needs to be checked out :)
Captcha (BME on 2013-05-30)
Perhaps freeminded can consider a Captcha system for posting, the spam is unbearable again.
test (posted on 2013-05-26)
a 'shift enter' is not possible in a comment?

spam (Known on 2013-05-26)
In the comment section of "New Alone In The Dark", "Modding - Adding Voxels", "Modding - Adding Sounds
@Rob-o-cop (BME on 2013-05-14)
new map (Robman on 2013-05-14)
New Wangbang only map on the neglected Shadow warrior side of things.. a remake of q2dm1 The Edge from Quake 2. Try it out! :)
and? (posted on 2013-04-29)
@Patrick Bateman; did it work?
GOG and the 1000 maps pack problem (BME on 2013-04-16)
My advice to you is to strip the game from all the GOG related 'garbage' and move only the nessesary Blood files to a new folder.

The minimal amount of files needed in order to make Blood (and thus the maps from the 1000 pack) work are:


And then try again by dragging a BAT file of a map onto the DOSBox icon, it absolutely should work.
Quick Question (Patrick Bateman on 2013-04-14)
Just got the Blood Collection on GOG and after beating it went asking around about good sites to get extra maps from and was directed here, great site! I downloaded the 1000 map pack and followed the simple instructions to access the maps, but every time DOS boots once I drag the BAT file to it, it won't launch the game. It goes through the run of checking everything like normal, but then when the windows should change like the game is booting now, nothing. Sometimes I can even feel it mocking me because it goes back to DOS with the message "Thanks for playing!" The vanilla game works fine, so any suggestions on what to do would be appreciated.
Beauty! (Robman on 2013-04-12)
In the words of Mr.Burns ... " Exxcellent!"
@robman (BME on 2013-04-11)
Well, let's fire up SW MAPBROWSER and try it out then ;)
a quick mention... (Robman on 2013-04-11)
Hey guys! ... For those of you with Shadow Warrior installed, I've created a gigantic new map that is dying to be tried out :)

- Game on
mappack (BME on 2013-04-04)
Get ready, soon to be released!
map pack (BME on 2013-04-03)
5 items needed...
map pack (BME on 2013-03-01)
Come on people, post some more (new) maps so I can finally release a 1000 items pack :)
@cortex (BME on 2013-02-13)
I still need 6 items and then I can release it.
This is what you can expect:
@cortex (BME on 2013-02-10)
True :)

Btw, get ready for a well organized mappack to be release in the near future. It will contain 1000 Zip items with well over 1300 maps, having proper filenames with full author and maptitle.

Stay tuned.
(BME on 2013-02-05)
@Mr. Robman: I have made one already. Question is; where did I put it...
If I find it I will upload it in the map section (hoping Cortex will move it to the apps section)
Map browser (Robman on 2013-01-28)
Mr. BME .... hows about a map browser for Shadow Warrior ? ..... that would be oh-so lovely.
BME (BME on 2012-12-07)
welcome back cortex ;)
Where is admin? (Known on 2012-12-04)
There's a lot of spam to be found... again :(
ouwb (samibutt on 2012-10-28)
i wanted to ask that if i had made a map in one unit whole blood so how we could play i
Comments (BME on 2012-10-26)
Perhaps it is also a very good idea to only let registered users post comments so spambots can be kept outdoors.
spam! (fatzombo on 2012-10-16)
Map: Deathhouse
spammer: Kazuhiko
rate rat (BME on 2012-08-28)
come on people, rate some maps!
and... (fatzombo on 2012-08-03)
also at the comments of "Various Maps by Lazer"
here they are again (fat zombo on 2012-08-03)
The spambamthankyoumam spammers are back in town, just check the bodies 2012 map.
(fatzombo on 2012-07-27)
I believe strife and wolf3d weren't based on the build engine.
Awesome!!! (name on 2012-07-24)
Really great job, man. Just keep up this work =).
There should be sections for Redneck rampage, Redneck rampage rides again, Strife, Exhumed/Powerslave, Hexen, Heretic, Duke nukem 3d(NAM,WW2 GI), Wolfenstein 3d and so on....
for all the classics.
New improvements (Sir Seizhak on 2012-07-23)
I like the nwe improvements a lot. Good work!
cool! (BME on 2012-07-17)
Great new updates like the "latest maps" news and shadow warrior section! 8D
New Blood Site (BME on 2012-06-07)
For those who didn't notice it yet:

Have fun,
spammers (posted on 2012-05-21)
seems like the spamming bacteria are back in the map comments
Screenshot fail (Sir Seizhak on 2012-05-13)
In my map Judas23s screenshots don't work. Could you delete it? Thanks.
<|8-) (Caleb himself on 2012-02-16)
I like this page. Keeps Blood alive. Super
Yah (Blood 3 on 2012-02-06)
Yes, making Blood 3. Will post a playable version maybe!
Cool (Tekedon on 2012-02-06)
Nice, making blood 3? ;)
Blood 3 concept gameplay (Blood3 on 2012-02-05)
? (SpillSomeBlood on 2012-01-23)
All of the comment sections say: "There was an error. Please check your MySQL query," in German.
BME (posted on 2011-11-02)
Nevermind, I got it already. It's too big anyway to upload it here :)
(BME on 2011-11-01)
When are you going to release your add-on here? Would be extremely more handy for people to download instead of signing up at MODDB for example.
Added! (Bloatoid on 2011-09-23)
I've been added! B-)

I'll try to post Death Wish here when I release it next month.
Absent (BME on 2011-09-23)
It seems the admin is absent for quite some time now, haven't heard of'm in weeks.
Can't Register (Bloatoid on 2011-09-22)
I tried registering through multiple emails and I never receive a confirmation email for registration. What gives?!
Blood Remake (Blood 3 on 2011-09-15)
Hey, I am acutally trying to make a Blood-Remake. Anybody out there who can make 3D models and want to help me?
Take a look at my first screenshots!
Bots (BME on 2011-09-04)
A great portion of the map comments have been polluted by bots. Those messages can easily be spotted since there is always 1 word misspelled in each of them.

Perhaps it would be an idea to only let registered users to post?
Suggestion (SpillSomeBlood on 2011-08-04)
Can you allow users to delete their own maps if they don't want them to be downloaded anymore. For example: I have a new version of one my maps and I would like to delete the original.
The file (SpillSomeBlood on 2011-08-04)
I emailed you the file that I've been trying to upload.
Still (SpillSomeBlood on 2011-08-02)
I'm also getting the error on my laptop.
Same error (SpillSomeBlood on 2011-08-02)
It's still not working. It's a zip file too.
Error? (SpillSomeBlood on 2011-08-01)
I can't upload anything to your website. Everything I select says "no valid file type!". I can't even upload map files. The problem is on your end, not mine.
Zerwus! (Tom on 2011-06-15)
Natürlich musst ich mir die Neuerungen mal reinziehen ;)
Nice job man!

Flag for Plasma Pack (Sir Seizhak on 2011-06-12)
Thanks for put the flag :P.

Ok, I'll send you a list of all maps based on Plasma Pack.

flag for Plasma Pack (admin on 2011-06-09)
I just completed the addition of a flag that indicates maps that require the Plasma Pack extension. This flag can be set in the upload form or be added later to maps that are in your "My Maps" section.
Plasma Pak version or 1.11? (Sir Seizhak on 2011-06-07)
Symbol not sing. It's a fail XD.
Plasma Pak versión or 1.11? (Sir Seizhak on 2011-06-05)

I noticed that there are several maps that only works on Plasma Pak/OUWB. Could you put a sing or something similar that make out a Plasma Pak map and a regular map (1.11)? It would be very usefull :P.

THANK YOU, Cortex (Sammy on 2011-05-17)
Excellent job!!!
Waiting for other games sections :).
Maps (Jerry on 2011-05-17)
Cheers! This is even better than I expected! Very good job. You have done it great. I have one question, though. Is there any way to add maps, which were already uploaded, into the section My Maps?
Thumbs up!
2015-12-31: HAPPY NEW YEAR to all bloodites
BME provided a special present! You can download his latest Blood Map Pack under the maps section!
Welcome to the new and refreshed site for all "Blood" fans. It has been a while since the last upate of the old site, this was because the work on this new release was in progress.

To make sure the entire new design and all features are loaded you have to clear your browser cache. There could still be files of the old site beeing cached.

This update brings some changes. Besides a general update of the style and user interface, uploaded files are now divided into four categories. As a registered user you can now disable your uploaded files, so that they are not visible to others.
Just check it out!
BME has provided the blood community another great file. You can download his Map Pack 2018 below. Feel free to comment but first of all: enjoy!

» more


BBMuseo (reupload)
Uploaded: 2023-05-04
Author: Tekedon
Type: map
» details «
Day Of Snow
Uploaded: 2023-01-07
Author: none
Type: example map
» details «
MissingNO's Shrapnel City
Uploaded: 2022-10-08
Author: MissingNO57
Type: episode
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The Fallen Priest
Uploaded: 2014-09-07
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Blood Chronicles Volume 2
Uploaded: 2014-02-05
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Swamp Castle Revisited
Uploaded: 2013-06-22
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Death Wish
Uploaded: 2012-08-25
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