Map "Forsaken Crypt"

Forsaken Crypt
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
Dwayne Anderson |
A third sneak peek level of the LOI2 remake "Unfinished Business", this level takes you into a long forgotten underground burial ground. Like Phantom Wood, Forsaken Crypt is
one of the most spine-chilling levels ever made for Blood. Solve puzzles and ward off attacks from your enemies, including those from beyond the grave, and hope the moans of the tormented souls haunting this final resting place of many don't send you fleeing into the night. Be careful, or your corpse may be staying much longer than you hoped...perhaps forever...

Contains several new sounds and a new midi track, all of which will be loaded when you start up the game. Sounds.rff will be backed up and restored when you exit.
4.0 (2 ratings)
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BME on 2013-04-27 comment
Nice architecture and lighting, good weapons/enemy balance I think but the much wondering around makes it a bit repetitive though but I know this is your style of mapping. I found the new MIDI file kinda OK but not really that special.

It would've been better if you had put all the files (except the install BAT) in a seperate folder and used a RFS file with the new sounds assigned to undefined soundnums which is a bit faster to install than replacing existing ones. The map file had a double .MAP extension.


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