Map "BMEs Blood Map Pack 2016"

BMEs Blood Map Pack 2016
Single Player, BloodBath
(map requires Plasma Pack)
The Ultimate Blood Map and Add-on Collection!

(230.8 MB in size)
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The author has locked the upload of screenshots.

10sion on 2017-08-29 comment
Funny how people always want more.

First we got all those crappy zips and nobody complained about them let alone started to properly organize it.
Then someone comes along to put some order into it and creates this wonderful tidy mappack.
A couple of releases later people suddenly expect a launcher.

It's an ARCHIVE people.

Guy Fawkes on 2017-05-09 comment
Nevermind. There was a version of your 2014 pack with a launcher but I see now it was repackaged by another user.

Guy Fawkes on 2017-04-30 comment
What happened to the map launcher the earlier releases included?
on 2017-05-07
There never was a launcher in any of the previously released BME's Map packs, it just an archive.
You have to unzip stuff yourself and run the BAT file dragging it onto the DOSBox icon.

Intrusion on 2017-01-31 comment
I can't find a .bat-file to launch te menu???
on 2017-02-01
What menu?
BME on 2017-03-06
There no menu from which a map can be started, just extract contents from a ZIP file and drag the BAT file onto the DOXBox icon.

White Robe on 2017-01-15 comment
CWHROT 2 was canceled
on 2017-01-22
That's too bad but Nyyss0nen will release something big soon I've heard.
BME on 2017-01-23
I'm not so sure about it been canceled.....

CaleBR on 2017-01-12 comment
Wow! Thanks a lot for your effort, man! Much appreciated.
BME on 2017-01-16
Thank you.

BME on 2017-01-10 comment
*** Possible content for BMP2017 in the near future:

- Dark Times by The Night
- French Meat 2 by Tedd
- A couple of (yet unfinished) maps by Tekedon
- A map by SpillSomeBlood
- CWHROT 2 by Francis Rampage
- LOI by Dwayne Anderson
- Cabal's Return by Sir Seizhak
- ???
on 2017-01-24

- an episode by Nyyss0nen
- The Cult by Bifurcator
on 2017-09-07
Possible content that came true so far:

Maps by Tek: check x2
Maps by Spill: check x1
Episodes by Dwayne: check!

Jackson Le Taureau on 2017-01-10 comment

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