Single Player, BloodBath
(map requires Plasma Pack)
SpillSomeBlood |
After the destruction of Tchernabog, the remnants of the Cabal make their last-ditch attempt of hunting down and killing the Great Betrayer. Caleb has discovered a deprecated section of a city to hide amongst. The area is filled with crime and vagrants. The perfect place to harbor his immorality. He is free to torture and feed amongst the transients. No one will be missed. Unfortunately his barbarism is short-lived as the Cabal slowly narrows in on his whereabouts. He'll need to gather as much supplies as possible. No hidden treasures can go undiscovered. And lookout for traps throughout the city. The Cabal wont let him escape alive this time.

Creator's commentary:
My intentions are creating at least 3 levels. So far Ihave tried to use everything I've learned with mapedit to create intelligent level design, gameplay, scripted effects, puzzles, and secrets. Everything is placed specifically and purposefully. All weapons and items are risk and reward to make the player feel like they achieved/earned what they collect. The more you explore the more gameplay you get out of this map.

Please upload your playthroughs to YouTube! I would love to see them!

Please rate and comment! I want to hear feedback and critiques!

2.9 (67 ratings)
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on 2020-04-20 comment
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on 2017-05-31 comment
1st thing I noticed - amazing detail. 2nd thing I noticed, shortage of ammo. 3rd thing I noticed... crashed 5 times within 5 minutes. Especially when you get outside, near the glass enclosed phone booths. Not at that level, but if you look up, you see the window from the upstairs. Trying to jump up on the roof ledge in that direction. crashes after a couple of clicks. tried memory increases with dos box, and other various configs. no luck. sorry, and disappointed, not being able to complete your impressive map. using dosbox latest, with winxp 256 ram 2.0g chip. ati 64 bit video card, using opengl ( which has worked fine for over 75 levels, old and as new as deathwish, and candlelight, which I've begun and am enjoying. somethings up ;) , hope someone has a hint? thanks
SpillSomeBlood on 2017-05-31
It's not my map, it is the plant pod enemies. They were not implemented into the game properly by the creators. When the pod enemies attack you from long distances it crashes the game in dosbox. This crash does not exist if you play my map through the newly released port BloodGDX. In Dos, if you quickly kill the pod enemies from close range you will notice that the map will not crash anymore. All in all, Dosbox is the problem.
on 2017-05-31
Thanks for the response "spill". I've heard about the new bloodgdx, but haven't had the chance to get into it yet. Will have to grab a jre as I don't have it, and although gdx is an amazing breakthrough for the blood community, it's still lacking certain gameplay aspects, which I enjoy using , such as the alt-fire on some weapons, but I'm sure it'll be @ 100% in the not too distant future! Getting back to your map... interesting idea about the pod enemies. I'm going to run through that section of the map once again, using mpkfa, and put all those plants in the juicer. Then I'll try that jump near the phone booths, as I know for sure that's where the crash occured. Will let you know how it turns out. However.. and there always is a "however".. I've recently finished another great map set "French Meat". True , I did have 1 or 2 crashes, but can't remember if it might have involved pods. I think it was the last level or so, where there's a hedge maze leading to a house that you enter for the final battle. Throughout the maze, there are numerous pods. closeby, distant, you know "bombs away". No crash there though, but who knows. W/A
on 2017-05-31
You were spot-on "spill"! Cleared the entire area, with mpkfa, and idaho.... geez that was fun! ... anyway, removed the cheats and then tested for crashes, returning to the previous areas where crashes occured. And you are correct! So now I suppose, it'll be an obligation to post my comment for your map upon completion? Will be my pleasure. thanks gain
on 2017-06-02
Just finished your map, "spill". And as goofy as Sir Seizhak states (sorry, no offense intended), quote "Wow, what a map!" Yeah, it was just that. Restarted, on WellDone difficulty, and after disposing of a few zombies and spiders ( man I truly hate them ), especially in my own home--headed outside to dispose of the pods as you suggested. Happy to say, completed the map, with 0 crashes, after following your advice. Did try gdx after downloading a 1.6 version of java, as I run with xp, followed instructions, proper installation, and nada. error messages when trying to start the program. Oh well, so for the moment will be sticking with DB ... My first impression with your amazing use of detail, had me practically "sniffing out" every nook&cranny, looking for for some ammo,health,secrets, or just plain enjoying smashing breakable stuff. I love doing that. I think it's that 'crackling sound' and squishy sounds from gibs... , anyway... the progress of the level with your unusual messages via floating scrolls was pretty neat, as was the progression in finding the right keys. I like a map that has difficulty, with enemies, as long as there is enough ammo, and there was. Too many zombies,with murder by pitchfork gets old.. quick...I also like some puzzles that don't have me wasting too much time, bogging down progression . If I wanted that I'd play the old game myst once again, and it's sequels. Not to over emphasize , but your level balance in these respects, was once again "spot on" . I liked the ending, not exactly a walk in the park, and some cool traps along the way. With plenty of detail, experiencing slight slowdown was not a problem. I'd much prefer to look at what you create, than be able to fly through it. So , thanks for plugging in a "fun 2 hours or so into my mostly boring life. Will look forward to grabbing another one of your gems in the future. ----5.0
Sir Seizhak on 2017-06-18
No problem man :D. I agree with your review. Definitively one of the best maps by SpillSomeBlood. And also it seems there's a sequel comming. I'll play it, that's for sure

Sir Seizhak on 2017-05-25 comment
Wow, what a map! I played a few days ago, and I think I'll play it again during this week.

I'll write a review on my website about this amazing map. Be sure it will get a high score.

SpillSomeBlood on 2017-05-26
Thank you! I look forward to seeing it!

on 2017-05-13 comment
the game crashes sometimes , error (6000) src\actor.cpp
SpillSomeBlood on 2017-05-31
This error is created by the plant pod enemies. The creators did not properly implement them into the game which results in occasional crashes. They also cause the game to go out of sync in multiplayer. However, if you play this map through the new port BloodGDX you will not run into this error.
SpillSomeBlood on 2017-05-31
This error is created by the plant pod enemies. The creators did not properly implement them into the game which results in occasional crashes. They also cause the game to go out of sync in multiplayer. However, if you play this map through the new port BloodGDX you will not run into this error.

BME on 2017-05-13 comment
Very ambitious map, a great deal of love for the game has put into this as all the little details show. A whole array of both sector- and sprite effects can be found, like the bomb defusal. The bouncing scrolls are a nice touch. The architecture and layout is very immersive, this is definately in the top 3 of best city maps. I like all the little spots and places that have that something extra to offer that can be accesed either by some acrobatics or a switch sequence.

This very ambitious map comes with a price though; it needs a powerful system to run it smoothly in DOSBox.

BME on 2017-05-25
And the powerful system is here; BloodGDX!

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