Map "Swamp Castle Revisited"

Swamp Castle Revisited
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
Tekedon / Nemo
One fellow's interpretation of a "finished" version of Tekedon's "Swamp Castle Beta". Make no mistake, this is overwhelmingly Tekedon's gorgeous work, somewhat altered, slightly embellished, and expanded by myself. It's been several months (and numerous revisions) in the making, but it has finally reached the stage where I consider it not only enjoyable, but quite "complete". (Naturally, YOUR results may vary.)

I thank Tekedon tremendously for this unique opportunity to "stand on the shoulders of giants". I loved this map at very first sight, and have sought to maintain what I perceived to be his intended theme throughout, though there are some changes and re-messaging. (Pay close attention to those messages, by the way; among other things, they'll spare you a lot of grief.)

A scant few difficulty settings have been added, for skills 1-3. Ammo and health should be quite plentiful regardless, though I recommend skill 1 or 2 for a *slightly* less stressful romp. Additional enemy placement has been done with "intensity" rather than "lethality" as the criteria. (I love a good "shit-kicker" myself, but really don't fancy the notion of "Impossible deeds cheerfully done.")

Hope you too enjoy this, especially the primary author.
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Robman on 2015-06-18 comment
I haven't given many of the Blood maps a try but this was very well crafted.. made me want to map for Blood(If it wasn't so creepy, lol)
BME on 2015-07-30
It's as creepy as you want it to be ;)
Just give it try and show us a map with that typical Robman signature.

Krypto on 2013-12-13 comment
Clearly this map showcases the full extent that the Build engine for Blood is capable of, it's dripping with eye-gasms and the interior castle structure is definitely reminiscent of 'Dead Reckoning' with a sinister feel from the 'House of Horrors'.

I enjoyed this odyssey however I thought the complete lack of The Cabal made it too easy, I'm uncertain whether this was a deliberate choice on your part or it was owing to already straining the engine to it's limits and running out of sectors/item placements, but I really think this could have benefited from the addition of Cultists.
Nemo on 2013-12-28
Krypto: Myself, I was just following Tekedon's lead, trying to maintain the feel of the original (unfinished) level. Since Tekedon's version had no cultists, I tried to adhere to what I perceived to be his original intention.

NoOne on 2013-06-22 comment
How about Difficulty experiment? You can place Player Start in diffirent places on each difficulty level.
BME on 2013-06-22
That's indeed a very cool feature not seen much in maps
Nemo on 2013-06-24
NoOne: Interesting idea, but I don't think it would be good in this one. As someone (SpillSome?) remarked in the Beta(2) post, that initial "boat tour" of Tekedon's was quite nicely done.
BME on 2013-06-25
I think the map is indeed made to start in the boat. I can't really imagine another start position or the flow of the map would be spoiled, because it's all about scenery.

Anyway, nice job Nemo!

Nemo on 2013-06-22 comment
Tekedon's original Swamp Castle Beta and screen shots are at

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