Episode "French Meat 1.1"

French Meat 1.1
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
An episode of 9 maps created between december 2008 and december 2012.
Suitable for single player and two players in cooperative.

- UnZIP FRENCHMT.BAT and the folder of the same name to the Blood folder.
- Drag FRENCHMT.BAT over to the DOSBox icon on your desktop to start.
3.9 (8 ratings)
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The author has locked the upload of screenshots.

wangho on 2019-02-18 comment
Tedd is one of the best of the best. Doesn't clutter his maps up and may be the closest in style to original Blood maps. Great job. Looking forward to new stuff!

SardinianGuy on 2016-01-24 comment
i can only say: wow! 5/5

Nemo on 2015-09-05 comment
Thought I'd already commented on and rated this episode.

Ted, fine contribution! I enjoyed this thoroughly and agree completely with Krypto's assessment. High praise!

I'm amazed to see the rating currently averaging 3.8 (prior to my own vote). Like others already, I have to give it a full 5/5.

BME does makes a good point, though: the "pun" of including the Doom Hangar level is quite effective, but the map itself doesn't really "fit in". But, ... no major problem.

hye_its_me_again on 2015-02-14 comment
the maps are exllent, not enough amo and stuff on them though

Krypto on 2013-12-14 comment
Some of the best maps crafted for Blood which rival Bloatoid and RATM's levels in quality. It begins with a clear tribute to 'Cradle to Grave' but in it's own unique portrayal remix with a definite Cryptic Passage feel to it. This continues onwards into sprawling and diverse maps with great non-linear paths and hectic combat throughout, it definatly achieves the authenticity of the original levels in style while adding it's own unique flavour of gameplay.

I wrote a full review in the topic in The Postmortem Forum if anyone is interested

One of the best level sets crafted in a long time right next to Death Wish, get's no less then 5!

BME on 2012-12-26 comment
The first map is a bit short but after that the episode starts to mature! The maps are a bit in the style of Cryptic Passage and stay very close to the original theme and there a great deal of variety between them. There are also a few very clever texture combinations and sprite structures that look surprisingly original!

BME on 2013-01-01
I didn't find the hangar map that great though, very out of place.

Blooder on 2012-12-26 comment
Thanks! Nice Maps! Thanks! 5!!!

Bojer on 2012-12-26 comment
Looks promising... a nice Bloody Christmas gift!

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