Map "Open 4 Buisness"

Open 4 Buisness
Single Player, BloodBath
Gunz & Ocpjr |
As seen on Post- Mortem,

blood map me and Ocpjr created. Single Player rushed, and intent to be a bloodbath. Enjoy.....
4.5 (29 ratings)
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kryptonight on 2016-05-07 comment
hehe 25 times a 5 to get high rating?

on 2016-04-30 comment
So did you pop the head in the managers office yet?
kn0wn on 2016-04-30
After using eva galli I might.

gunz on 2016-04-20 comment
Secrets my freind, secrets... :)
on 2016-04-23
The chimney is another way in.
Why are the gratings made indestructable?
gunz on 2016-04-24
Part of the single player gameplay. to get inside. BB mode they are not.
on 2016-04-24
That makes it in single player even more difficult.
There really are no obvious clues how to get inside.
on 2016-04-24
Almost makes you feel like smashing someones head, huh?
on 2016-04-25
your comment sounds like someone already smashed yours
on 2016-04-28
I'm sorry. It was not my intent to confuse you. That was a hint I left you. Guess I need to be more careful on the mentalities I may be dealing with.
on 2016-04-29
I'll take it as a hint and try once more then.
kn0wn on 2016-04-29
so to get inside you need to smash someones head?
how to get the hole in the street open without dynamite?
Hogie on 2016-05-04
Great map always a pleasure to download there maps. gem of a map

Kn0wn on 2016-04-13 comment
I don't get it
there's a water tank, a door and a small air vent, I tried 'em all but none lead to the inside of the house.

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