Map "Nuthouse V1"

Nuthouse V1
Single Player
this is version 1 of my Nuthouse map which is basically a run down Funhouse. One side is very dark and the other is very much alive.
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shaun on 2012-03-17 comment
theres no ending?

wangho on 2010-04-23 comment
I used red sectors for the entire map because I didnt know any better. It was one of my very first attempts with mapedit

ILMHB on 2010-04-12 comment
I just wonder why you primarily used red sectors for almost the entire map?!

ILMHB on 2010-04-12 comment
This is actually quite fun! I like the fog and that specter coming out in the beginning. The inside is also well done, many surprises awaits!

Jerry on 2009-04-16 comment
You can sense real fear from unknown in this map. Add more enemies and ending and it will be perfect map.

wangho on 2008-06-20 comment
wow, this is was an incomplete and even older version than the first one I released a year ago. I may not even have the original any longer. This is crap though, just wait for the new version in the BPF addon.

Bruce on 2008-06-18 comment
As dark and bizarre as Stephen King's mind ^^
Love the electric chair-guy.
Good job Wang

Billyclub on 2008-05-29 comment
I love the fog effect outside and look of the house. It's a little too dark though, but looks nice on the other. Love the theatre! props

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