Map "Zoo"

Single Player, BloodBath
Peggy DeLan |
This is a small indoor level with many monsters cages. You have to be careful not to break open too many cages at once, though, or you will be surrounded by enemies...
3.0 (1 ratings)
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BME on 2011-03-23 comment
Small map, not that interesting but still kinda nice.

This map can be found with some 140 others on a CD called "Level pack 6 Additions for Blood" and believe it or not, this map is still quite good in comparison with most other maps on that disc (most is complete and utter rubbish). The CD was way too expensive as well; around $15.

ILMHB on 2010-04-11 comment
Nice concept but the textures are a bit repetitive. It's all straight forward; just find the next key or throw some switches to open new ways.

H-C/EPN on 2009-01-17 comment
An original map: Caleb is a zoo where his biggest nightmares are caged in glass cases. This is a very very hard map if you break a glass case. All enemies in Blood (consider this map for normal version of Blood) are here except Tchernobog. It is a simple structure, with a poor l shading. If there are secret areas there are very easy to discover, you only need look around. Sometimes you have to use the pitchfork.

PD: Sorry for the bad english.

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