Map "SPILL: The Hall Of Epiphany [FINISHED]"

SPILL: The Hall Of Epiphany [FINISHED]
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
Fight your way through the dark realm and seal the rift once and for all!
You've reached the Hall Of Epiphany, now it's time for revenge! In order to summon Tchernabog's presence, you'll need to fight your way through the "Army Of Darkness". Once you finish the 3 main bosses, T-daddy opens a portal for you to return for the final battle. Once on the other side, you see Ophelia's soul trapped and tormented. You are now face to face with Tchernabog. The only way to set Ophelia free a end the Cabal, is to destroy T-daddy himself!
4.7 (3 ratings)
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BME on 2011-07-08 comment
There are other maps that still need some shots as well.
SpillSomeBlood on 2011-07-08
Yeah, but I'm lazy lol
BME on 2011-07-08
Hehe, I was refering to just anybody
There are still a dozen maps that need some graphical info.

VGAce on 2011-07-08 comment
i made some better screenshots but the upload link is missing
SpillSomeBlood on 2011-07-08
You can add screenshots now.

VGAce on 2011-07-08 comment
This map is a fun challenge with some good looking places to visit
These round pillars are very nice!

BME on 2011-07-08 comment
This map is pretty excellent in architecture, texturing, shading, item/enemy placement. I like those respawning cultist.
There's enough action going on and the buildup is also very good.

I witnessed something strange though, when you reach the cave the chant sound is acting strange; it is repeating the start over and over again. But other than that I quite enjoyed this one!


EvilWeavaloid on 2011-07-08 comment
5/5 It's a very good map and I enjoy playing it, I put the video I made on youtube, in the future perhaps!

BME on 2011-07-08 comment
Ah yes, finally! Me too, reviewing later that is

EvilWeavaloid on 2011-07-08 comment
Awesome I'm gonna review it today!

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