Map "13th Realm Demo"

13th Realm Demo
Single Player
Josh Hutchison |

Of the many places that Caleb has had to make unwilling visits to, he had no idea he would find a place as horrific as the 13th realm. A place where God has no meaning. A place where Hell is the leaste painful place to end up when you die.

Where, in the regular Blood© game, did a cultist bust his way out of a box to take you by surprise and try to make hamburger out of you? And where did a HUGE statue of an Axe Zombie break apart to reveal several "living" zombies? Your answer should be, "Nowhere!" And that's just a couple of things you'll see in the 13th Realm. Part of the point of the 13th Realm is to try and create a different Blood© world. One that is fast, complex, full of surprises, and that keeps the player looking around, thinking, "Wow! This must have taken a hell of a lot of work..." :) And a lot of work is exactly what it's taking so far. This game has quite a few "nice" scenes and puzzles. In some episodes it's kinda like playing Myst©, only you're walking around with a sawed-off shot gun in your hand. And in case you're a player that's downloaded a lot of user maps, this isn't like your usual map(s). There are difficulty settings, you hit the switch and go to the next level, messages appear at the top of the screen (my messages), and well... You get the picture. It's like another Blood© game.
4.0 (2 ratings)
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User13 on 2012-10-25 comment
Heya folks! I'm the author of this addon and I appreciate any feedback I've recieved for the demo. Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete it and, very much, wanted to complete the demo levels to add them to the full version. I apologize for the rushed bits of the demo - I was young and so excited to get it online at the time lol.. At any rate, I am currently trying to find a version of DosBox or whatever to play Blood with working sound. I can't find anything that works anymore. If anyone has any suggestions, I appreciate it! Thanks again!
wangho on 2012-12-07
I have to say is that your use of deptch-cueing, shading, and color is some of the best I've seen of any user map.

As far as getting working, maybe try buying the version from GOG or something. I'm sure there is an easy solution out there.
known on 2015-10-07
I assume your e-mail isn't working anymore after all these years.
If so, do you have a new one?

VGAce on 2011-07-06 comment
Good 2 Maps with odd placed exitpoints. I loved the huge monster blowing fire trough the window awell as some other neat thingswhich leaves the player wanting more but unfortunatly the maps are very short or have a rushed feeling to them at the end

BME on 2011-03-12 comment
I meant 5/5 ;)

BME on 2011-03-12 comment
Texturing & lighting is well done. Those unexpected surprises are just great. It has got everything you expect of a decent map.


wangho on 2008-06-08 comment
after looking at the maps again, they start off very nice, but then get a little lazy towards the middle of these short maps. What's good is very good though

Joker on 2008-06-06 comment
Well built maps with very nice effects. They are a little bit short. I like it that you have to fight for your ammo

Bruce on 2008-05-31 comment
Good. Too much hype.

nunz on 2008-05-31 comment
sweet god in heaven. This looks tight!

wangho on 2008-05-30 comment
this is some cool stuff and the author did a great job on the shading. Did the 13th realm ever come out?

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