Map "Revenge"

Single Player, BloodBath
Sequel of "The Hunt" map. Bloodbath and coop implemented.
4.4 (6 ratings)
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BME on 2014-05-13 comment
This begs for another Sequel!
Where the hell is Jerry by the way?, long time no see.

shaung on 2012-03-19 comment
Wow great map, really enjoyable

VGAce on 2011-07-06 comment
Great looking moody map with intro cutscene a story and a nice twist at the end.

Sir Seizhak on 2011-06-05 comment
Yeah, The Hunt, this is the map. I love it. It's fantastic.

BME on 2011-06-01 comment
The ending asks for a sequel of course!

@Sir Seizhak: So you would have given Jerry a half point less so to speak? since 4/5 equals 8/10. I also think 1-10 is a slightly more comfortable way of rating. The way how the rating system is now I would give a 4 to maps that are very good but not top notch (that's when the 5 comes in), 3 means to me a decent map that is still fun to play but could have been a lot better. 2 is poor (when no sector effects or shading etc can be found) and 1 means absolutely bad/no effort etc.

Well, so far for my thoughts
Sir Seizhak on 2011-06-04
Ok, I understand your rating. I agree.

"So you would have given Jerry a half point less so to speak?"

Yes. I don't usually very picky about the details of a map -lighting/shading, textures...etc-. In my opinion Jerry can make better maps. He is creative and knows how to use some interesting effects. I don't doubt that one day he surprise us with a good map, as he did in his third map - I don't remember the name, sorry -.
BME on 2011-06-04
The hunt!
Yes indeed very good, still one of my favorite blood maps!

BME on 2011-05-31 comment
Nice intro sequence!
The aesthetics are good in most places, nice little details here and there. Architecture is also very good apart from some slightly too big doors perhaps. The flow of the map seems to be alright; you can't get lost easily.


Sir Seizhak on 2011-05-31 comment
The level is funny and it doesn't complicated. It is bearable and funny when you explore the little forest or the mansion.

The most striking aspect is the beginning, it's rarely seen this type of effect and are always welcome.

The lighting is acceptable but improvable. You should be more careful with panning; some textures looks ugly.

4/5, but if score was 0/10, I would put 7/10.

Keep up the good work man :).

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