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Map "Cult 4: Manor"

Cult 4: Manor
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
bifurcator |
This card contains a new gameplay mechanics for the Blood.
What is it - you will be interested to understand yourself.
So I tried to make it more beautiful as possible, but without the extremism on the open spaces and the amount of vegetation, as in the previous map.

Have a good game!
4.8 (3 ratings)
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Okularulira on 2017-04-25 comment

L3GEND on 2016-05-24 comment
Excellent map

bifurcator on 2016-05-14 comment
Thank you Danny for a candid review.
The opinion of people who have not forgotten the Blood is very important to me.
I try to put new life into our favorite game in each new map that I create.

denny on 2016-05-14 comment
this is a cool map, developed by a very talented artist, as have been all maps related to the cult. I have taken the liberty to load all four maps in a .ini and play them as a mini episode (saving the end of manor for map 5 ;) ) I admit , the difficulty, which I have set as 4th difficulty, would be a bit easier, having one map run into the next, but you know what? I'm having too much of a blast !! to worry about such trivia. Keep up the good work birfurcator, and thanks for keeping blood alive. your maps are total immersion.

...and thanks to bme for making them all available , without having to hunt the net.

rating: 4.7 ( sorry, points off for technical problems.. *rolling textures*, but you have to take chances , or you'll never be creative. I love the detail of this map, and your previous ones, even with the slight slowdown.

KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2016-05-13 comment
Not bad

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