Episode "Inherit The Earth"

Inherit The Earth
Single Player
Dustin Twiley aka 'Bloatoid' |
When Tchernobog was defeated in the Hall of Epiphany, He was forced to return to His own realm. The power and rage released by Caleb while fighting the Dreaming god was partly absorbed, and had allowed Tchernobog to lay dormant gathering energy to follow on with His plan to open the Gateway- the connection between the realms of the living and the damned. Would Caleb be able to stop the revived Daemon Tchernobog?

Contains a total of 3 episodes.
4.4 (5 ratings)
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on 2015-05-15 comment
Where the hell is the Skull Key in Station Invasion?! :|
on 2015-07-03
Got it already, somebody will drop it after being killed ;)

Bloatoid on 2011-09-23 comment
This was my first tolerable Add-On made after I had gotten the hang of some intermediate effects like player sounds triggered by enemy deaths and complex sliding sectors. I still don't think the secret counters for the levels work properly, though.

Originally I had made a number of the levels as standalone maps then stuck them together for ITE, which is why the quality between the levels seems to vary.

Newer Levels: e1m1, e1m4, e2m3, e2m4, e3m3

The rest were modified older levels or BB maps.

VGAce on 2011-07-08 comment
Good but short episode with some great looking places to visit but a few more decorations here and there and a few bugs fixed (the stone gargoyle in last resort kept spinning off into the distance that was quite annoying) could have made it even better

Jerry on 2009-06-12 comment
Brilliant add-on.

nunz on 2008-05-29 comment
5 *****

Billyclub on 2008-05-29 comment
wow, this one is great

Bruce on 2008-05-27 comment
This oozes greatness.


wangho on 2008-05-27 comment
This has got to be my favorite Blood addon ever made. Alot of different style maps deftly made by one man. Great atmosphere! Check out the secret level, it's madness

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