Map "Dark Times E1M6 [alpha]"

Dark Times E1M6 [alpha]
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
Dark Times E1M6
A lot of trick jumping required and don´t fogret what you have learned in Dark Times E1M1.
There´s few graphic glithes - sprites and upper/lower stacks.
And the path sectors doesn´t work as I want to (blocking player).
Maybe someone can tell me what I´m doing wrong.
3.7 (3 ratings)
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BME on 2014-05-31 comment
Seems the gargoyle on the pilar on the outside of the big building the player starts in has a purpose, but which one?
thenight on 2014-06-05
Well, not really. It's just a tease ,)

BME on 2014-05-25 comment
The map keeps amazing me. There must have been a lot of thinkwork involved. There's a lot the player needs to figure out which takes a pretty amount of time which makes the map feel really big.

Ok, now it's up to others to comment

BME on 2014-05-22 comment
WTH?!, someone voted 1 without substantiation?
Anyway, I'm now in the area where the fire key is, can't seem to figure out how to get up that pilar
thenight on 2014-05-22
There is a switch somewhere ;)
BME on 2014-05-23
Never noticed it, I thought I had to trickjump my way up there hehe
thenight on 2014-05-23
Trickjumps and advanced pathfinding are new standard now ,) I'm trying to bring some new ideas to blood map building. And it will be whole new level when we bring all these brand new shiny kvx models to the game! ,) I'm workig on some new stuff right now.
BME on 2014-05-25
Sounds good, looking forward to that.

I'm stuck again; can't find the eye nor the moon key. I'm now in the high up place where I just killed a couple of tesla dudes with moon door below.
thenight on 2014-05-25
Yes, this is a tricky part. See the last screenshot with the gargoyle.
BME on 2014-05-25
Never mind, got 4 keys now

Sir Seizhak on 2014-05-20 comment

This episode promises a lot :P
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BME on 2014-05-18 comment
75% of this episode is now done if I'm correct right?
I like the way how the maps have that typical lighting, perhaps not 100% realistic but it works perfectly. Which of the path sectors do you mean that didn't work well? I could also see some glitches with stacks like the one with the stairs going down in the lava pool. Lemme see if I can fix that
BME on 2014-05-18
That's strange, when I draw a new sector the map will crash in mapedit
thenight on 2014-05-18
Yes, there are stacks glitches in two places. Stairs to lava field and "down the hatch" place. Strangely the "moon key" stack works just fine.

Map is not cleaned up. There is a lot of sectors that have no purpose and can be deleted. Map is still in alpha stage ,)
I nearly hit the sector count limit. So mapedit will crash if you add some more sectors. I will clean this map asap and send you updated version.

Ad path sectors: when the player is standing on path sector (with checked ´drag´ attribute) there is no way to block player with obstacles.
thenight on 2014-05-18
BME: little cleanup -
No gameplay affected.

BME on 2014-05-17 comment
Interesting map, great design and use of textures and colors once again. After killing Cerberus I couldn't find any key yet so I performed a few TNT jumps to peek around, is this something the player is supposed to be doing?

thenight on 2014-05-17
There are some crates that you can climb up. Explore the area ,)
BME on 2014-05-18
Yup I noticed the crates and I think I got it now, I need to go around somewhere outside

thenight on 2014-05-17 comment
Oh, it logged me out during upload?
BME on 2014-05-17
You can't edit the maps details?
thenight on 2014-05-17
Nope :/

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