Map "Willard Update"

Willard Update
Single Player
(map requires Plasma Pack)
(I posted this in the Episodes section, but I'll post it here too since I can't update the old version)

This is the start of a what will become a short episode, probably a trilogy. It takes place a few decades after the original game, in and around a remote ghost town far out in the woods.

Strange things have been reported from the area and Caleb goes to investigate... The story is told from messages (Caleb's thoughts and by reading notes) and there is also an intro movie made from in game footage. Big thanks to BloodyTom for converting the intro to an smk file for me!

This is a rather short starting map to set the scene and atmosphere. It's meant to be played alone at night with headphones! I'll release the other maps as they get ready.

I use Nblood and it works fine there, but when using vanilla blood in dosbox the church exterior won't work. Unzip all files in the blood folder and make sure to start the game with Willard.ini to get the intro and messages.

Also, there are a LOT of trees in the map. If you use a voxel mod that include trees I would suggest turning it off for this.
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