Map "A Bloody Mess: 1st level demo"

A Bloody Mess: 1st level demo
Single Player, BloodBath
(map requires Plasma Pack)
Decided to release the first map from my addon, it is basically finished besides some missing new sounds and small tweaks.
5.0 (2 ratings)
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KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2019-02-21 comment
@on 2019-02-18 (Why don't you make'em if you think it's that important.) "Why do you add here comments without author name?" Huh... That is pretty stupid do know that? I don't think i am interested to play a map without seen a screenshot before. Lol.
on on 2019-02-21
Then don't..
NUKKE - MDENKUM on 2019-02-23
very informative

KNUKE - DMNUKEM on 2019-02-13 comment
No screenshots? Come on, that pretty pity.
on 2019-02-18
Why don't you make'em if you think it's that important.

on 2019-02-08 comment
How many maps will the planned episode have?
Tekedon on 2019-02-11
Not sure yet, but right now I'm planning 7 or 8.

wangho on 2019-02-07 comment
really fun map! nice layout for that house. A really cool detail I liked was the Santa close that got stuck in the chimney. Those kinda details add a lot of texture to a map. Also, that little graveyard was really cool and I think im gonna steal your fog idea if you don't mind. Works much better than the upright smoke sprites!
Tekedon on 2019-02-11
Glad you enjoyed it :) That's fine, hehe!

TheNight on 2019-02-03 comment
Train pls? :D
Overall very nice map! I love the attention to detail. Little ambushes are great too. But I would like to see more respawns in some areas. Dagger key can be easily missed. But is not that hard to track it.
I have found four secrets i guess.
I'm ready for more maps Tekedon, great job!
Tekedon on 2019-02-03
Thanks for the feedback :) I will go through all the maps finally in the end and polish them up and add details and stuff where needed, also new sounds and music. Just noticed I broke the secrets counter in this release :( I think I had 8 secrets in total. Oh well.

HKS on 2019-02-02 comment
Lol @ "train pls?" If all the upcoming maps will attain the same quality we can say it's like 6th episode like Post Mortem did since style is very close to vanilla.
Tekedon on 2019-02-03
Thanks :) I tried not to make them overly detailed, but I will add some more detail in the end to some maps.. but some of the maps will have more detail though, so the style might not be perfectly consistant. This is due to some of the maps being older unfinished maps and also I will have one map from BME included and also another map my brother started like in 2008.

daMann on 2019-02-02 comment

Overall a great Episode 2 style map. David does a great job with some setpieces that tell environmental stories for sure. Love the mass zombie attacks, etc. Fun map. Secrets were good; some great tells but you had to be watching for them. Hope there was only 3 :)

Can't wait to see it finalized and tightened up!

4.95/5... the 0.05 reduction is the closet crack. For the life of me I spent 15 minutes looking for what to do next and almost gave up and cheated :P
Tek on 2019-02-02
Glad you enjoyed it :) And thanks for the feedback via mail. I will reply when I feel a little better, sick as hell right now. I also made the first two maps multiplayer friendly so far. So this one can be played in BB also.

BME on 2019-02-01 comment
Ah, frosty ain't a 'key figure' anymore

Looking forward to the rest!

Tekedon on 2019-02-01
Nah. He's just staying frosty nowadays xD

NoOne on 2019-02-01 comment
gonna check it
Tekedon on 2019-02-01

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