Map "Omega Man"

Omega Man
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
Based on the classic 1971 Charlton Heston movie of the same name, the player seeks to battle their way back to their penthouse sanctuary after sundown. Level includes familiar places from the film, including a movie theater, park, morgue, court house, hotel and of course Neville's penthouse itself.
3.0 (1 ratings)
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P.M. on 2012-04-26 comment
You can also shoot the elevator switches and indeed almost any switch you find, if memory serves correctly.
BME on 2012-05-02
Yup, they also have vector flag set. I just discovered another part of the hotel I didn't see before

P.M. on 2012-04-26 comment
Yeah, on the text file under 'Known Bugs', I wrote, "A couple of major ones if you know where to look. Hopefully, no-one other than me finds 'em."

This was what I was referring to. I made it a habit on many of my maps to make the switches gun triggerable. It made it easy when testing the maps, and I had seen it in several movies and adopted it for fun.

I meant to remove this feature before sharing the map, but as I shared it 13 years after making it, I was unable to do so.

Hopefully, a few people still play it as intended.
BME on 2012-04-28
Well I also did play it how it was intended by I found this out but accident :)

BME on 2012-04-25 comment
I encountered something very unusual
When walking towards the morgue, I shot the shotgun cultist and the eye door suddenly opened itself without closing again
BME on 2012-04-25
Ah! I accidentally shot the switch near the door, and since it has vector set the door opened
This actually goes for ALL switches in the map so you can easily shoot at a switch et voila!
BME on 2012-04-25

P. M on 2012-04-25 comment
Thanks for playing and the review(s).

I made this back in 1999 and if I could go back, there would definitely be some things I'd fix up. I would add more enemies, improve the park and finish off the sewer system, which could've been a good feature. I mentioned the fact it was incomplete in the textfile, but I should have also explained in the synopsis above. Sorry about that.

I'd love to re-learn my mapedit skills and go back and finish off some other levels I have kicking about. I have a 'Dawn of the Dead' map that remains unfinished due to maxing out the sectors/lines. It's basically there, but slightly glitchy in places. I may upload it anyway, as a 90% finished curiosity.

Again, thanks for playing/commenting.
BME on 2012-04-25
Well for a 1999 map it's not that bad at all
I'm looking forward to your other almost finished projects!

BME on 2012-04-24 comment
Cool, I found a secret near the end
In the morgue there's a plume of smoke blocking the player. And the sewer doesn't seem to go anywhere, I had to use the boots of jumping to get out again.

BME on 2012-04-22 comment
Nice city map, has some surprises and a few sector effects here and there.

The hotel doors though have some glitches, also some textures could have been aligned better, the water in the park area is somewhat unrealistic and some rooms are quite empty.

It's a playable and enjoyable map though very average. Hope to see improved maps of this author in the future, keep up the good work!


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