Map "Ancient"

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Ancient map
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BME on 2015-05-10 comment
The full title of this map is "Ancient Palace", this version is a couple of kb's smaller than the (final) version that can be found in the episode "Caleb's Revenge" a.k.a. Banzai's add-on.

donwest420 on 2011-05-29 comment
Not the best.

BME on 2011-03-17 comment
Very cool one! It has got a great architecture, texturing and lighting. The overall feel of this map is excellent!


Eye del Cul on 2010-08-23 comment
Awesome map, one of my favorites. The problem with the original map, though, weren't the keys but the player start; for some reason was misplaced.
BME on 2015-05-10
There's actually no player start (flag), the player instead starts at the brown arrow position. The correct starting point would be in the lower left most part of the map where the player is facing the entrance of the palace.

ILMHB on 2010-03-24 comment
Nice map although I had to create my own .INI and .BAT file to make it run automatically. The .DEF file that was included in the ZIP wasn't working.

Jerry on 2009-04-17 comment
Damn great map.

wangho on 2008-05-27 comment
I like it. Alot of stacked sectors, but it's a bit too dark everywhere. Maybe too many differing set pieces. It's solid though and that is what counts.

wangho on 2008-05-27 comment
awesome, I wondered why I never finished playing the map. Good job, I also forgot to add a .bat file and ini file for easy play

Joker on 2008-05-26 comment
The map was sadly not playable because there was a mistake made where two keys had been wrong placed in the map.
I rearranged the keys and put in a level ending, because the map chrashed everytime the last switch was pushed. The original map is still included in the .zip file.
Now it's playable and the map is really nice work! Is the author still active? So he should make a level ending for this great thing!

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