Map "The Abyss"

The Abyss
Single Player
takes place in some underwater station of some kind. There is alot of combat in this map, so be prepared. Bring your shotgun. The aouthor used great ambient sound combinations to create new effects and lighting is really well done at times. Cool underwater landing strip too.
4.8 (4 ratings)
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Krypto on 2013-12-14 comment
Exceptionally well crafted map with a distinct underwater/bio lab feel akin to Hostile Takeover but quite comparable to 'Spare Parts'. It's pretty tough with an abundance of Cultists and surprises hiding around every corner, plenty of interactivity with the environment and especially the realistic implementation of sector effects. It keeps you on your toes and achieves a real sense of immersion, good use of lighting as well.

Deserves 5 stars!

VGAce on 2011-07-03 comment
Well crafted map with decent ambient sounds that add up on the industrial/waterbase atmosphere (i loved the elevator going deeper would realy feel like going deeper with it because of the sound)

BME on 2011-04-03 comment
Excellent map! It has got some sort of Q2/HL1 feel to it, architecture is very convincing with some fine details, lighting is very good as well.


Nicolas Lopez on 2010-09-07 comment
This map is wonderfull. It isn't so difficult but it has some terrible moments too jaja. The design and the effects are wonderfull; congratulations to the creator!

Sorry about the english

See you everybody! Caleb is Argentinian jaja!!

Eye del Cul on 2009-11-18 comment
Awesome map. Nobody knowns who was the author?
BME on 2012-03-15
It looks a bit Bloatoid-ish but I doubt it is him though.

Joker on 2008-06-17 comment
This map has some nice an tricky parts. The shading was done with love, expecially the lights look very good. Also the setting is something special, fun to play!

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