Map "Cryptic Passage Teaser"

Cryptic Passage Teaser
Single Player
Sunstorm Interactive
This is a commercial demo, it contains a single level( some new artwork( There also 6 screenshots.

The Full version contains 9 new levels and 4 Bloodbath levels!

The levels are huge. They take place in areas like the:
Boat Docks, Old Opera House, Gothic Library,
Monastery, Steamboat, Haunted Graveyard,
Mountain Pass, Mine Shaft, Ancient Castle,
and a Haunted House!
4.5 (2 ratings)
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VGAce on 2011-07-03 comment
cryptic passage great but after playing usermade levels one could wish for a little more mapping tricks and effects used from time to time

Billyclub on 2008-05-29 comment
anybody know where you can get Cryptic Passage? I can't find it anywhere
BME on 2011-06-04
It's on the GOG CD. Install it from that CD and after it delete everything except the files that are needed to run Blood in DOSBox, all other files installed by the GOG CD is utter crap (perhaps even spyware) so get rid of it.

wangho on 2008-05-27 comment
It's CP. Every map is great with CP, cept maybe the castle map at the very end

Bruce on 2008-05-27 comment
Love it - had great fun playing it.
The screenshots are pretty cool - the zombie/cinema shot is pretty Romero like.

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