Map "Incubus"

Single Player
Mike Meklenburg
This is a Single-user map.
The Story is based on true historical events.
So, if your sister is a teacher in history, she
should hand this map to all kids in her school.
What happened before:
Some priests sentenced you to death by fire because
you are guilty in witchcraft. So they catched you,
chained you to some wooden beam and started
grilling you.
And that's exactly your starting position.

Some of the highlight features;
Use of 6 keys!
Visit a cathedral with an altar, an organ, nice
windows and of course a tower!
Lots of doors!
All things GIB you something!
Some FX that I figured out by myself (without FAQ)!
2 secrets areas!
A small Final Climax!
4.0 (3 ratings)
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BME on 2011-03-11 comment
Very good map, lots of afford put in constructing that cathedral and courtyard though the parts that connect them are quite average.


ILMHB on 2010-03-25 comment
Very high quality work on the architechture in some places, not seen in other user maps! The story line is a bit average though.
Never the less this one has to be checked out by every selfrespecting bloodite!

Jerry on 2009-04-17 comment
Damn! Excellent cathedral construction!

Geist on 2008-06-26 comment
Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find that ammo cache Man, I let those bastards who put me on the pyre have it! Anyway, great map with a very nice atmosphere. Played it twice in a row now. Solid 5!

Joker on 2008-05-25 comment
It's a nice map to me. The starting point is a very good idea, I like it very much.
The construction of the huge cathedral is also a great thing to me. Fun to play!

wangho on 2008-05-25 comment
great map! This is one of my favorite user made maps for Blood. Nice huge Cathedral

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