Map "The Fallen Priest"

The Fallen Priest
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
By: Dewitt - 2014
(Special thanks to Nyyss0nen)
4.1 (11 ratings)
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Nemo on 2015-10-11 comment
Dewitt: For a first map -- and one completed in just 5 days -- this is really a splendid little level. It's very aesthetically pleasing, especially the colorful architecture at the beginning, which left me wanting more. (I'm always impressed by maps that "urge" me to explore areas I can't even get to, and your opening did exactly that.)

For those who do have Cryptic Passage, cryptic.exe will accept a mini-ini. (Just run "cryptic.exe -ini xxxxxxxx.ini" in a Batch file.)

For those who don't, the door is the only highly conspicuous missing element, and all 3 tiles are "relatively" easy to swap out of Cryptic into a modified Blood file for use with that particular map. (I already have a custom-made version, if you'd like it. Those 3 slots are otherwise empty in the 1.21 art file, so it's possible the modified file could even be left in place, at least for single-player.)

Definitely hope to see more from you. Nice work!
on 2016-05-01
In the map pack 2015 it was already included with art file .

judge on 2014-09-13 comment
cryptic.exe is able to handle a commandline so it is possible to run with CP as a user map.

However, it is not mentioned anywhere that CP is required.

Plasma Pack is indeed required but Cryptic Passage is NOT part of Plasma Pack.

Funny little map though.

Dewitt on 2014-09-10 comment
Thank you everyone. That means a lot. I worked on it for 4-5 days. I correct the problems soon. (Sorry, my english is bad)
BME on 2014-09-10
You can do 2 things;
- make your own CP installer and then jump to your map by using your own INI file, or
- Extract the DOOR, SHOVEL and PLANT sprites with EDITART by pressing F12 to save to disk then use DUKERES to create a new ART file and paste the tiles in, save as TILES018.ART and then write your own ART replacement BAT that starts the map.

My advice is to go for the latter one (which I already made myself) since some people may have only Blood v1.00 without CP.
KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2014-09-11
@Dewitt : Don't need to do unnecessary work with Tile art. Just open Notepad/Editor and Write: BLOOD FALLENPR.MAP And then = Save as: FALLENPR.BAT and Launch the Bat file. No problem about your bad english.
known on 2014-09-11
You seem to enjoy talking nonsense once again Knuke.

BME on 2014-09-09 comment
It was indeed a better idea to have copied the CP art to your own TILES018.ART and included it together with a BAT file.
Fortunately in the mappack 2014 this will all be fixed ;)
KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2014-09-11
@BME: Why to do New tiles art TILES018.ART ? Like i already told, you just must launch the map by: CRYPTIC.EXE then it works!!! That's all. Don't need to do unnecessary work with Tile art. Just open Notepad/Editor and Write: BLOOD FALLENPR.MAP And then = Save as: FALLENPR.BAT and Done!
BME on 2014-09-11
1. CP is only installed temporarily, it's not permanent so the tiles are gone when one quits CP.
2. To make sure the map works under all conditions, so when CP is not present, it is important to include those 3 tiles in a seperate ART file.

This is the correct way to do it.
BME on 2014-09-11
A BAT file with BLOOD FALLENPR.MAP doesn't make any difference.
KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2014-09-12
@BME: Of course! It does working when you launch with CP. Yeah CP Tiles doing run like temp, the tiles change from blood tiles to cp tiles when running cryptic.exe . Why you don't believe me man. Try it self! @Know: ?! It's the truth!
known on 2014-09-12
1st: CRYPTIC.EXE runs cryptic passage, not DeWitt's map.
2nd: the map should also be playable for users without CP.
Do you understand now?

Ready and done.
smilie wink engel tongue grins verwirrt shocked cool frown dizzy angry1 angry2 alien love

KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2014-09-09 comment
Awesome. Continue to create maps! Single and Coop maps, we can always need! Good job. Regards. Rate 4/0.
L3GEND on 2014-09-10
Hast bei der La Fantasma Karte eine Antwort :)

BME on 2014-09-08 comment
Surely not bad for a first one and a fine little addition to the upcoming mappack as well. There was however right at the beginning a door with a missing texture (#4071), seems you were dabbling into the arts of custom graphics but forgot the include the ART file? ;)
The map is short but the architecture/texturing for a first project is diverse and the lighting is ok.

BME on 2014-09-08
By looking at the screenshot I see now why the texture was missing, you probably had CP installed when making it.
KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2014-09-09
He used Cryptic tiles on the door. I had launch with CRYPTIC EXE it was working. CP textures on that door, i know.
known on 2014-09-09
@knuke: there was no information about installing CP first which is also very strange since CP is only installed temporarily and then uninstalled after playing the game.
KNUKEWin98 - DMNUKEMw98 on 2014-09-12
@Know: It's allowed to post here Youtube link? So i can show you what i mean. I could upload a video then you can see! KNUKE.

Hugo on 2014-09-08 comment
How much time did you spend doing this map?

Nyyss0nen on 2014-09-07 comment
I gave you a 5 star rating, it's a short, good map for your first one. There're no shading or item secrets, but maybe we'll see something next time. Anyway, you have pretty neat ideas for maps. Welcome to Blood's freeminded site.

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