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Map "The wacky island"

The wacky island
Single Player
When you play this level, be sure to run ISLAND.BAT. It will install the new sounds and art that you need. This level also
requires the Plasma Pak. I have only tried this map with version 1.21 of Blood (one unit whole blood).. so I don't know if it works in older versions.

The story goes something like this. Caleb gets stranded on a hidden wacky island and needs to find away to get back home.
This map was supposed to be a secret level in an addon episode.. hence the "wackiness". It's also pretty difficult in some places.
You need to have good jumping skills. Enjoy!
4.4 (5 ratings)
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Shaung on 2012-01-17 comment
What am i supposed to do when i reach that piano?
Tekedon on 2012-01-18
Press it! :D
shaung on 2012-01-21
yeah i tried that it doesnt work
BME on 2012-12-01
The organ will slide away and reveil a hole where the key is.

VGAce on 2011-07-02 comment
A little low on enemies and the jumping could be not of everybodies taste but still worth a playtrough

BME on 2011-06-28 comment
I like maps that deviate from the usual Blood stuff and this one has some fresh ideas. Although the install script could've been a bit better; right now the sounds are permanently overwritten and so is the tiles file. I have made a new script for this map that does backup both graphics and sounds.


TOT COMICS on 2011-05-05 comment
Fantastic map! It's as amusing as it is fun. 5/5

ILMHB on 2010-03-16 comment
Those 2 Caleb voices were dne nicely, it's almost the real deal hehe :D
And Calypso? that's more like those typical French accordeon music.

Jerry on 2009-07-28 comment
It isn't bad. Some areas are funny and have a good atmosphere, but huge places are looking so empty.

wangho on 2008-07-11 comment
alright, I think this is suitable as secret level. Starts off kinda oddly. The tree hopping is ok, but jumping puzzles arent really my thing. As I went through, I wasnt really impressed or anything, but I have to say that I really LOVE the calypso music and the fat zombie's twirling around on the carnival ride. That's cool stuff! I need to have a few beers the next time I play this level and experience it. The Indiana Jones and dead Duke Nukem art secret is pretty cool, the sprites look good. The "Cabalco Airlines" at the end is pricelss! Great job on making it feel like it was taking off and the custom speech made me chuckle. The new art looked decent and the attempts at Caleb's voice are admirable. Doesn't quite feel like a real map though because of the big wide open areas, but still lots of neat things going on.

Now I'm anxious to see where the flight ends up and I want to see the stuff that is deemed fitting for your addon

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