Map "Avalanche"

Single Player
A house buried under an avalanche. Very gloomy, atmospheric and hides many secrets. This is a map to explore.
3.5 (3 ratings)
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Eye del Cul on 2014-04-13 comment
The map looks great, very well detailed. But how do you are supposed to leave the house? I tried jumping through the big window in the dining room without results...
BME on 2014-09-06
You need to duck-jump and it works.

BME on 2011-03-19 comment
This is something completely different, no hordes of enemies, but just a few rats and spiders. Textures, lighting and scaling is excellent! The map is a bit small I though.

If you want to chill out a bit than this is the one for you.


Jerry on 2010-05-16 comment
I like the theme.

ILMHB on 2010-04-28 comment
Ok I see. But please include a .INI & .BAT file in a .ZIP next time so people can start your maps in an easy way.
You can easily create those files using INIMINI:

check out YT: watch?v=VIkbdDl59HQ

ItBurn on 2010-04-26 comment
This is a version of the map that noone has. It has better lighting. It's true that the map is rather small, but there are so many details and it can take a long time to find all the areas. Some you don't even need to go to.

ILMHB on 2010-04-26 comment
Ah yes, I also found this one in a huge map collection I have. I though about uploading it myself but since it wasn't really big nor finished I didn't. Still worth a 3~4 though.

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