Map "Dark Times E1M2 [alpha]"

Dark Times E1M2 [alpha]
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
Tell me what you think about this map.
Need some \"alphatesting\".

Gargoyle is your friend this time.
And I think this is just the start of something bigger >)

4.8 (4 ratings)
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cortex on 2013-01-08 comment
Great Level! Amazing use of textures, I like the perfect alignment and the way the environment looks more realistic through fitting and choosing the right texture!
The surprising door that slides sideways and is a trap at the same time is one of the greatest ideas that I have seen been built with this engine!
The puzzles took me a while, but when I solved them there was deep satisfaction! Great map!

BME on 2012-11-30 comment
Now this is something different again and a fresh breath of air here on blood.freeminded after a few months.

The design stays very close to E4. The map has all sort of interesting places and is actually quite big and there still some good 150kb left to extend it even more.

Great stuff, 4.5/5

NoOne on 2012-11-30 comment
Really nice screenshots for this map. Im go to play it soon as i can.

EvilWeavaloid on 2012-11-30 comment
Very nice map and interesting puzzles with the gargoyle statue's and the traps. It took me a little while to figure them out but I completed it. Only I think the doors and such opens a bit to slow.
Besides that, it's a very fun map and pretty much detailed!


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