Map "Underhalls"

Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
Dwayne Anderson |
The first level I'm releasing for the sequel to Scourge of Humanity, "Unfinished Business". Takes place underneath a medieval city under seige. Implemented the difficulty system to
encourage replayability. Difficulty determines solutions to combination puzzles, number of monsters, and location of certain keys.
4.0 (1 ratings)
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Dwayne Anderson on 2012-07-19 comment
No, it doesn't work that way. You need to look carefully for the solution to that puzzle. Try looking behind some of the pillars near the beginning of the level, in both rooms with pillars.
BME on 2012-07-19
Ok, I'll be investigating then :)

Dwayne Anderson on 2012-07-18 comment
Try diving into the first pool at the start after setting the first combination puzzles in the correct sequence. It opens up a secret.
BME on 2012-07-18
So is the number "1" corresponding to the "skull" and "2" to the "eye" and so because nothing seem to have changed when I take a look in the pool.

BME on 2012-07-17 comment
Nice map, the architecture, texturing and shading is well in order although the torches lighting effect could have been set to flicker instead of this linear one. The map looks a bit repetitive at first but there is quite some diversity to be found. I haven't figured out what the multi tiles switches at the beginning do though.

4/4 (7/10)

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