Map "Purgatory"

Single Player
RedFanatic |
A Huge super level cut into Four parts. Following the horrific journey of Calebs savage soul.

Caleb stands in the hall of epiphany the only evidence of Techernobogs foul presence
the spent bullet casings scattered on the floor, an emaciated man staggers out of a
passage way draped in ragged clothing "you've saved us" Caleb empties the last of his Tommy gun’s
drum into the man and turns away dropping his weapons as he heads slowly back to the ancient
doors that lead out, as he reaches them a noise stops him an ominous rumbling that seems to
draw towards him from all sides, the sound gathers into a scream that tears into Caleb throwing him
to his knees then silence, then from the darkness faces blank and cold appear and fade away a relentless
torrent of the dead each the face of a victim to Caleb, the pace increases and increases until they
blur into one.....Ophelia.

More of the story and important Map details are included in the Readme
2.5 (2 ratings)
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BME on 2011-03-11 comment
It's just too huge. Many objects can be seen at once which results in lots of lag, in some places the frame rate even drops to an unacceptable 2 fps!

I personally do not like the theme that much either, sure it is hellish and stuff but it could've been a bit more polished and well though out.

3/5 (but barely)

ILMHB on 2010-04-10 comment
The third map was so laggy that it finally crashed.
I think because of the many tombstones.

ILMHB on 2010-04-10 comment
A strange design I must say but nice.
It lags considerably in 640x480 when being in area's with lots of enemies. 3+

wangho on 2008-05-27 comment
This is one tough addon, with lots of firefights. If you like a challenge, this may be for you. Aesthetically, a little spotty in some places, but a very nice concept for an addon. Fun gameplay

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