Episode "Gods, the Epic Trilogy"

Gods, the Epic Trilogy
Single Player
Reactor and Headhunter
The Second Scroll of Ashkam.
Written, translated and updated by Haram Cevek. 2200 B.C. to 1922 A.D.
Realm of Spirits.
Known by many cultists as a place forbidden. Some know of its secrets, and stay hidden behind it's walls. Many say they are foolish, though I have never met one beyond rumour. Once, long ago before claimed by spirits and death, Varkahn was a finely made city of Egypt. More similar to Aztecs than Egyptians, the civilisation was pulled through the ground, when a path through to hell was found. The path, when sealed by a great mage forced the city to be buried by soil. Thousands died that day, to become lost spirits who roamed the now hidden land. Even the river Mooari, on which Varkahn over-hanged, was no more.

What I know may help you.
You may meet Severver, the great Serpent god. He owns the land, and knows it well. I met him once and almost regretted it. He will play with you, and quite rightly, can. He is far more powerful than a thousand mortal men. Take note that he will not fear you. He has nothing to be scared about as you could not possibly hurt him. Be careful and do not put him to the test. Remember that a serpents head is death.
Severever is rumoured to hold a lair of gold, filled with rare possessions. It is also said he makes his own, though as a child's story, I have never heard of one alive or dead to have seen it. His puzzles have kept us from it for centuries. There is nothing more than treasures and glory for you if you find it. It is not part of my life's quest. Look for it at your own risk.

Beware the Hall of Gods. It's bright walls will bring you death. Some who I heard had found it, never made it out. The one who did not enter came to me to tell the very story of it's existence. Be prepared, for it may be part of your journey.


The Puzzle of the Realm.
Though I travel on quests little these days, I was once told the riddle, to find the Spirit Realm. I had never found the time to put it to the test. It looks to be your turn. This is how it goes...

A wise hunter is aware of his skills and always knows them well.
Know of what you seek and it's power, so from a distance enter hell.


The Puzzle of Mokuma's lair.
The great protector of the gods books Mokuma, has all face one last puzzle before entering his lair. Again, he places a riddle here as he did for the Realm of Spirits. He is an intelligent God, and is why the other gods placed him in charge of their books. The riddle is as follows...

The gate to my lair is broken, though it keeps all at bay.
Take note of this great traveller, for it still works this day.


Other gods you may meet on your quest.
Mokuma is the big grand protector of the tomes, and the one you should fear the most. As with Serverver, he has no reason to fear you at all so don't even expect a response. You may get one, though I would not hope to live long past it. He does not enjoy the petty games of other gods. Seek him out to find the tome in Hell.
Kanasath is similar to the ant-lion insect in the fact he sucks his prey through the ground. Be wary of this god as he has acquired the supple taste for human flesh. If you watch out, he has no way to get you. Actually, this is incorrect, I almost forgot to mention the humans he does not decide to eat. They become his servants to protect him for eternity. That is a long time to practice one thing, so expect very dangerous foes.

Savasa, the fire serpent is a god not to be joked about. Her playful nature turns to anger when she realises who you are. If you can, hide quickly. She has an explosive temper. Even when she dances and plays, she still burns weak mortals with ease.

Horak the metal god, is one of myth. Not known to me if Horak still exists, I would surely be anxious to see of what it would nowadays be like. In early Egypt mythology , now long lost, was a tale of a giant metal robot that fulfilled the wishes of the gods. So powerful was it, that it was thought of by the early Egyptians as a god in it's own right. Do not ask of how I know of it's existence. Horak is not of our time-line so you will not meet him. I include this information for my own purposes.

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BME on 2014-06-09 comment
Mappack 2014 will have a rescripted version of this one.

Fox on 2012-10-19 comment
The codes are:

Episode 2: 9163
Episode 3: 2831

known on 2013-12-11
or just just use the mario cheat

VGAce on 2011-07-02 comment
The first level where you jump from plane to plane and other planes fly by and drop bombs is great aswell as the egyptian level moving scorpion
A fun episode with unusual puzzles and some outstanding mapping techniques

BME on 2011-03-23 comment
WOWSERS! This episode is very cool but the 2nd map of the 3rd episode is just brilliant! That giant scorpion kinda thing walking, it's entirely made out of sectors and it's doing some amazing things! check-it-out!


@hedroxx: you can use Ini Mini 1.0 (click the [Creating Maps] button in the menu to the left) to compose your own episode out of those 6 maps and run it easily with the BAT that is also generated.

ILMHB on 2010-04-23 comment
The first map is small but pretty cool with all those replacing sectors.

hedroxx on 2009-07-04 comment
ok, i dont have an smk player but want to play the maps.
for reals wtb the codes to the maps you have to enter in-game
BME on 2013-12-11
The SMK files are played by the Blood engine, the problem is that the project has a very strange way of installing things.
About the codes; the makers probably wanted the player not to skip any maps.

nunz on 2008-06-02 comment
this is HARD..

nunz on 2008-06-02 comment
this is HARD..

Bruce on 2008-06-01 comment
Strange beyond belief ^^

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