Map "Ramparts of Fortitude"

Ramparts of Fortitude
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
Dwayne Anderson |
The final level that I will release for the remake of LOI: Part 1: the Scourge of Humanity for public playing before releasing the final product.

Set within a castle where you must fight your way through the castle's outer defenses. Garibaldi's human troops are ready for you, but this shield can also protect itself, proving that the best offense is a great defense! Watch out for fireball and machine gun traps!

Comes with a new music track and new sounds which will be loaded into your sounds.rff file once you run the program. Don't worry, the backup will be restored once you exit.

Comes with two batch files for you Dosbox users. One for playing with the cd music and the other if you want to hear the new music track during gameplay.
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BME on 2011-09-01 comment
The screenshots still have the BloodLines TC textures
(that's what happens when no intelligent installer is used that will restore the original files after exiting the game)
Dwayne Anderson on 2011-09-01
I didn't use the Bloodlines TC textues. I didn't even have it installed when I built this level.
BME on 2011-09-01
I know you didn't, I uploaded those shots

BME on 2011-08-30 comment
The new sounds and MIDI file is great, so is the architecture.
It's not that difficult to find out where to go, just throw some switches or pick up a key here and there and you're off to the next area. I like the fireball traps. The use of ladders was a bit confusing though.


FreakyCaleb on 2011-08-27 comment
Hahah, nice map man. Fascinating how you changed the sounds, I lolled a million times when I heard your "damn it" and the laughs^^
Also the new gun sounds make the whole gameplay...smoother.


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