Map "Zippy's Blood Meltdown"

Zippy's Blood Meltdown
Single Player
(Conversion by) Jeff Morris
Zip's Add-on For Blood! Episode 1: A conversion to Blood of 'Hollywood Holocaust', 'Red Light District' and Death Row', Allen Blum's excellent openers for Duke Nukem 3D Episode 2 (BB/CTF): Pac-Manic Depression, Gambit, Canal Madness, RIP HQ, Rest In Pieces II.
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sh on 2017-02-08 comment
Can anyone help me how to play this in 2017? I'm using gog one-unit-whole-blood, and in this version boots doesn't save me from a freefall, so I can't pass the 1st vent :)
But I remember from my childhood, it seems back then I could jump every non-lethar height without damage... with boots on
sh on 2017-02-12
Nevermind, I just forgot I need to put on my boots to negate fall damage; previously I expected them to work automatically :)
on 2017-02-13
It's the "boots of jumping", not "boots of landing"

ILMHB on 2010-03-27 comment
Damn, that must have been a lot of work finding all the best fitting textures and recreating all the interactive sector stuff.
Apart from that I do not think it's that original but for the effort I definately give 4 stars!

wangho on 2008-06-27 comment
that's a cool splashscreen you uploaded that Ive never seem before. Ive checked out the RIP multiplayer addon, but I dont remember the screen. Cool that you found this place and that you havent forgotten about Blood. I'm making a Blood addon myself and know the HUGE amount of work and patience involved.

ZIP (Jeff Morris) on 2008-06-26 comment
Before I get into my stride, let me first say a 'Big Thanks' to the guys at for hosting this amazing resource and keeping a decade-old game culture on the map.

Hi all, I'm Jeff Morris and I'm the one to blame for putting this 'Blood Meltdown' thing together. I want to take this opportunity to let you know what you're into when you fire it up.

'Blood Meltdown' comprises two 'episodes'; the first episode comprises three levels that each support standard objective-based single-player across the five difficulty levels, as well as Co-operative, Bloodbath and Capture The Flag modes with the full complement of players (over the IPX protocol, remember that?).

Episode 1 pays homage to that other big-name Build Engine game, Duke Nukem 3D. These maps are conversions of the original opening Duke3D levels. They were begun by passing the Duke maps through the B2BLUD converter. If you've ever done this conversion yourself, you'll be aware that all you get out the other end is a vertex map; no textures, no animation, and a whole set of bugs for good measure. There is an awful lot of work ahead of you to make a working game level that's reasonably faithful to the original.

Of these maps, 'Deliverance' (aka 'Death Row' in Duke3D) is one of the biggest Bood/Build maps ever made (in terms of sectors used, it's virtually maxed out).

Episode 2 is a set of multiplayer-only original designs supporting BB and CTF. We had a load of fun making that.

Every map in ZBM has at least one 'hidden nugget' and plenty of 'gotchas'. If you feel up to it, take it on. If you get stuck somewhere, there's a reason. If you want a cheat-sheet, kiss my a$$.

Oh, and a heads-up about the starting level 'Aftershock'. Time was when everyone and his dog was making a Blood map. Most were so awful that your first move had to be NOCAP... if you were gonna get anywhere (first enemy was Tchernobog in your face, that sort of thing). You get my drift?

I had a side bet with a couple of guys on the (then) forum that I could thwart the cheaters in Aftershock and prevent them even hitting the street. And as sure as they were born, they came in their droves.

So my tip is, if you wanna use NOCAP... wait till you hit the sidewalk. After that, it's a walk in the park.

If you want a heads-up, I guess this comments page is the only place to ask.

Enjoy. And tip your hat to the folks at

Seems that what goes around really does come around...

@wangho: thanks for your kind comments. You're the gamer I was working for.

@Geist: Thanks, I like 'really great'. Any idea where my 5-rating went?

ZIP on 2008-06-26 comment
Re: E1M1 -- Not a bug, it's by design. We had extreme sports even back then;)

RUN into the shaft. You'll fall onto a ledge on the far side, far enough down that you'll take a couple of damage points. That means when you drop off the ledge, you'll pick up the health heart that *unlocks* the floor of the shaft and restores 100% health.

You still need to activate the jumping boots, mind. And on Xtra Krispy you'll need to keep them running till you find somewhere to hole up.

***TIP: as long as you have some boot power, you can jump straight back up the shaft and re-load them.

Hope that helps, thanks for taking a look.
ZIP (Jeff Morris)

Geist on 2008-06-26 comment
Possible error in E1M1: When jumping down the shaft from the roof, you either drop dead onto the streets below or use the boots of jumping in the nick of time. The latter option leaves me stuck in the shaft as the bottom won't fall out anymore, no matter what I do. What I cheated myself through looked really great, though!

wangho on 2008-06-19 comment
Even thoug hthese are Duke converted maps, these are some of the best looking Blood maps I've seen and very fun. 5 stars

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