Map "Submerge"

(map requires Plasma Pack)
Two.Guns |
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This is a underwater Navy Aquarium Base that was hidden from
Caleb Kabal in the early 1900's, was used for Navy attraction but
was secluded after the zombie infection.
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on 2016-06-10 comment
Cool map, bet it plays Bloodbath very well. Like the underwater effect. Cool how you can shoot through the glass, should make it more fun when other player gets caught in tanks. As it is a Bloodbath map. Made to tailor those of us who actually enjoy the madness of a good BB. Bullets should not go Caleb should of never lived again, huh?. That just is not possible. I like BB maps myself. Maps created with that mode in mind. Looks okay but not too much detail as the frame rate begins to suffer. Small multi level, multi pathways. Good balance of ammo, weapons and health if any. Best maps seem to have a hot spot somewhere that each player battles for. As for bullets penetrating glass...pfft.
on 2016-06-12
hehehe maybe the glass could've been removed altogether......

BME on 2016-06-03 comment
Decent map, you're getting better at it.
on 2016-06-06
Unforunately the windows are not hitscan sensitive so watercreatures can be shot while the player still has dry feet.

on 2016-06-09
Its not meant for single player, the monsters were added for laughs...
on 2016-06-09
It doesn't matter much, bullets should not go through.

Noldor Ranzou on 2016-06-02 comment
Nice map, although big for 2-3 players. Good job!

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