Episode "blood: the lost episodes"

blood: the lost episodes
Single Player
A collection containing many old school classics like RAVENLOFT and THE GODS
3.6 (5 ratings)
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Gideon on 2019-04-13 comment
Does anyone know how level two of Killing Time/Caleb in Time (episode 4) works? I could not get the skull key lift to the UFO to work, but did manage to dynamite jump my way onto the ship. From there I got the eye key and flipped the switch at the warp engine thing, but can not do anything after that. Did I go somewhere wrong? Where is the eye key meant to be used anyway?
Gideon on 2019-04-18
I figured this out and posted it under "Caleb in Time" in the maps section.

honestreviewer on 2013-02-03 comment
Episode 1: Straight up garbage. Only four levels long: the first level is only a introduction level; the second level has a lot of potential but it was ruined by the wrong exit placement; the third level was ruined by cheap deaths; and the fourth level is the worst level I have ever played in any Blood mod! There is no exit, there are no hints as to where to find the exit; and cheating won't save you! 1.5/5

Episode 2: Another cluster fuck of stupid with a lot of cheap enemy placements and uninspired locations. 2/5

Episode 3: FINALLY a saving grace in this mess of a mod! The first level might not be all that appealing but the second and third level (the last level) are pure genius. There's more then one way to beat the last level and it is designed extremely well! 4/5

Episode 4: The only episode in this mod with unique level concepts. You start out fighting a small war and then you go in the mansion. One mission even takes place inside a UFO. All the levels are pretty well balances in terms of difficulty so I'm pleased with this one. 3.5/5

Episode 5: Another solid episode with all levels taking place inside a castle-like structure. It would have been great but there is ONE fatal flaw: you can't fit into the opening that leads to the next area in one level, so you have to cheat. Otherwise, pretty decent. 3/5

Overall a decent wad with some cluster fuck in the beginning to turn away potential fans of this mod.
known on 2013-12-15
WAD is not a blood or any other build engine game term for that matter.
Sir Seizhak on 2014-03-23
Indeed, all you wrote is bullshit. Next time don't mix your opinion and objective stuff.

And by the way, WAD's aren't exist here. Original Blood doesn't have WAD's
Frater DD on 2016-10-16
Opinions are like assholes....everyone has one and most stink. GODS is a brilliant piece of editing and hard as fuck. Sorry it frustrated you. Perhaps you should stick to easy games like Pokemon. I put together Lost Episodes because so I could play the maps together and then shared the file with our community.

Jeremias on 2012-02-06 comment
I cant play the maps :( there is an error "error opening map file ..." PLEASE HELP!!!
BME on 2014-03-28
All maps and/or episodes can be found working properly in Map Pack 2013.

ILMHB on 2010-03-26 comment
The first map of Gods is one small'n'fun!
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