Episode I - The Way Of All Flesh

E1M1 - Cradle to Grave (11 Secrets, 1 Super Secret)
  1. After climbing out of the grave, hit the side of the coffin on the grave at your right. Reward: Box of flares
  2. In the area where you first wake up, there is a curved wall on the left corner (opposite the exit). Hit it to roll back the wall. Reward: Dynamite Bundles
  3. After emerging from the mausoleum and confronting the zombies, there is a hedge partition next to the exit. One part has different colored leaves. Hit that section to reveal an open grave. Reward: Body armor
  4. In front of the chapel there is a rectangular mausoleum with a secret on its roof. You can hop onto it, by jumping from the gravestones to the fence. Or you can break the window on the upper area of the funeral home and walk along the top of the fence from there. Reward: Guns akimbo
  5. In the funeral parlor, step on the middle bench. The bier will slide back, revealing a small alcove with rats and a reward. Reward: Box of flares
  6. Use the organ. An off-key tune will result and a panel of the wall in front will slide back. Reward: Beastvision
  7. On the right side of the wall with the wall coffins, there is one with a crack on the bottom row. Blow it up with dynamite to reveal the secret. Reward: Body armor
  8. In the crematorium, crawl into the furnace for a secret. Remember to crawl back quickly before you get too burned. Reward: Life Seed
  9. After the crematorium door is another wall coffin on the upper row with a crack in it. Blow it up to break the door open. Beward of the rats. Reward: Fire armor (it may be smart to get this before getting the above secret)
  10. In the crematorium, there is a table with a saw. Hit it to slide the shelf aside. Reward: Box of flares
  11. Near the end of the level, where a zombie emerges from a stone coffine, there is a secret behind the coffin's lid. Reward: Box of flares
  12. Super Secret - There is an invisible wall opposite the hole leading to the Funeral Home's back yard. You can detect it by throwing dynamite at the wall from head level. In one spot the dynamite will go "through the wall". To get to the secret, either jump from the edge of the hole (difficult), rocket jump using placed dynamite on the nearest pine box, jump on the cultist's heads, or, in co-op mode, jump on your partner's head. Reward: Napalm Launcher

Level 02 - Wrong Side of the Tracks (8 Secrets)
  1. In the train station, hit the fourth phone from the left, revealing an alcove. Reward: Body Armor (Note: Ride the phone back up to reach a box of flares)
  2. In the kitchen, blow up the fire extinguisher to reveal a hidden room. Reward: Box of flares
  3. In the kitchen, open the refrigerator, kill the zombies, and press the button with the handprints on it. This will push back the wall in the hidden room mentioned above. Reward: Cloak of Invisibility
  4. Up the lefthand staircase (from the waiting hall), there are windows on the left side. Break one and jump onto the awning outside. The reward is near one of the ends. Reward: Life seed
  5. At the end of the hallway mentioned above, hit the picture on the wall to reveal a secret. Reward: Guns akimbo
  6. In the bookstore, hit the cash register. Two shelves will lower. One of them is directly in front of you, revealing a secret spot. Reward: Doctor's Bag
  7. In the bookstore, hit the cash register. Two shelves will lower. One of them is off to the right side, which reveals a secret spot. Reward: Body Armor
  8. On the train platform, there is a door labeled "No Admittance". Go in and find a crack in the wall. Blow it up to reveal a secret passageway into the bookstore. There is a reward behind the doorway in. Reward: Box of shells & box of flares

Level 03 - Phantom Express (6 Secrets, 1 Super Secret)
  1. When entering the train car full of cargo and crates, walk straight ahead and jump on the box. Turn around and there is another crate near the ceiling with the secret. Reward: Life seed
  2. In the diagonally opposite corner of the previous secret, there is a blue steamer trunk on a pile of boxes. Reward: Beastvision
  3. In the diner car (the last car), the bar on the left side has a switch which opens a wall panel on the opposite wall. Reward: Reflective shots
  4. In the kitchen, there is a secret in the upper oven (you need to go into the oven to activate the secret). Reward: Flare gun
  5. The first room in the passenger car has a crack near the ceiling. Blow it up to reveal the car's attic space with zombies and supplies. Reward: Tommy gun, dynamite bundles, box of flares
  6. In the train's engine, blow up the grate on the boiler and enter it to gather the supplies. You can also blow up the grate on the other side. Reward: Tommy gun, shotgun, flare gun, life seed (in Multiplayer, there is also a Super Armor and guns akimbo)
  7. Super Secret - In the passenger car, after blowing up the wall with a dynamite bundle, there will be a hole to the outside. Go to the edge of the hole and hang partially outside, facing the back of the train. Falling off means instant death, so be careful. Jump towards the part of the train that says "Phantom 666", and you should land on a nearly invisible ledge. Push the wall and it will open. Reward: Shotgun, Tommy gun, super armor, life seed, guns akimbo

Level 04 - Dark Carnival (12 Secrets, Exit to secret Level '#08 - House of Horrors')
  1. From the train wreckage where you start, there are three fires burning on an overturned train car. Go through the flames and you'll find a small stash. Reward: Dynamite bundles, body armor, box of shells
  2. When you reach the bridge to the ticket booth, jump in the water. Swim under the building and rise to the surface. (Beware of the Fanatics, who make reaching this secret costly). Reward: Flare gun, shotgun, Tommy gun, guns akimbo
  3. At the shooting gallery, shoot or blow up the targets to receive a prize. (Hint: you don't need to use a gun) Reward: Life seed
  4. Opposite the "Rotten Candy" wagon is a fence. Jump over it to find the secret. (Hint: You can find Jump Boots on top of the "Rotten Candy" wagon, or use living platforms to jump on the fence.) Reward: Beastvision
  5. At the "Kick the Head" game, kick three zombie heads into the mouth to win a prize. (Hint: Be careful of too many kicks, because the heads do squish. Save your game before trying this. Try to slowly kick them near the mouth for more control. Any zombie head will work.) Reward: Death Mask (Invincibility) Note: might take a lot of time between you place the third head and you win, so after placing the third head, just walk around, fight and wait for Caleb to celebrate his victory.
  6. At another shooting gallery, shoot the cultist and the bottles to receive a prize. Reward: Invisibility Cloak
  7. At the left of the second shooting gallery is another high fence. Use the Jump Boots to reach it. (Hint: If you can't use the Jump Boots, try to reach it from the upstairs window shelf, but this is very difficult). Reward: Drum of bullets
  8. In the freak show, blow up the bars on the third cell(with bended bars) and hit the hanging zombie. A secret panel will open up behind you. Reward: Guns akimbo
  9. In Jo-Jo's arena, behind the snake container, hit the warning sign to open up a secret door in the wall. Inside will be a secret, as well as a guest cameo. Reward: Box of flares x2, box of shells
  10. Inside the ticket booth is a stack of boxes against the wall. Hit the middle one to reveal the secret. Reward: Box of flares, doctor's bag
  11. Near the "Test Your Strength" game is a storage room filled with Cabal. One stack has a box with scratches on them. Hit the scratches to reveal a secret room. Reward: Life seed
  12. At the destroyed bridge near the end of the level, at the other end is a wall with a crack. Use some dynamite or the napalm launcher will open the way to the secret level. To reach it, you have to jump from pylon to pylon (the Jump Boots help here). Reward: Life seed, super armor

Level 05 - Hallowed Grounds (9 Secrets, 1 Super Secret)
  1. Inside the entrance, past the gargoyle, is a large hallway with pillars. As you enter, there are two wall designs on your left. Blow up the left to reveal a hidden space. (Note, this area can only be reached by using Jump Boots. There are some elsewhere in the level, if you have none in your inventory.) Reward: Doctor's Bag
  2. In a passageway with high platforms on each side, there is a tapestry with an eye above the door. Shoot the eye(with shotgun). A niche will open behind the door on the right wall. Reward: Guns akimbo
  3. In the hallway mentioned above (the one with the eye tapestry), look up for a gargoyle statue. Use the jump boots to ascend to the right (or left) platform, and grab the secret behind the gargoyle (which will come to life). Reward: Death mask/Invincibility
  4. In the hall is a passageway leading to an outside area with a fountain. There's a ledge around the area. Follow the ledge to a platform with a gargoyle and a secret. Reward: Box of flares, Box of shells
  5. A left turn at the Moon Key door will take you to an elevator. Step on it and there is an alcove at the right of the elevator. Reward: Body armor
  6. In the main hall (with the fire at the center, and cultists in the wings), there is a skull mark on the floor. Step towards the key and the wall behind you will open, unleashing zombies. Kill them and take the Jump Boots. Go into this secret panel and use the boots to jump straight up to find the area above. Reward: Reflective shots
  7. In the underwater area with a switch, hit the switch, but wait. A small tunnel will open up to the right of the switch. Reward: Life seed
  8. In the room with the Moon Key, there are two pictures on the wall. Push the right one. The center columns will raise, revealing the secret and two gargoyles. Reward: Super armor
  9. There are rising stairs to the courtyard outside. Open the door. There is a different wall section with square tiling. Push it to reveal the secret. Reward: Cloak of Invisibility
  10. Super Secret - Walk up to the bridge near the end of the level, turn left, and look down. If you don't see anything, look again from where the end gate/Tchernobog symbol is. Halfway down is a ledge. If you try and jump to it, you will take a large amount of damage. Instead, stand on the middle of the bridge and face the cliff wall near where the ledge ends. Jump against the wall and press the 'open' button. A wall panel should open up and you can slip inside (this may take several tries, so save your game). The teleporter will take you back to the bridge, so don't try to jump back. Reward: Everything! (From the First episode, that is)

Level 06 - The Great Temple (6 Secrets, 1 Super Secret)
  1. At the beginning, zombies will pursue you and kill themselves to get to you. Go into the hole where the zombies came from and turn around. There is a black wall in front that is actually a hole. Go in and turn left to find the secret. Reward: Dynamite bundles
  2. Near where you start is a bridge. Once you raise the bridge, jump to it and go left. Near the switch is a dark wall that is actually a secret panel. Reward: Doctor's Bag
  3. At the beginning, before you raise the bridge up, jump in the water. Swim forward and go under the stone platform (watch out for the Bone Eels). Swim near the bottom on the left side. There is a hole there. Reward: Cloak of Invisibility
  4. In the area with the Guns Akimbo on a pillar platform, and a stone face that spits fire at you, there is a small area with stone designs on the walls. On one side of the central section is a reddish design. Press it to reveal a niche. Reward: Box of shells
  5. In the area with the Fire Key, there is a circular rotunda inset in a wall. Go inside, go behind the rotational pillar, and look up. There is a button that can be shot. The rotunda will rotate, revealing the secret. You can leave by shooting the button again, or blowing up the cracked wall. Reward: Napalm Launcher, dynamite bundles, box of flares, life seed
  6. In the oubliette rotunda, before the end of the level, turn on the switch to make the wall rotate. Go in the space in-between the inner and outer walls (where the C-shaped middle wall is moving), and find a teleporter that takes you to a secret. Reward: Death Mask/Invincibility (also life seed and super armor in BloodBath)
  7. Super Secret - At the top of the temple, there is an open air veranda that you can see the clouds from (along with some zombies). Go to the middle opening and look down. There is a patch of clouds at a higher elevation than the others. Walk slowly off the edge and land on the clouds (try dropping near the left side if you have trouble). Follow the ledge to a door. The message "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FOUND THIS! HERE, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL." will display. Later, a teleporter will appear. Reward: Everything available in Shareware Blood (Flare gun, Sawed-off, Tommy gun, Napalm Launcher, Death Mask/Invincibility, Guns akimbo, Cloak of Invisibility, Doctor's Bag, Life Seed, Super Armor)

Level 07 - Altar of Stone (Boss-Arena, no Secrets)

Level 08 - Secret Level - House of Horrors (5 Secrets)
  1. After passing through the exit gate, walk straight ahead. The trees in the corner are fake, and can be passed through. Reward: Tommy gun, drum of bullets
  2. After entering the ride and ticket booth area, push the large sign. A small space will open in the right corner. Reward: Super armour
  3. In the graveyard, there is a tombstone with a darker colour than the rest (near the pool of water). Push it to open a secret niche. Reward: Life seed
  4. Near the graveyard is a door. Go up the stairs to a storage room. Near the entrance is some wood on the floor. Crouch and hit the wood to move it aside. Reward: Guns akimbo
  5. At the storage room (mentioned above), jump out the window. Around the corner, blow up the X-shaped planks, the TNT barrels, and the cultists. There is a ledge running around the area. Jump on the ledge and follow it to a Gray wall. Reward: Doctor's bag, dynamite bundles

Episode II
Even Death May Die

Level 01 - Shipwrecked (5 Secrets)
  1. There's a large chunk of ice embedded in the ship on the side facing the water. Walk around the ice to find a secret nestled inbetween the ice and the boat. Reward: Diving suit
  2. On the side of the boat away from the water is a darkened cave/corridor containing a secret. Reward: Voodoo Doll
  3. Dive under the ship (make sure you have a diving suit). There is a cave deep under the ice (you have to go near the bottom), under the ship. It is guarded by Gill Beasts. There will be a small corridor at the right. Reward: Life seed
  4. In the cargo hold where the Fire Key is, look towards the largest pile of boxes near a wall. There is a secret behind the stack. Reward: Doctor's bag
  5. In the underwater room where the Skull Key is, swim to the ceiling. There is an alcove in the far right corner. Reward: Life seed, super armor

Level 02 - The Lumber Mill (2 Secrets)
  1. At the start, leave the house and go left. There is a pile of lumber in graduated piles. Climb up the lumber, break the window, and jump in. At the right is a small room full of cultists. Push the cupboard to reveal the secret. Reward: Super armor, dynamite bundles
  2. In the backyard of the house is a pile of wood. Go left as much as you can and climb to the highest pile. There is a hole in the wall near the roof. Reward: Box of flares, dynamite bundles (multiplayer also includes Life Leech)

Level 03 - Rest For The Wicked (5 Secrets)
  1. There is a brick wall with two stairs leading up and two switches. Turn left and you should see a different colored hedge. Reward: Body armor
  2. There is a Bloated Butcher inside the circular structure with the key. This structure has a hole in the ceiling. Either use Jump Boots or jump on the zombie to reach it (watch out for the spiders). Reward: Proximity detonators
  3. Near the building mentioned above is a garden shed full of zombies. Press the left wall. Reward: Doctor's bag
  4. In the courtyard is a shovel near the house. Push the shovel and the hedge in front of you will open up. Destroy the statue for the secret. Reward: Death mask/Invincibility
  5. Jump into the swimming pool, using the diving board. Turn around in the water, and you will see a small niche open up. Reward: Life seed

Level 04 - The Overlooked Hotel (19 Secrets, Exit to secret Level '#09 - Thin Ice')
  1. In the hedge maze, there's a small pillar, near two Bloated Butchers, that will lift you to the top of the maze. Jump over the hedges to get to the secret. Reward: Box of flares
  2. At the entrance of the hotel, do not go in. Instead, go back to the stairs and jump on the ledge that encircles the courtyard. Reward: Body armor
  3. Inside, at the entrance, go straight ahead and to the left. There is a brown stone slab with a cross. Reward: Dynamite bundles, box of shells
  4. Inside one of the bedrooms is a bookcase that can be pushed. Reward: Tome
  5. In the same room as above is a closet with Fire Armor. Jump on the bed, and a secret passage will open in the closet. Reward: Access to secret passage
  6. At the end of the secret passage is a bathroom you can see through the mirror. Jump through the mirror. Reward: Voodoo doll
  7. In one corner of a corridor is a grandfather clock. Push it to reveal a secret. Reward: Access to secret passage
  8. At the end of the secret passage is a differently-colored wall. Push it to reveal the secret. Reward: Teleporter (avoids Spider Door)
  9. Go out from the teleporter (the red wall). Reward: Teleporter
  10. Before the teleporter is a secret room near the library, with a one-way peep-hole. There's also a cupboard in the room. Reward: Tome, cloak of invisibility
  11. In one of the bedrooms, press the wall behind the headboard over the pillow. Reward: Access to secret passage
  12. In the library, if you look left while standing from an outdoor direction, push the middle shelf leaning to the wall. It looks slightly different than the others. Reward: Access to secret passage
  13. In the library is a differently-colored bookshelf that acts as a lift. Reward: Tome
  14. After getting the tome above, press the wall to reveal a secret panel. Reward: Gasoline
  15. From the secret above, jump to the small bookshelf. Push the wall to reveal a secret room. Reward: Drum of bullets, guns akimbo, other stuff
  16. There is a picture of intestines near the entrance hall. From here, the secret is from the 'first to right' stairs. Push the object and watch out for the spiders. Reward: Box of TNT, drum of bullets, body armor
  17. In the Moon Key room, check out the fireplace. Reward: Dynamite bundles, box of shells, voodoo doll, guns akimbo
  18. Go in the Dagger Key room, where you find the Spider Key and a tome. At the far corner is a secret bookshelf. Reward: Box of TNT, box of shells
  19. At the previous secret, look up. Reward: Doctor's bag

In order to access the secret level, E2M9: Thin Ice, you must collect five tomes. This will create a teleporting fog in the room where the Moon Key is found. The tomes are located either in plain sight or in secrets. No talley is provided by the game if you pick these up. however a triangle mark appears on the floor of the Moon Key room for each tome collected.
  1. Near the Spider Key
  2. Near the Dagger Key
  3. Behind the bookshelf in one of the bedrooms (secret)
  4. In a hidden room near the library (secret)
  5. In the library on top of a bookshelf (secret)

Level 05 - The Haunting (8 Secrets, 1 Super Secret)
  1. Use a gargoyle statue to get over the hedge on the right side. You can also get here from the window upstairs. Reward: Beastvision
  2. As you climb the stairs, inside the hedge wall, is a difference colored hedge facing the light. Reward: Aerosol can x 2, body armor, shotgun
  3. Near the Spider Key, get on the hedge by jumping from the path. Move towards the smallest hedge near the far wall. A hedge will open up. Reward: Super armor
  4. In the library is a fireplace. The fire will not burn you and you can open the wall in the back. Reward: Fire armor
  5. Upstairs, in the hallway around the bedrooms, is a bookshelf. If you push it at the center of the large shelf, it will open. Reward: Voodoo doll, doctor's bag, spirit armor
  6. In the library with a green wall, there is a gray piece of wall near a table. Push it and the bookshelf will slide away. Reward: Box of shells, cloak of invisibility
  7. In a smaller library with wooden planks in an X on the window, there is a secret in one of the bookshelves (it is the left side bookshelf behind you if you face the X). Reward: Guns akimbo
  8. Super Secret - Before the zombie-filled maze is a pool with a doctor's bag on the courtyard. Walk through the archway and follow the path to the right. Turn from a corner and continue until you hear humming (you may have to increase your speaker volume, and walk very slowly). Near the next corner, the humming becomes louder. Before the pathway turns to the left, crouch a few steps away, face left towards the fence, and press the invisible trigger. If you succeed, you will be teleported to another room (what seems to be the house's attic) with a teleporter that will bring you back. Reward: Voodoo doll, super armor, proximity detonators x 4, remote detonators x 4.

Level 06 - The Cold Rush (5 Secrets)
  1. Jump over a small, deep hole before receiving a key. If you look down, there is a ledge with items. Reward: Few bullets, Few shells
  2. There is a large ice cliff. You've probably already notice the life seed on it. Jump to it carefully. You may need the Jump Boots to get back. Reward: Life seed
  3. After jumping from ice block to ice block, there is a crack in the far wall. Reward: Aerosol can x 2, Jump Boots
  4. In the secret mentioned above, blow up another wall. You can also get to the secret by using the Jump Boots in the cave with cultists and a key. Reward: Box of TNT, shotgun, tommy gun
  5. There's a tower with a hole on the ceiling. Use the Jump Boots to get there. Reward: Proximity Detonators x 2, remote detonators x 3

Level 07 - Bowels Of The Earth (2 Secrets)
  1. After a very big jump over a fiery chasm, turn right. Past the debris, there is a passage. Reward: Life seed, few shells x 2
  2. When you go underwater, flip the large wooden lever at the left to open a passage. Go back and investigate the right-side corridor and rise to the surface. Reward: Diving suit, other

Level 08 - The Lair Of Shial (Boss Arena, no Secrets)

Level 09 - Secret Level - Thin Ice (2 Secrets)
  1. From the beginning, swim under the ice to the left, behind the wall. Reward: Super armor, doctor's Bag
  2. In the large ice field where it cracks and forms an opening, jump in the water, and swim forward and a little bit left. There will be a new opening, with Gill Beasts inside. There is a small niche in this area. Reward: Drum of bullets, box of shells

Episode III
Farewell To Arms

Level 01 - Ghost Town (9 Secrets, 1 Super Secret)
  1. From the starting point, there is a building to the left, where you must go. Downstairs are some cultists and zombies (don't forget the body armor behind the door). There is an adjoining room with paintings. At the right is a large painting that slides down. Reward: Drum of bullets
  2. On the way upstairs, past the explodable fire extinguisher, jammed door, hellhound, and phantasms, is a painting on the far wall. Push it to reveal secret. Reward: Life seed
  3. In the area where the innocents get blown away by an explosion, climb into the created hole. Clear the nearby room containing the key (don't miss the flare gun behind the curtain), and close the door where you came from. Reward: Reflective shots
  4. Enter the Skull Key door and turn right. There is a chest of drawers near the front door. Push it to access a secret room. Reward: Guns akimbo
  5. In a big hall with a table and a door reading "MANAGER", there is a couch. Crouch near the right side and push it. Reward: Napalm Launcher
  6. In the Manager's office, push the shelf full of items. Reward: Cloak of invisibility
  7. In the middle building where there was a Cabal ambush, jump over to a crack in the wall. There is a skeleton hanging beyond. Reward: Remote detonators x 2, proximity detonator
  8. Go in the Spider Key door. There is a sofa leaning against a wall, with a cultist behind it. There is a ventilation shaft behind it leading to a secret room with a bed and many air fresheners. Reward: Tesla cannon, tesla charge x 2
  9. From the room above, jump to the destroyed building from the window. Reward: Voodoo doll, proximity detonator
  10. Super Secret - At the top of the elevator shaft is a spider nest. You can get to it by using small metal ledges around the shaft walls. Reward: Life seed, super armor

Level 02 - The Siege (3 Secrets)
  1. By the stove vent on the roof, blow up the electrical box that says "DANGER". Reward: Jump Boots
  2. When the pillar blows up (and takes out a few innocents), climb to the top of it. Reward: Life seed
  3. In the bank vault, find a button near the ceiling. You can either use Jump Boots to reach it or climb on the lockers near the "EXIT" sign. A secret vault will open upon pressing the button. Reward: Voodoo doll

Level 03 - Raw Sewage (5 Secrets)
  1. At the beginning there is a support structure with a slightly different colour. (Hint: You must take the item to get credit for the secret). Reward: Diving suit
  2. At a point near the beginning, you must go underwater and spin some wheels. While doing this, keep looking behind you to see a secret open up. Reward: Life seed
  3. In a room with beds of straw, look at the one in the corner. Push somewhere around it, and it will slide back. Reward: Beastvision
  4. In the area of the sewer with a waterfall of slime and a lot of zombies, there are metallic boxes with cables hanging down. One of the boxes is coloured differently. Reward: Tesla cannon, tesla charges x 2
  5. In the room with the spinning key storage, there are rusty machines with plants. There's a button behind one of the plants. Reward: Voodoo doll

Level 04 - The Sick Ward (5 Secrets, Exit to secret Level '#08 - Catacombs')
  1. Behind the information desk near the start is a picture of a monster on the wall. You can either walk through it or blow it up. Reward: Voodoo doll
  2. In a room with a single bed and a bloated butcher, there is a machine in the corner. Push the machine to move it aside. Reward: Guns akimbo
  3. From the window where you see cultists killing civilians, if you look from the left window, there is a button. This will access an elevator to the courtyard. Reward: Super armor, life seed, various items (note, you must kill the civilans to get them)
  4. In the morgue, there is a blood trail coming from one of the boxes. Push it. Reward: Voodoo doll, super armor
  5. In the morgue, there is a button in one of the coffins. Pushing it will open a secret room near the elevator. Reward: Beastvision
  6. Secret Level: To access the secret level, go to the chapel. There is a button in the ceiling (you can see it clearly by moving to the altar and looking up and behind you). Shoot it to reveal a secret door.

Level 05 - Spare Parts (4 Secrets)
  1. There is a rotating platform with some armor on it. Obtain the armor, and as you rotate, notice there is a teleporter under the walking ledge (Hint: you can avoid most of the lava floor by jumping). Reward: Death mask/invulnerability
  2. Near an elevator is a conveyor belt that runs into a furnace. Let the belt bring you in. Reward: Life seed
  3. Near the previous secret is an oven door on the left (it has a brown tinge to it). Press it to lower the platform behind you and rush in to get the secret. Reward: Guns akimbo
  4. In a storage room are several boxes. On top of the boxes is a secret, which can be obtained by jumping on the boxes. Reward: Tesla cannon

Level 06 - Monster Bait (5 Secrets)
  1. From the start, walk forward to the machinery. Go out the window to your left. Follow the path leading upwards, up to a waterfall. A ledge is nearby (you may need Jump Boots to reach it). Reward: Doctor's bag
  2. At the end of a corridor is a secret. It is very visible, but difficult to reach (unless you have Jump Boots). Reward: Life seed
  3. At the other end of the corridor mentioned in the secret above is a small hole in the floor. Reward: Beastvision
  4. In the machinery room with the rotating gears and platforms, press each control panel between the platforms. This lowers the platforms and grants access to the key. It also grants access to a ledge near a locked door that you must jump to (or use Jump Boots). Reward: Life seed, gasoline can
  5. On the left side of the hole in the dam is a secret. The dam must be broken before this secret can be reached. Reward: Drum of bullets, box of shells

Level 07 - The Pit Of Cerberus (Boss Arena, no Secrets)

Secret Level 08 - Catacombs (6 Secrets)
  1. Directly ahead from where you start, go to the second room and push the cross on the middle pillar. Reward: Cloak of invisibility
  2. From where you start, look left. At the point where the separating wall in the middle of the room ends facing the wall is a door to a secret passage. Reward: Voodoo doll, tesla cannon, box of TNT
  3. In the slime room with three different designs on the wall, the one on the left is differently colored. Reward: Drum of bullets, tesla charge, box of TNT x 2
  4. Go upstairs from the main hall (if viewing from the starting point, this is the left side stairs). Go in the corridor leading to the right. Blow open the crack in the wall. Hit the switch and you will hear a door open. Rush back to where you came from and find a place where there is a dark hole, where there once was a painting. Reward: Napalm launcher
  5. There is a large room with a yellow stained-glass of the devil. There is a brown button on the wall opposite the altar. Reward: Super armor, tesla charges x 2
  6. On the eye in the main room is a life seed. If you step on the eye, the left side pillar will rotate, revealing a secret. Reward: Death mask/Invulnerability

Episode IV
Dead Reckoning

Level 01 - Butchery Loves Company (5 Secrets)
  1. From the starting point, go upstairs (where the key is). Press the bookshelf. Reward: Body armor
  2. Walk down the stairway from where the previous secret is. Between two Jacob's Ladders (the electric rabbit ears), a niche opens up. If it closes before you can get to it, walk on the stairway again. Reward: Doctor's bag
  3. Beside the stairs and the room marked "Brain Storage", there is a wall panel marked with a bloody hand print. Press the wall to its right to reveal a secret passage. Reward: Voodoo doll
  4. Before you get to the door marked "Brain Storage", you will hear a creaking. Look down from the edge. A niche is open in the wooden support pillar (you may have to do this several times to get the timing right, like the second secret). Reward: Cloak of invisibility
  5. In the great hall with a dining table, there's a face near the ceiling. This is a shootable button. The lift in the next corridor will take you down to the secret. Reward: Life leech, trapped soul

Level 02 - Breeding Grounds (3 Secrets)
  1. Push the lever in the spider cellar. It will open a niche back upstairs and through the locked door. Reward: Life seed
  2. In the spider cellar, there's a section of wall to the left of the gate that is differently colored. Reward: Doctor's bag
  3. There's a pool with gargoyles flying overhead. Dive into the pool and swim around the pillar to find a niche. Reward: Diving suit, super armor

Level 03 - Charnel House (2 Secrets)
  1. In the high room with stairs, there's a rectangular pool. Throw some dynamite in the pool and proceed in. Reward: Life seed
  2. Dive down in the water near the water tower. Reward: Body armor (there is also a napalm launcher in the vicinity)

Level 04 - Crystal Lake (6 Secrets, Exit to Secret Level '#09 - Mall Of The Dead')
  1. After coming out of the first cabin, zombies will attack you from seemingly nowhere. If you explore the area, you will find an illusionary wall in the forest next to the shed. Reward: Voodoo doll
  2. In the mess hall with the fireplace, there is a nearby room containing TNT bundles. Opposite this room's window is a wooden wall with a lift. Reward: Tesla charge x 2, proximity detonators x 2, box of shells, super armor
  3. At the bridge, on the left side, is a niche. You must stand on the river to find it. Reward: Guns akimbo
  4. In the house full of spiders and choking hands, there is a lantern between two doors. Push the wall under it. Reward: Life seed
  5. After dropping from the outhouse into the sewers, there is an area blocked off by iron bars. Use the napalm launcher to open the gate. Reward: Trapped soul x 2
  6. In the final room where the Tchernobog symbol is, there is a secret wall to the right. Blow it up to reveal it. Reward: Access to secret level

Level 05 - Fire And Brimstone (5 Secrets)
  1. There is a pillar with a Voodoo doll. Once you jump to that pillar, turn around. There is a ledge that can be reached with a well-aimed jump. Reward: Jump boots
  2. There's a noticeable power-up on top of a pillar. Jump to it from the level above. Reward: Super armor
  3. Before the last bridge leading to the tower, turn around and peek below. There is a hidden path going inside the tunnel. Reward: Doctor's bag, gasoline can x 2, box of shells
  4. In the secret above, continue to the end of the path, but do not go into the teleporter. There is a different colored wall nearby. Reward: nothing
  5. Near the temple is a ledge you might have spotted when you were beneath it. The two stripes in a wall represent a lift (do not jump down). Reward: Life seed

Level 06 - The Ganglion Depths (1 Secret)
  1. In the stairway leading downwards, by the great chasm, there are two gargoyle status on either side. Whack them down into the abyss. Jump where the gargoyle statue was and there should be a nearby ledge. Reward: Doctor's bag, box of shells, super armor

Level 07 - In The Flesh (3 Secrets)
  1. In the two rising and falling platforms in the second lung, there's a third platform moving at a different rate. Jump on this one to reach a hidden alcove. Reward: Box of flares, box of shells
  2. In a dark area with choking hands, and hittable buttons, go near the tunnel leading to the button. Look backwards and up. There is a nearly invisible skull button in the ceiling. Shoot it. Reward: Super armor
  3. In the heart (the last area before the level-end button), as you move from chamber to chamber, look for a small niche you have to crawl through. Reward: Doctor's bag

Level 08 - Hall Of The Epiphany (Boss Arena, no Secrets)

Level 09 - Secret Level - Mall Of The Dead (5 Secrets)
  1. There's a crack in the wall near the room near the escalators. You can also get there by dropping from the pipe upstairs. Reward: Life seed
  2. One of the cash registers is colored differently. It opens a secret niche in the small wooden room. Reward: Cloak of invisibility
  3. Near the false exit door is a fan with some extra space behind it. Use the Jump Boots if needed. Reward: Super armor
  4. The pipe leading to the storage room near the exit has a strange crate in the ceiling. Reward: Doctor's bag
  5. Shoot all the loudspeakers blaring that obnoxious muzak. If you do this, a light will appear in the room mentioned in the first secret. Reward: Guns akimbo